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In order to recapture the jobs ", America out of the price! But Foxconn also want to find China?

2018-11-07 20:57 The observation of Changan TF015

Recently, in Wisconsin to build factories of Foxconn encountered trouble:

Had to attract Foxconn landing in Wisconsin, the local government offered a $4 billion 100 million subsidy, additional condition is "Foxconn invested $10 billion to recruit 13 thousand employees". But not long ago, Foxconn gained 1300 resumes, but only 300 people have made the interview qualification, "it is very difficult to find efficient and skilled labor." This may mean that if you do not want to track, "4 billion 100 million" to yellow.

Foxconn map data, the Xinhua News Agency for map

What should I do? According to sources, Foxconn "inspiration", decided to look for the domestic Chinese transferred to the United States factory engineer. If the United States President Trump see here, probably to plug the heart. Originally out of the price subsidies is to encourage the United States to build factories, "the bowl back", to solve the employment problem, Americans now, and to others as a wedding dress? But, also want to China, this is not Trump's most sensitive rejection?

Two years ago, Trump had to China onslaught, buckle top "away U. s.manufacturing jobs arch-criminal" black hat, then on a number of occasions expressed a similar view. In order to allow the return of U.S. manufacturing ", Trump's" relentless open if a company wants to dismiss employees, leaving the United States, then they are shipped back to China, then you will feel shy, bear serious consequences." Such as TOYOTA, Ford, GM and other auto companies, once in a week from being named - "if you choose to build a new factory in the United States, the United States will face high tariffs".

However, if you look at the actual effect, some just passable.

Not long ago, Tesla submitted a document, the next two years will be in factories and equipment investment of up to 60 billion dollars, in order to improve the production of China. More U.S. media found that the political identity of the "stripping businessman Trump, afraid that they are unwilling to abide by the one that he said. In the months before the election, the last project handled, at least 2 China from imported steel and aluminum. A project in Chicago to purchase a large number of energy-saving glass wall from China. Only this one, according to the U.S. market price estimate, Trump let us company lost more than $350 million in orders.

Chinese in the end there is no rush for American jobs? Data show that in 1979 compared to U.S. manufacturing jobs on the peak, the current United States indeed lost 7 million manufacturing jobs, but 88% of which is the level of industrial automation, reducing the need for labor, Never mind and Chinese. On the contrary, the US China Business Council in 2017 released the report pointed out that Sino US economic and trade relations supports about 2 million 600 thousand jobs in the United states. In other words, China development not only "aggression", but to expand the market, boost the U.S. employment.

In addition, low cost and high return of capital to the place to go, this is the basic law. An enterprise especially multinational companies in which to set up factories, is fundamentally a profit driven capital decision, who did not want to pull to pull to the. For example, the automobile industry, after years of development of running, has been formed within the scope of the global division of labor, who is responsible, who is responsible for the front seat rear engine, where production has been clear. This time around, Chinese find another reliable "chain" is not a short duration of time can be completed.

"At what cost to be produced in the United States, iPhone?" , "Mr. President, these jobs do not come back." This is a conversation 2011 years 2 months then US President Obama and the Apple Corp founder Jobs.

The president of the United States, to expand employment right, blindly pulling innocent third-party attack, the deep-seated contradictions of development does not reflect on the domestic industry, only is the inverse of the global development trend moving not harm oneself, opportunistic politicians transfer contradictory routines with more, with what tube will?

Source: Changan observed by Tian Wenzhi

Edit process: TF015

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