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The Attorney General of the United States President Trump Sessions resignation, good luck

2018-11-08 07:22 Global network TF010

According to the ABC reported that local 7, United States Attorney Jeff Sessi President Trump asked to resign immediately.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency

Reported that Sessi in a letter to Trump in an undated letter said "you requested me to submit his resignation." "Since I was sworn in as U.S. attorney general, I work every day in due diligence, national service. I try my best to do it."

Trump on twitter.

Trump said on twitter, thank Saishensi years of service and wish him good luck! Director of the office of the Minister of justice Matthew Whitaker will become Deputy Minister of justice, the new candidate will nominate the Minister of justice.

2017 years 2 months 8 days, the Congress of the United States Senate confirmed by Republican Senator Sessi as the Minister of justice. In the opinion of the U.S. media, Trump and Sessi had "very iron". The latter is the earliest to support Trump's presidential campaign and the Republican Senator serves as a consultant for him. After Trump was elected the first "promotion" is Sessi. Just last month, 3 sessions to avoid arousing suspicion, not involved the investigation through Russia "Trump campaign whether collusion with the Russian side". Trump's most valued "loyalty", privately very dissatisfied with the "Liaotiaozi sessions". Trump Fawkes received news in August this year when he said: "I give him the most important reason is because of his loyalty, he supported me from the start. But now, I regret that, he does not really control the Ministry of justice."

Compared to sessions, Trump more optimistic about Whitaker his men. Whitaker, aged 48, served as U.S. attorney in the Southern District of Iowa, in 2017 to become Sessi's chief of staff. In September of the same year, Whitaker in the CNN said that if Muller wrote columns, investigating Trump and his cronies and Russia's "economic ties", it will "crossed the line".



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