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2020 key alarm full coverage of Beijing bus safety measures and these

2018-11-07 23:04 Beijing daily TF015

6 reporter learned, Beijing bus group safety clothing department recently issued a notice requiring all units of the Chongqing transit bus crashed into the river, safety training for drivers, guide the driver to correctly handle passengers dispute.

Is expected to 2020 Beijing bus will achieve full coverage of key alarm device. The reporter learned that, at present, Beijing public transit vehicle has achieved full coverage of more than 7 crew administrator, a bus mounted cockpit door.

The bus driver should do "not being reviled not"

Recently, the bus service group issued a notice requiring all units will be held immediately with 10 professional drivers, 28 August Chongqing Wanzhou bus Fall River incident, a full range of training and education for the driver.

Notification requirements, each unit through the Chongqing Wanzhou bus driver Jiang fall event, to strengthen the laws and regulations of the rules and regulations of the enterprise education, undertake the maintenance of public safety education of drivers in the operation responsibility, strict implementation of "seven services", "standard", "service taboo ban", the service discipline safety regulations of the enterprise etc. system, improve occupation skills, occupation accomplishment and occupation morality, it is forbidden to abuse the passengers, and passengers to prevent disputes.

As a professional driver to maintain a good attitude, emotion, to improve self-control. Asked the driver in case of emergencies in the process of driving, pull over immediately, to protect passengers and their own safety, adhere to the dozen don't strike back, scold not return, for proper disposal, and depending on the circumstances, timely alarm, strictly handle disputes in the process of moving. At the same time, an emergency should be reported.

According to the company by all kinds of personnel security incidents may encounter in the operation, Beijing bus group developed a special "how to do in the operation of passengers encountered security problems" (referred to as the "Eighteen do"), the provisions of article fourth of the passengers were passengers in verbal abuse or assault case approach: "stick to do not strike back, scold not scold, more people and convince passengers; in the curse, positive education; if the passenger can hit, will hit the passengers to the team, or listen to the command of the police alarm disposal; leave more than two witnesses and contact method."

Bus group all operational vehicles have been installed in vehicle Monitor System

The reporter learned that, in order to strengthen the management of emergency emergency line in the process of operation, Beijing bus group at the end of 2015 developed a key alarm system bus.

According to reports, the bus traveling on the way in case of emergency, the driver started a key alarm button, emergency command center on the big screen will immediately show the location of the incident, the vehicle details and personnel information, vehicle video Monitor System will start simultaneously, the command center staff can be the first time the coordination of various departments to visualization.

As of now, Beijing public transport group, all operators of vehicles has achieved full coverage of the GPS system and vehicle Monitor System, which completes the bus key alarm system million installation work. Is expected to 2020 years, the city public transport vehicles will achieve a key alarm system full coverage, and the standard configuration of this system included in the purchase of new buses.

In addition, bus group also introduced vehicle import automatic identification system, bus station and bus station electronic electronic fence gate and intelligent security system, and completed all 34 semi closed closed station renovation work, to a full range of ground transportation for passengers safety network construction.

More than 7 bus mounted cockpit door

According to reports, since the safe driving environment, strengthen the bus driver in 2010, cockpit door became the Beijing bus group purchase new car factory standard, and posted the "do not talk with the driver in the car" signs apparent position to ensure driving safety through physical isolation.

At present, with the cockpit isolation door vehicle operating vehicles accounted for more than a total of 70%. Once the passenger grab the steering wheel with sudden danger, isolation of the bus cab at this time will become a "protector", can reduce and avoid the interference of the driver of the passenger vehicle, ensure the safety of people.

To achieve full coverage of the crew administrator operation line

In order to strengthen the public security construction, Beijing city began with bus on the bus crew administrator from the end of 2013. As of now, more than 4 crew staff has been to the city bus line operators (except for customized business shuttle) full coverage.

The administrator's responsibility is to assist the driver management order inside the vehicle in the process of operation, ensure the safety of driving environment.

The reporter learned that, in September 2017, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission and the Public Security Bureau jointly issued the "capital of Metro bus crew administrator norms", the work content of the crew administrator was supplemented and refined, clear the crew administrator should guard against all kinds of illegal and criminal acts actively endangering public safety and the safety of the passengers, suspicious, suspicious timely found; emergency, actively cooperate with the police and passengers early disposal. When the passengers and the driver of the dispute between the impact of bus traffic safety, crew responsibilities to assist the police in accordance with the administrator shall be disposed of.

According to statistics, set up four years ago, the crew administrator has been properly disposing of all kinds of emergency vehicles operating on a total of 2 million, effectively safeguarding the safe operation of the bus.


How to deal with passengers disputes or emergencies?

Reporter: what about the passengers and passengers abuse or assault?

Bus group official: stick to the dozen don't strike back, scold not return, more people and convince. When passengers can swear positive education; if the passenger can hit, will hit the passengers to the team, or listen to the command of the police alarm disposal; in addition we require passengers to leave more than 2 witnesses and contact method.

Reporter: the passengers in the car. How to do?

Bus group official: first of all, positive education, such as to discourage discourage invalid; "110" alarm, listen to the command of the police to dispose of, don't open the door; if the batterer to escape, should observe their physical characteristics and direction of escape, cooperate with the police investigation report timely to the leaders of the unit.

Reporter: how do people hijacked vehicles?

Bus group official: keep calm, stick to their posts, to control the driving mechanism; trying to stabilize the hijacking of people's emotions, deal with its camera disposal; don't put the vehicles parked in the important position; for the evacuation of passengers, trying to rescue the wounded, alarm, report; assist the police to carry out the work.


The bus "workers heart station" has been built 35

The reporter learned that, to ease the psychological pressure of employees, Beijing bus group is promoting the "heart station construction workers, has now completed the" heart station workers "35, distributed in the 13 branch of the fleet, convenient passengers after use.

According to reports, the group within the scope of "construction workers xinlingyizhan" a total investment of 2 million 625 thousand and 500 yuan, mainly in the decompression sandbags, comprehensive body-building device, liposuction machine, finger board, blood glucose meter, body fat measuring device, intelligent instrument, ball, interactive catharsis catharsis biofeedback system, digital instrument etc, also including projector, VOD, TV, computer network, WiFi, audio, massage chair, blood pressure meter, game machine parts; each worker heart station ", divided into 2 to 3 functional areas.

Personnel engaged in psychological counseling, relevant staff of 63 people, including 5 full-time counselors, part-time counselors have 58 people, counseling staff of 7 people. Psychological services mainly to carry out the project: science lectures, special training, line psychological counseling, group counseling, psychological knowledge, crisis intervention, psychological hotline and online psychological services etc..

Reporters at the tram company to see, "heart station" decoration is very warm, the room is provided for staff rest chair. The relevant person in charge, the future heart station will also increase decompression books and warm decorations, attract passengers more relax.

Source: Beijing daily client

Editor: TF015

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