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Beijing heating work officially started thermal staff: hard 20 days a warm winter

2018-11-07 16:11 beijing evening news TF017

Today, Beijing heating work officially started, in order to share this hot gas into the tens of thousands of households, Beijing heating group staff first began to work on. Yesterday, "we listen to reporters visited" day and night in the boiler room and heating stations, record the thermal workers toil. From the heating to the formal heating, your home in case of problems related to heating, also can be reflected to the newspaper and 12345. As in previous years, the correspondent 24 hours a day, listen to your home heating, cooperate with relevant departments for the first time you answer questions and solve problems.

The average day call 150

Yesterday afternoon, Beijing Haidian branch company in West eight thermal heating service center, boiler room two large boiler rumble and heating conditions already have at any time. Boiler Center Deputy Director Fu Weimin said that the power of the two boilers are 116 MW, is the largest single boiler heating boilers, two covering total area can reach 5 million square meters, "specifically, the service area of the west to the east to the city of Victoria, Cuiwei department store, two boilers have continuous service for the people 6 years."

Fu Weimin said, in fact, two boilers all year in the standby state of ignition, including summer, repair and maintenance work has never stopped. In order to ensure the heating test when heating boiler room on Saturday, no danger of anything going wrong, the staff working overtime, the boiler was try one last time before the whole heating equipment debugging. Now the equipment and facilities in good condition, received a transfer order group, ready to officially run ignition.

This time, people pay can be said to be one of the most busy trunk heat, he should be responsible for the 15 boiler room, 42 boilers, 106 heating station maintenance work. In order to protect the heating, he calls a daily average of nearly 150 times, among them, there are issues related to reporting facilities of the thermal station, apply for the relevant procedures, as well as his own need to consult higher authorities work. In a lot of phone, only 3 is to call home.

In the heat of the work of these years, catch up with the dangerous work, more than 10 days to return home is often the thing to pay for people. The family can understand? Fu Weimin to reporters cited an example: in the past few days, the first time he returned home is 9 p.m., soon after the wife asked the first sentence is: "I will go?" Night to go home to see his wife and children, and then quickly return to the unit, with Wei Min, has long been the norm. He and 25 staff in the team, in order to protect the heating, has long been the home unit.

The circulating pump has started running for two days in advance

Haidian District is located in the West Diaoyutai near eight West Service Center, a district heating heating station has been running for two days. And today the trial operation is different, the circulating pump heating station two days in a state without temperature pressure. This heat station Cui Jingxin introduced, in advance for running is a test machine, also is to let residents find their home if there is leaking phenomenon.

A district heating station, can send warmth, for the area more than 2200 households but these families are mostly in the old district, the aging pipeline is the most prominent problem. "The only circulating pump running for two days, we have received a lot of family heating pipes are Water Leakage problem; now we found problems in a timely manner and immediately repair, until after the formal heating can at ease a little." Cui Jingxin said.

In addition to the pipeline leaking, Cui Jingxin and colleagues also face a lot of problems. With many residents decoration of the old house, many of the original dew on the outside of the heating tube is wrapped in lime even if there are tubes, Water Leakage rust, is not the first time that. "We don't understand the fault maintenance, will meet the residents, they do not want the new decoration of the house is scuttling."

In addition, many of the old district heating pipe is a pipe wall pipe, the problem will produce a chain reaction, they found in the inspection, some households in the decoration to the heating pipe cut, this move led to a unit with many families have been implicated in the apartment layout.

Meet the above situation of Cui Jingxin's colleagues suddenly became the coordinator, trying to persuade residents to consider other neighbors. Sometimes touch not to work with the residents, workers are more patient persuasion, even and neighborhood committees, property together to coordinate. "They are more clearly each district, and even specific to each household, which makes our work more efficient."

The end of October each year to officially heating this time, when Cui Jingxin is the heating year in the most busy, "our slogan is hard for 20 days, a warm winter. The workers are working overtime, there are also many colleagues live and eat in the unit." The normal heating is thousands of households they most want to see.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jing Yiming Chen Shengyu Zhang Qunchen text and photo

Editor: TF017

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