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Poor students how to judge? The Ministry of Education said the six class only, no publicity and sensitive information privacy exposure

2018-11-07 18:07 Beijing daily TF015

Recently, the Ministry of education and other six departments announced the "on the family economic difficulties students identified guidance work". "Opinions" clear that the family economic difficulties students, according to the family economy, sudden, six factors such as student consumption. To identify a list of schools and grades in a proper way of publicity in the proper range of publicity, prohibited students involved in sensitive personal information and privacy.

The "opinions" proposed that the family economic difficulties students to adhere to realistic, objective and fair, quantitative evaluation and qualitative assessment, transparency and protect the privacy of the combination of positive guidance combined with voluntary application; that object refers to himself and his family economic ability to meet the school during the period of study, basic living expenses of students, from kindergarten to graduate are in the scope of.

"Opinions" also clearly, family economic difficulties students identified according to six factors: family economic factors, including family income, property, debt and other factors; special groups, mainly refers to whether it belongs to the students, participatory poor family subsistence family of students, poor support students, students, families, orphans and disabled children of martyrs the economic difficulties of students with disabilities and disabled children; factors of regional economic and social development level, mainly refers to the campus, from the level of economic development, urban and rural minimum living standard, school fees and other conditions; sudden factors, mainly refers to the victims of major natural disasters and major accident situation; students' consumption factors mainly refers to the student consumption amount, the structure is reasonable; the other factors influencing the economic situation of the family, including family burden, labor and occupation status.

Identify students from poor families in principle once every school year, working procedures shall include, inform the individual application, school identification, publicity, filing for the record etc..

The school can take home visits, individual interviews, data analysis, correspondence card, quantitative evaluation, democratic appraisal and other ways to improve the accuracy of the identification of the students from poor families.

The school will identify students list and grade of family economic difficulties, in a proper range, in an appropriate manner to the public. The public, prohibited students involved in sensitive personal information and privacy. The school should establish the family economic difficulties students identified results review and dynamic adjustment mechanism, timely response to the results of the determination of objection.

Source: Beijing Daily reporter: Ren Min

Editor: TF015

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