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Bulletin of the Beijing Law Enforcement Bureau: 17 construction dust problem is serious

2018-11-07 18:29 beijing evening news TF015

Today from the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau learned that in October the city's law enforcement system started in 2018-2019 autumn and winter air pollution tackling special enforcement action, for investigation of the construction site, construction waste and sediment transport vehicles to atmospheric violations 2309, an increase of 141.8%; a fine of 13 million 736 thousand and 600 yuan, an increase of 186.8%. Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau Joint Construction Committee informed criticism, to suspend the bidding construction unit 15, transferred to the garden, water and municipal industry management department dust punishment information 52, transferred to the city tax department construction dust pollution punishment information 19, to carry out special inspection of law enforcement Urban linkage 6.

According to the 17 existing problems of construction dust serious engineering (Engineering), municipal law enforcement bureau of administrative punishment and be informed.

There are serious problems in construction engineering dust (linear engineering) investigated briefing

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zuo Ying

Editor: TF015

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