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Beijing tenant v. free formaldehyde exceed the standard that the extension of the next trial court case first time to be determined

2018-11-07 21:30 beijing evening news TF015

The afternoon of November 6th, the first case in Beijing City, 26 free tenants sued the company with air pollution case in Beijing Dongcheng court. During the trial, the plaintiff tenant Wang in court to append and modify the claim clause, the company has applied for an extension of the free period of at least 15 days. Finally, the judge decided to postpone the hearing, but did not inform the next hearing time.

It is understood that in June this year, the plaintiff Wang rented in Dongcheng District free house for one year. In September, Wang and his roommates because of skin itching to go to hospital, suspected by the air pollution causes. Then, Wang contacted the company to detect air detection, detection report shows that the two bedroom formaldehyde Wang and roommate respectively in 0.14mg/ square meters, 0.13mg/ square meters, while the national standard should be 0.1mg/ square meters. At the same time, the Beijing area were detected by many free tenants, their rental housing formaldehyde exceed the standard.

Finally, Wang from the Beijing area and the other 25 free tenants jointly charged freely, as the contract subject, 26 people were split into 26 cases, by more than twenty lawyers in Beijing Zhenbang law firms entrusted compulsory litigation agency. Among them, 15 cases had been filed with 3 in Dongcheng court.

Reporters from the plaintiff Wang lawyer Fu Lin openly learned that the court has not yet notified Wang the next court time, and the other tenants week agents of a prosecution case will come freely on the 21 of this month.

Source: Beijing evening news intern reporter: Xu Huiyao

Editor: TF015

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