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Benz female owner beaten refueling to kowtow? The police response

2018-11-07 20:29 beijing evening news TF015

The daughter of the gas station car rub, mother angry at refueling and tussle. The daughter said to see mother mouth bleeding beaten and joined to each other to apologize, but did not expect the attendant to kneel kowtow. The afternoon of November 5th, this scene took place in Hanzhoung City, Shaanxi Province, a gas station.

Events: the driver gas rub, and beat the attendant

In November 5th, seven in the office of Hantai District of Hanzhoung City, a gas station, a gas station staff kneeling on the ground does not stop kowtow to the video on the network heat transfer, is bow in the video is to refuel the female owner of benz. Subsequently, the reporter went to the gas station, conducted a survey.

"She phoned to say she wants to hit me, I am afraid of danger, they kneel to apologize." 6, 7 in the office of Hantai District of Hanzhoung City, a gas station, refueling 31 year old Deng grumbled.

Deng said, 5 pm 5 pm, a Benz car drove into the gas station to refuel, parked in the wrong position, she remind the driver to turn. "She is round and stopped in the wrong, so they started back, did not expect when you turn to rub on the side of the tanker collision column." Deng said, then an older woman off to scold her, and she and tear.

"Just have a car to refuel, I went to busy, did not think she was chased." Deng said, the woman continued to scold her, and hand on her forehead kept that "at the end to poke my eyes on the edge, I couldn't resist not to poke my eyes?" Subsequently, Deng and the woman fight. At this time, "the car young female driver with the 2 half year old son out of the car, and the toll station together with the mother to the business hall began to beat her, the whole process lasted for 10 minutes." Deng said.

"The driver called to say, I don't apologize to her mother, let me hit." Deng said, fear, she had to kneel down, constantly kowtow to apologize to the mother and daughter.

Police: fear of retaliation, the attendant active kneel to apologize

"The female owner did not ask the attendant to kneel down, is the attendant for fear of retaliation and take the initiative to kneel." 6 pm, Hanzhoung City Public Security Bureau Hantai Qili police station a responsible person said.

The responsible person said, according to the survey, 5 pm to 5 am, 29 year old Hanzhoung citizen Zhang was driving a white Mercedes Benz car to Hantai District 108 State Road seven in the oil gas station. Refueling gun Dengyin small enough, called Zhang. Zhang U-turn, the vehicle back to the tankers peg. At this time, sitting in the car in the back of the 53 year old Zhang mother think Lee is refueling small Deng let U-turn resulting in damage to the vehicle, off the altercation with deng. Then, Lee Deng pushing, Deng and Lee tussle.

The responsible person said, the two sides are in the gas station staff moved after Lee Zhuizhi gas station hall, at the cashier again Deng punch. Deng and Lee fight back. At this time, Zhang saw Mother lips injured, came together with Lee Deng fist beat. After Zhang Xiaodeng took clothes to her an apology to his mother. Small Dengyin was afraid of retaliation, active in the cashier and kneel apology to Lee, then three people without friction.

Hanzhong Central Hospital after diagnosis, Xiaodeng injuries to the head trauma, mild concussion, slight left facial soft tissue contusion. Hanzhoung City People's hospital diagnosis, Lee injury to the right face and chest soft tissue contusion injury; lower right.

Driver: see mother mouth bleeding, impulse beating

"In the beginning I did not react, my mother opened the door to get off." 6 afternoon, the reporter saw the Mercedes Benz car driver zhang.

Ms. Zhang said, when she drove to the gas station, in the move process to rub rub vehicle anti-collision column, hear voice, sitting in the back of the mother suddenly opened the door of the car. In the car she thought mother and attendant quarrel a few words will leave, did not expect this son out of the car, she went off to her son, and persuaded his mother to leave, I did not expect a physical confrontation between the two sides at this time.

Then, the mother into the operating room with the attendant to chase, she holds her son rushed to want to persuade mother to leave, but two people have fought together, and when she saw her mother mouth bleeding, the impulse will hit the refueling. "I want her to my mother to apologize, did not think she suddenly kneel down for me, at that time I was also shocked." Ms. Zhang said, then the police rushed to the scene and the matter of mediation.

Hanzhoung City Public Security Bureau Hantai seven police official said, after the current consensual, Lee, Zhang has to Dengmou to apologize and compensate for the medical expenses, the two sides reached an understanding. At the same time, they have been in accordance with the public security case accepted the case, the case is still under investigation.

Psychological experts: the greatest impact was 2 and a half year old child

It is particularly worth mentioning is that you can see from the video, Ms. Zhang 2 and a half years old son witnessed the whole process in the next, is also trying to come forward to pull my grandmother.

Xi'an Shuya counseling center's chief counselor Zhang Fang said, in the event, the biggest impact is not a party, but this little "bystander". When the mother and daughter beaten when refueling in tear, obviously they didn't consider behind a pair of eyes of panic will record everything in front of the.

That is to say the image of mother and daughter will freeze in the hearts of the children to the picture, and can not be explained by the young children to see the scene, but the memories will be stored, as he later understand and treat his family's "basic material", this impression is not change with the language of repair. Mother and daughter's behavior will directly lead to children have no sense of security, if not timely, may also cause problems such as nightmare, depression, disruptive behavior, bad tempered after.

Source: Beijing evening news according to China Daily

Editor: TF015

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