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2020 Beijing bus full realization of a key alarm, the driver can handle the danger

2018-11-08 08:32 beijing evening news TF010

The reporter learned from the Beijing public transport group, as of now, Beijing public transport group, all operators of vehicles has achieved full coverage of the GPS system and vehicle Monitor System, buses have been installed more than one key alarm system, is expected to 2020, the city public transport vehicles will achieve full coverage of key alarm system.

Photo by Zhang Yujun

Since the safe driving environment, strengthen the bus driver in 2010, cockpit door became the Beijing bus group purchase new car factory standard, and posted the "do not talk with the driver in the car" signs apparent position through physical isolation to ensure the driver driving safety.

At present, with the cockpit isolation door vehicle total more than operating vehicles accounted for 70%. Once the passenger grab the steering wheel with sudden danger, isolation of the bus cab at this time will become a "protector", can reduce and avoid the interference of the driver of the passenger vehicle, ensure the safety of people.

In order to strengthen the management of emergency emergency line in the process of operation, the public transportation group in 2015 at the end of the year developed a bus alarm system.

The bus traveling on the way in case of emergency, the driver started a key alarm button, emergency command center on the big screen will immediately show the location of the incident, the vehicle details and personnel information, vehicle video Monitor System will start simultaneously, the command center staff can be the first time the coordination of various departments to visualization.

As of now, Beijing public transport group, all operators of vehicles has achieved full coverage of the GPS system and vehicle Monitor System, which completes the bus key alarm system million installation work.

It is expected that by 2020, the city public transport vehicles will achieve a key alarm system full coverage, and the standard configuration of this system included in the purchase of new buses.

In addition, bus group also introduced vehicle import automatic identification system, bus station and bus station electronic electronic fence gate and intelligent security system, and completed the 34 semi closed station closed reconstruction work, to a full range of ground transportation for passengers safety network construction.



Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF10

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