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Many people are ugly! 10 "demon" domestic films you've seen a few

2018-11-07 19:15 Yi Zhan TF015

Although the film Chinese fast development in recent years, the number of screens and box office growth in the world's attention, but in the process also gave birth to a lot of bad. Do you remember all those years in the hall was bad dominated by fear?

In fact, some also level. Some bad. have to Mediocrity, even make complaints about all don't know where to start; some bad. have to Silence, they quietly released quietly off the assembly line, and even most of the audience are not aware of their existence; (in fact, these silent films accounted for most of the movie team) some bad. have to Joy, the sky a stupid story lines and can make people look at the harvest of a offbeat enjoyment; and some, in addition to its slot full point, the film seems to play fine appendage, lest you don't know, with all kinds of wonderful things for the demon crazy save presence, a time to refresh the audience's bottom line.

Here, to give you a check in recent years those ugly people play the domestic films.

The "frozen time": Man: Walker film starring.

This is a recent "monster" movies, art is that gentleman to the original intention of writing this article.

On Friday, the "frozen man: space Voyager" after the release, the box office with a reputation both lost. Just a day after the release, the film Chupin on the official micro-blog released the "official" behind the tear: a frozen man, starring Donnie Yen "by random change lines refused to remake" and "with the ancient style of demand", "interference action director", "delay to participate in publicity plans and schedule," denied participating in the movie "several crimes". The next day, Donnie Yen is taking a response, "at the film Chupin shameless hype, malicious smear!" Uncompromising.


A film by the audience called a bad film, the film side actually put a pot thrown into the star body, this is really unheard of. If the creative can take time and energy spent in film creation rather than buck insults, perhaps the film the final result will not so bad.

"Love apartment": a new type of "fraud film"

The sitcom "love apartment" fans excitedly ran to the theater to see the big movie of the same name, did not think of the film and TV drama is a completely different story tomb. The film side deliberately hidden movie and TV drama "love apartment" has no relevance to the fact that when the propaganda under the banner of "the same people, under the guise of ten year reunion, cheat you buy a ticket to see the film. Before the movie release, the film side has been hidden clutching his trailer, stills, including material, do not point, not to engage in the conference, the release time until two in the afternoon, is to let more people to buy tickets.


Never thought, cry up wine and sell vinegar that can actually occur in the film body. False propaganda to mislead and deceive consumers, the film side should not pay the price?

"Pure heart and Dream Entertainment:" too much drama director

This is a covered groove, a Speechless choke film, from the leading role to the director to the story, from posters to propaganda songs, can be used to describe the rolling thunder. No, no, this sincerity reputation without the market "three noes" film should have disappeared after the release, did not think director Bi Zhifei but because of the poor and low anger against watercress, watercress. Your friends, your friends your critics, feel quite good.


The phrase "often compete with friends, not fool that long", for the Bi guide this is no way to communicate together, the best way is to ignore him, away from him, the bad influence to a minimum.

"Bombing": the last is not fried

This movie can be said was the most luxurious star, however, since the shooting began, first produced by striking one snag after another, general Shi Jianxiang suspected fraud, become the red warrant for overseas fugitives, and later Cui Yongyuan broke the "Yin and yang contract" movie scandal, final scenes in less than 10 seconds, actor Fan Bingbing got a paycheck suspected of tax evasion, and even lead to a whole this year the film "turbulence", get jittery. The movie eventually canceled the release, according to the film released in North America after the reaction, the quality does not bear to look.


This movie is probably a microcosm of film and television variety of chaos. Figuring out why it is such a mess, maybe you know why such a bad movie. Probably a lot of people do not want to make a good movie, but look behind the film and name.

"IP MAN 3": steal the box office to be punished

"IP MAN 3" from the release of the beginning of the day, there is a micro-blog V and users have questioned the authenticity of the film at the box office, after the investigation of SARFT, the film was eventually identified false 32 million yuan at the box office, the movie release side big screen companies ordered to suspend new film distribution business is in a month, cinema someone's online ticket platform by notice of criticism and.


Later someone broke the news, the film side has exhausted the means to do office fraud, behind capital operation, want to use the virtual high box office share prices. We just want to quietly watching a good movie, in the eyes of some people, but the movie is just a financial game.

"Run! Brothers ": This is the movie?

In January 2015, according to the popular variety "run! Brothers" film adaptation of the same name in the domestic release after 4 days at the box office has reached 260 million, in 2015 to become the fastest grossing Chinese film. The final film total box office of 438 million yuan. In the film, and "daddy go" "ultimate challenge" and other variety of big screen. There is no essential difference between the large variety show on TV and movie content, is to spend money to see a variety show in the auditorium.


A wave of star organization play a few games, cut out an hour even video movie? You let the earnest study show the film script what people think? This film is more serious lead industry trend.

"The legend": All Star gold film processing

Erlangshen wore copper money, Zhou and Daji wearing "Curse of the Golden Flower" in the golden crown, Jiang Ziya began to reverse growth rather baffling, and both the name of the name on the release of warships fly...... Costume fantasy blockbuster "Fengshen legend" although gathered many stars, please spend lots of money to build the Hollywood special effects, but after the release of lead the audience to make complaints about the boom. The audience laugh, even if the film is better in protagonist glittering gold armor, nature can not change the flop.


The film industry excessive pursuit of coffee star should not brake, there are a lot of stars will be able to make good films, the audience will buy it.

"The ferryman": Star stand very bad

In fact, the world is big, but also far more than the north and south. A taste of perfection, equal to rest on its laurels. In your eyes it is just a movie, to me is a world. The so-called great if missing, there are shortcomings to progress. The ferryman, to herself......" It is intolerable "the ferryman" after the release of the fierce bad reviews, the film producer Wong Kar Wai issued such a micro-blog in the film, and respect their own love this movie. Subsequently, the micro-blog by dozens of star forward, we have said for the support, speed, tone is consistent and make friends with.

In addition to Angela Baby, starring Tony Leung, Rongrong Zhang, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Fan Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming forward, Carina Lau, Liu Yifei, Chen Kun, Dongyu Zhou, William Feng and other stars have also forwarded. The forwarding list, and ur good, Wang Xiaoshuai, Jia Zhangke et al., and has always been low-key Stephen Chow, also released a list of "I love" photos. But most of the entertainment stars behind, can not change the audience for the film.


Most of the entertainment. "I love it", ugly face has exposed some of the stars. But say "I don't love Wang Zhuanjun.".

"Asura": released three days withdrawal file

In July this year, directed by Zhang Peng, Wu Lei, Tony Leung, Carina Lau starred in the fantasy film "Asura" released, did not think three days after release, the official micro-blog announced that "by all the investors decided to" stop the withdrawal of file mapping, no message remapping. This movie is known as the 6 years of finance investment of 750 million, the cumulative box office less than fifty million. When asked by the media file withdrawal reasons, the film side also said that because the "cat's eye score of fair market environment".


His film rotten, beat the others ran, also blame "the market", so the. The film side ?

"Warring States", hit 150 million yuan holds new

Honglei Sun, Wu Zhenyu, Nakai Kichi three star Tian Jing to play in the film, are still madly in love with her, when the "Warring States" when released, such high-profile people holding posture had let the audience look terrified. It was 2011, it is a big sweet 22 year old couple, can be served as the only actress in the 150 million yuan of investment in production, and all the story revolves around her, even willing to tamper with history. The audience bluntly, the film should be renamed "Tian Jing and the story of three men".


Spend so much money, with so many years, seems to have no improvement......

I wish you to avoid all the bad

Source: Author: Zhan Yi carry the knife boy

Editor: TF015

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