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China Cuisine Association: encourage catering business breakfast restaurant open to the public toilet advocate

2018-11-08 11:08 beijing evening news TF017

Advocate toilet restaurant open to the public, network sales of food should be consistent with the store of food quality and safety, the central kitchen produced food to label processing time...... Yesterday, Chinese Cuisine Association in Beijing issued the "food and beverage industry to link operating norms", "food and beverage industry use bathrooms clean demonstration guide" and other eight groups of whole industry standards, standardize and guide. It was also released China's catering industry's first automatic vending machine cold chain fresh food standards.

Data for photo: An Xudong

"Food and beverage industry demonstration guide" special quality dining adds to the meal prices convenience services part of the guide, such as encouraging the catering business breakfast, the restaurant will promote enterprises to use the bathroom open to the public etc.. Vice president of China Cuisine Association Feng Enyuan said that the bathroom is a reflection of a window of social civilization, let the guidelines is the catering enterprises more attention to the toilet.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Wenwen

Editor: TF017

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