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Beijing city union members if the home plumbing pipe burst to "Beijing card" the maximum awarded million yuan

2018-11-07 16:25 beijing evening news TF017

The reporter learned from the Municipal Federation of trade unions, trade unions continue to launch this year, the family property loss protection plan plumbing pipe burst, if the home plumbing pipe burst, Beijing City Federation of trade unions to members of a trade union mutual service card apply for a maximum compensation of 10 thousand yuan.

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The relevant person in charge, where the union members, and hold employees union membership mutual service card, plumbing pipe burst leads to loss of family property, City Federation of trade unions will be based on the relevant certificates issued by the property or neighborhood of damaged area payment mutualfunds, maximum payment 10 thousand yuan.

The official explained, plumbing pipe burst loss is due to fire, explosion, lightning, flying objects and other air operations object falling and pressure, collision, cold, high temperature caused by housing in tap water pipeline, heating pipeline (including radiator), water pipes and solar water heater (including indoor and outdoor pipeline burst inside the house, upstairs tenants the next door neighbor, and belongs to the owners of the plumbing pipe), the direct loss of the resulting house roof, wall and floor suffered flooding, corrosion.

Since the occurrence of the family property of 10 days of the date of the damage suffered, union members should inform the Chinese insurance workers union office in Beijing for investigation. A member shall apply for assistance to the office of the gold trade union, by the member unit unions "fill in the mutual fund application form", and submit the member Id photocopy, photocopy service mutual union membership card; provide Guan Zhengming, issued by the property or neighborhood housing property permits or property certificates and documents a copy of the relevant; and photographs of the scene damaged and other necessary documents or proof.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF017

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