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McDonald's launched an upgraded version of "McGrady camp" new children's nutritional knowledge

2018-11-07 15:11 North late New Vision Network TF011

McDonald's Chinese today announced that from the beginning of November launched an upgraded version of "McGrady camp" in the country's more than 1400 McDonald's restaurants, the food safety education, increase children's dietary knowledge, help health Chinese construction.

McDonald's Chinese CEO Zhang Jiayin said: "the children are the future of our country. McDonald's is committed to helping generations of children more healthy and happy growth. After the upgrade of the "McGrady camp" will serve as a normalization of the platform, entertaining way to spread children's nutrition knowledge, help 'health China' construction."

Director of Department of nutrition and food science China Agricultural University he Jiguo said: "McDonald's" upgrade wheat camp "reflects the spread of" science innovation plan "to encourage the national nutrition information, promote education activities normalization. Believe that McDonald's with a strong brand effect, will effectively guide the children gradually formed a scientific diet, nutrition and health training and scientific food safety concept, build a healthy physique."

"McGrady camp" from the November 2015 launch date, has successfully held more than 10000 activities, basic knowledge and more than fifty thousand children in food safety. After the upgrade of the "McGrady camp" activities more interesting, consumers can sign up to the restaurant manager by WeChat or McDonald's official activities, the cost of 88 yuan.

One bright spot:

The children through the McDonald's brand ambassador vivid explanation, understand the importance of food and nutrition.

Highlight two:

The cartoon song "eat just enough" to further consolidate the knowledge of nutrition and dance.

Highlight three:

Inspect the kitchen to quest: little friends through the brand ambassador to explain the understanding of hand washing steps, food storage, food hygiene and food safety knowledge production.

Highlight 4:

Kids will provide the ingredients according to the restaurant and have learned nutrition knowledge, as parents own a hamburger.

Highlight five:

All in the family will also receive a happy meal and exclusive gift one, including certificates of honor, exclusive apron, lunch box bag and relive the food nutrition knowledge puzzle.


Source: North night vision network

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