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The dog has made headlines! Why do so many people dog fighting force "?

2018-11-07 15:27 Beijing daily TF003

Early this morning, the dog has made headlines.

Look at an official notification:

Look at the details:

The dog owner (male) is the local people, mouth shouting "why foreigners come to Yuhang, I get out of Yuhang", the hand is not idle, once the woman grabbed the neck, also riding on its body beaten with fists. In addition, the two sides dispute process, the dog was rampant, from time to time The children gather together......

The dog no rope hit! One incident, enraged, "arrested well" "dog fighting force" and "the dog is not equal to rope, the dog dog, denounced the sound four.

In recent years, the dog seems to have become a city contradiction fuse, the conflict created by dogs repeatedly hit the newspapers, exudes a deep sense of hostility, can not help but ask, why dogs become "public nuisance"?

This is obviously not the pot, the dogs came back. Can not say that now some "shoveled shit officer" too bad. The dog is not tied rope, dog feces, not clean up the dogs don't wear a muzzle, casually abandoned dogs and so on, in the final analysis is the "man-made" dogs "".

The public space is not capricious. The dog rope is difficult? Someone think your dog is lovely, not laissez faire, tied the rope. But in the midst of conflict, "my dog does not bite" turned "my dog bite low quality", in the course of time, the antagonism between different groups is becoming more and more serious in nature.

Of course, the dog is free, but not to bother inviting others. A rope does not mean that the fierce dog not cute, but to prepare for emergency needs, it can be said that at the end of the rope tied to the dog, the other end is at risk, it is a kind of public civilization.

Civilization is out of the tube. Premier Zhu reality, just call and be condemned, mouth a moment, really useless. The two party is to reconcile the contradictions, regulations must be a pressing matter of the moment, clear rules, perfecting the law, the penalty into the penalty, the punishment of punishment. As in earlier years, the total drunk driving "my good boast without shame, drink will not hit people." This logic is exactly the same and uncivilized dogs, from "drunk driving into the punishment", the illegal behavior decreased year by year.

For a long time, the rest on the dog's many of the provisions, some at first glance also quite strict, but poor implementation or no law enforcement. For example, these two days make the most serious dog that raise a Babel of criticism of "7:00-22:00: prohibit walking dogs can be such a provision to implement, who regulation is a big problem.

"Dog people contradiction" multiple, the board must play in the human body. All localities and departments may wish to step bigger step further, improve the rigidity of the system and the effectiveness of the implementation of the city, as soon as possible crack dog suffering".

Author: He Ruo

Source: Beijing daily

Editor: TF003

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