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Visit the Beijing sea Yuzhi gold factory, two years ago, here is the Tiantan furniture factory

2018-11-07 15:08 Beijing daily TF010

Orson Park North Street, Haidian District Building Materials City Road on the west side, a high value of Yan Industrial Park recently unveiled. Here was the Tiantan furniture factory, now, after nearly two years of upgrading, turned "Jinyu - made factory".

From the East Gate in, far can see marked "column Jinyu - made factory" stands in the green belt. Behind it, is a tall building, the facade of white and grey steel and glass curtain wall goes wrong, full of sense of design. The building around the green belt, with a rusty iron fence, a prominent industrial flavor. Each building, a three storey, casually walked into a layer, 6 meters high and 9 meters, unlimited space, provides more space for enterprises to use.

China electric vehicle hundred, Beijing branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics laser additive manufacturing...... Today, a number of intelligent manufacturing enterprises and research institutions signed up, blew hard times industrial competition in science and technology assembly.

Two years ago, here is the Tiantan furniture factory. 2005 years, Tiantan furniture factory from the city of Victoria relocated to Xisanqi, the factory covers an area of 200 thousand square meters, construction area of 170 thousand square meters. Piles of wood, rolling production line, the sweat of workers...... One of the busy.

After 10 years of development, furniture production can't meet the need of the development of Beijing City, September 19, 2016, Jinyu group and Haidian District government will give full play to their respective advantages in resources of government and enterprises, make full use of the gold corner in Xisanqi and Qinghe regional industrial space, to build the international intelligent manufacturing innovation center signed a strategic cooperation agreement. 3 2017 30, Kimsumi Chi factory formally incorporated into the "Beijing strengthen the key task of the construction of the national science and technology innovation center implementation plan (2017-2020)" and "Beijing city to strengthen the national science and technology innovation center 2017 focuses on the implementation of the project list".

Jinyu group hired a world-class design units, the factory made planning and design. After the transformation made the factory building area of 12 square meters, with ultra low volume rate, dense 5 million square meters of ecological garden landscape, build ecological buildings intelligent manufacturing enterprises. The pick high advantage, build Beijing scarce LOFT office pattern, has become a major feature of the factory made.

"The combination of the functions of state made the development location, the park will be in the new energy vehicles, intelligent network, increasing material manufacturing and new materials as the main industrial agglomeration direction, to achieve high-end intelligent manufacturing industry as the core, manufacturing based on intelligent security facilities, as the leading manufacturing enterprises to intelligent legal consultation, personnel services, docking, policy financial investment, commercial facilities for supporting the construction of intelligent manufacturing industry gathering." Jinyu group relevant responsible person said.

At present, the two phase of renovation was in the park. The future will be built here, covers an area of 4000 square meters of exhibition center, covers an area of 1200 square meters of science and technology show. At the same time, will be built with commercial facilities, including coffee shops, convenience stores, restaurants and employee gym, while retaining the "Sino dragon" national intangible cultural heritage exhibition area, will enhance the cultural taste here.

Kimsumi Chi plant, a part of the Xisanqi Science City of Zhongguancun just as intelligent manufacturing innovation base. As an old industrial base, the streets of Xisanqi in recent years will ease vacate 56 hectares of industrial land is divided into "two belts" and "Five" made the industrial functional areas, in accordance with the "bird cage" (that is, the transformation of the old plant) and "Phoenix Nirvana" (i.e., the demolition of the old reconstruction) two construction models, layout 1 million 300 thousand square meters of industrial scale. Previously, build the King Center after reformation, introduce outstanding innovation platform to Jinyu enlightenment incubator as the representative of the leading enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence and force as the representative of the blue robot. Following the gold Yuzhi factory, Jinyu Technology Park is under construction.


Source: Beijing daily in Lishuang

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