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Ji Hai (*) in gold and silver commemorative coins issued Friday a full set of a total of 17 medals are legal tender

2018-11-07 16:03 beijing evening news TF017

Once a year the gold coin is coming. The central bank announced yesterday, will be issued in November 16th 2019 China Ji Hai (*) in a set of commemorative coins. Specification and circulation of the coins are the same as last year, a full set of commemorative coins, a total of 17 medals, including 10 gold coins, silver commemorative coin 7, are legal tender.

Pattern, 3 grams round gold coins 13 pieces of gold and silver commemorative coins back pattern for realistic pig shape, lined with decorative patterns and published the first *, denomination and "Ji Hai". 3 grams of round gold coins, 150 grams of color color round gold coins, 30 grams of round silver commemorative coins, color 150 grams round silver commemorative coin 4 gold color gold and silver commemorative coins back pattern are Chinese folk traditional decorative * shape, lined with auspicious decoration (color), and published in "Hai" and the denomination the words.

Circulation of 30 grams and 30 grams of round silver commemorative coins round silver commemorative coins of the maximum color, are 300 thousand. 3 grams of round gold coins and 3 grams round gold color coin second, the largest circulation was 180 thousand. 30 grams of fan-shaped and plum shaped silver coin 60 thousand pieces, 150 grams of round silver commemorative coins color 30 thousand pieces, 10 grams, 150 grams of gold coins fan-shaped rectangular silver commemorative coins of 20 thousand medals, 1 kg round silver commemorative coin 10 thousand, 15 grams of plum shaped Gold Commemorative Coin 8000, 150 grams of rectangular Gold Commemorative Coins 1500 pieces, 150 grams round gold color coin 2000 pieces, 500 grams round gold coins 1000, 1 kilograms of plum shaped gold coins 118, 2 kg round gold coins 50, 10 kg Round Gold Commemorative Coin 18. Sales channel China Gold Network (


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Pinqiu

Editor: TF017

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