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The U.S. mid-term election Trump "lost"! Return to the House Democrats to counterattack

2018-11-07 20:43 The observation of Changan TF015

The U.S. mid-term election results have attracted much attention. At present, the situation is in the process of statistical voting states. According to the analysis of the invoice number of U.S. media, the Democratic Party will obtain the majority of seats in the house of representatives. The Republicans will continue to control the Senate after the election.

Trump data figure, the Xinhua News Agency for map

This means that Trump could not escape the fate of Obama, the "lame duck president" in term of the next two years reduced, the policy will be fully blocked.

As everyone knows, the biggest characteristics of Trump's ruling is "not to play by the rules". Within two years, not only the political legacy of the former was destroyed, "trouble", such as the Sino US trade friction stir There was no parallel in history., which also makes a lot of American Spectator sniff at, people suffer.

The mid-term elections, is a good test of the Trump administration two years of the record, but also within the Republican and democratic parties and the reshuffle of American politics, towards the future relationship between the two years or even longer in American politics.

"New York Times" in the comments of this vote bluntly, "a troubled country is ready to make a judgment on Trump". That is all white, after two years of "self rule", this is revenge, grudges against revenge.

The Republicans know that the situation is not good, the opportunity to feel, so both Maozuliaojin Er. A cross off, is really a feather -

Before the election, the United States has occurred "parcel bomb incident" and "Jewish church shooting", in American Society of paranoia, diffuse antagonism.

Elections politicians thought different, outspoken. Hilary called on voters in the mid-term elections to "authoritarian tendencies" of Trump.

Trump is not a vegetarian. The election last week, 5 days, 8 shuttle, 11 participated in the rally, and resorted to plans to abolish the "birthright citizenship" anti immigration portfolio. However, my heart is not at ease Trump is also good for themselves to find the stairs and said that if the Republicans lost control of the house of Representatives, people should not blame him.

There have been a lot of foreign media predicted that the Democratic controlled house will be investigated for the Trump administration's policies and behavior, and to prevent the Republican draft bill.

Take trade negotiations, the Democratic Party regained control of the United States House of Representatives, the United States will have a divided congress". The two parties in the free trade agreement demands not only may be quite different, had to talk down the free trade agreement by the Trump administration, bargaining power in negotiations with trade partners will also be greatly reduced.

For example, the Trump administration in time before the midterm elections on the first term of the main trade agreement -- "Mexico plus agreement" (USMCA), but the agreement still needs new congressional approval. Canada has expressed concern that if the new Congress House of Representatives and the Senate division of the situation, while the prospect of USMCA probably will be changed.

All the signs indicate that Trump is probably no willful, and the future of the American party crossed party politics will be intensified. Rising political friction is the gospel, in addition to slobber everywhere, even can not solve what practical problems, finally dragged the United States will be the fate of.

In recent years, the performance can be seen from the current American society, tear is unprecedented. Conservatives to build the wall, to control the illegal immigrants to lower tax rates and deregulation; liberals should continue to promote the cultural pluralism and political identity, to raise taxes and increase control. As one observer said, this is the two American confrontation, is the two one, two kinds of the fate of the struggle.

The future of this tear is not smooth, it will upgrade. These facts will continue to fight the United States political face. After all, American democracy has always been to the "mature" and "superior" and "disdain for the world," now everyone see, "checks and balances" the original intention had evolved into a political fight at outrance against each other. This non us blessing is the blessing of the world.

Source: Changan wrote: Summer observation

Editor: TF015

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