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"Double 11" firing brain war Shopping Festival for tenth years but only distance farther promotional shopping

2018-11-07 15:19 beijing evening news TF008

"Double 11 Shopping Festival this year ushered in the tenth year. On that day in November 11th than simply discount sale, the major electricity supplier in this year have been half a month in advance to open the warm-up activities: point set energy for red envelope, guardian value to hit idol exposure and download APP for cooperation benefits...... More and more long front, more and more brain burn gameplay allows some users quit, simply shopping in advance or delay; while others win the heart strong users will become a pure game, regardless of time and money costs are going to win.

One is due to promotion of the shopping festival, is far from a simple promotional and shopping and.

Play 1 sets like PK tieqian also got to play

Like many steps: your PK your energy your energy won the convertibility of cash envelopes

Results: buy sell like in business

The first phase of the Taobao "double 11" campaign called "PK win energy": users of five teams, together with other people praise, every team PK points like the number in 11 June 10 100 energy value against the 1 yuan exchange ratio for cash envelopes. So, in the second-hand website quietly paid praise sale. The reporter opens the idle trade APP free fish, search for "Zan buy" and "sell" of Zan, found that each like asking price from 0.5 yuan to 1.5 yuan.

Xiaodeng in idle fish hang out of the two-dimensional code of WeChat group, like buying selling praise can enter the name as "the world's strongest group, group leader Deng's duty is to maintain the order of transactions, but also to maintain price stability: PK every day ended in 23, 18, so after 22. The price will go high praise, 22 hours 50 minutes after a praise or even be able to sell 4 yuan. It is also because the PK at the end of 23, after 22:55 in the game, the color began to appear: according to the rules, if the two party like the number of points and the same is not zero, we can divide the pool, so many people will begin to negotiate a draw, but at the last minute, there will be a party to suddenly find someone praise, to win the prize pool, exclusive PK.

"We spend more than 100 to buy praise, but even win the cash is 5 400 yuan, is certainly good, can only console myself that people struggle for breath." Deng said, not that he didn't want to stop, but stop more losses, "as long as you start PK, it is not allowed to exit. PK admission, but also more and more high, the most senior matches the admission fee of 8000 of energy, you give up every day, the admission fee deduction is correct, before the accumulation of waste, can only bite the bullet and play it."

2 electric fans play rally sedan chair

Step: the electricity supplier homework to do the homework for your fans to vote for your idol idol exposure resources

Results: the fans most willing to shopping festival Rally

The evening of October 31st, is also a large number of fans sprint time: the Jingdong in the "global good day" preheating stage, opened a "star guard" activities, the Jingdong settled brands nominated star, Jingdong completed tasks specified by fans every day, you can get the value of the guardian. Guardian of value is actually the votes, votes for idol fans voting, the votes of more than 30 million stars and brand, the Jingdong will give its promotion resources, the top three idol will also boarded the city landmark large screen.

"Log in Jingdong, Jingdong 11 11 around the venue, focused on 3 shops in Beijing on top, share them with friends, you can get a 17 value, in fact, rally to the Jingdong Shopping Festival preheating." Acor is a star fans, her fans group group every day, urging everyone to do the task, "fans are most willing to spend money, and click forward, or the truth, fans more awesome, brand recognition idol appeal."

Acor said, because each day can obtain the guardian value limited, large fans and encouraged Taobao collection activities like swap, "I give you PK win the energy activities like, you give me your vote for idol Jingdong account, you win."

Play 3 App linkage phishing Download

Step: Download business cooperation APP your application your energy your cash envelopes

Results: APP was off the cost is greatly reduced

"Double 11" is the business people's holiday, but this year, many non website also brush full sense of presence, the reason lies in the close linkage between APP.

Reporters found that this year a number of well-known electricity providers have suddenly become the eldest brother, the linkage with the UC browser, watermelon video APP, just download the APP, you can get red envelopes with the electricity supplier joint. In the case of Taobao, users can download and open Youku video, High German map, Amoy ticket, hungry, small shrimp music APP, or visit other stores intime and bind account, single shopping action, you can get the energy value, and cash envelopes in November 10th.

"Hungry Taobao account 100 binding energy in the" double 11 "in 5 Energy Partners meeting, a single 30 energy, the day I got 170 energy, a total of seventy cents." Xiao Xu is a programmer, in addition, he also downloaded small shrimp music, listen to a song complete random access 10 energy; Youku video, watch a 3 minute video to get 30 energy; Amoy ticket, once a day to sign 5 energy......

"A lot of APP memory does not say, what can I get how much energy for a few dollars a red envelope? I download the APP, in order, listening to music, watching videos, buy members, and give them with the growth of data how many downloads and the number of active users? In peacetime, these APP to obtain these growth data, how much cost?" Xiao Xu thought repeatedly, decided to stop the "sale", not commonly used APP are deleted, "what I would like to give them with data for free? Said the shopping festival, thanks all the platform and the APP."


"The rules cannot read, too tired"

"Apple" is a designer in the electricity industry in the past ten years, the store every year big promotion, he was directly involved in.

"The first" double 11 "is to send coupons, discounts, simple and crude, then more and more tricks, what deposit expansion, the whole point of sale, grab, free single, smoke carp...... Now play warm-up activities more and more viral sharing, with star drainage, multiple APP linkage, attention and the topic of the year by year, but many customers have told us that the rules cannot read, too tired. A few days ago, after having paid the deposit customers to contact us, say I do not discount, the weather is cold I need long johns can you now, give me the goods?"

"Apple" is not proficient in marketing, but he felt, "double 11" target is slowly change: "do now, like business platform influence, how many people are concerned, how many people share, forward linkage APP today and how many downloads and daily living is more important, how many customers buy high quality and inexpensive things, enjoy the discount, businesses in the end how much inventory is clear, but the second. But to say back to the beginning of that model, it is unlikely, after all, we are playing pours, you honestly discounts, you stupid?"

The morning of November 1st, "the world's strongest group is also seeking praise information scraper. "Not over how to praise?" Deng confused, ask just know, Taobao double 11 "second stage" challenge winning energy ", need to buy shoes, jackets, health care products help users point of praise, idle fish has emerged.

How endless, this time I do not do ah, everyone voluntary mutual aid." Deng will group name changed to "mutual joy", again without a sound.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zong Yuanyuan Wang Chenyu Bai Song illustrations

Editor: tf008

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