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Transnational networks scalping 7 major fraud dens were destroyed and 36 people from Philippines were escorted home today

2018-11-07 14:42 beijing evening news TF003

In November 7th 12, with a Chinese aviation charter flight landed at Shenzhen Baoan International Airport in Guangdong, 36 using the Internet brush single implementation of telecommunications network fraud suspects were escorted home from Philippines to the public security organ, involving domestic provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, more than 700 from the telecommunications network fraud cracked, involving more than 1800 million yuan. The police destroyed a total of 7 fraud dens and arrested 47 suspects.

Chinese police arrested in Philippines suspect site

"Part-time brush single, high reward, earn thousands......" This kind of advertisement can be seen everywhere on the Internet, is hidden behind many traps, in recent years the use of the network implementation of telecommunications fraud network scalping multiple high. The investigation, fraudsters first through web pages, forums, social software and other channels widely published part-time scalping advertising, known as single shop brush to improve business reputation can stay at home, earn thousands of yuan". When the victim believe its false propaganda, the fraudsters require victims to purchase certain items in a network platform for a single brush. The shopping cost is the principal paid by victims, fraudsters promise on the success of the transaction will be paid together with the principal and returned to the victim.

In the first few single task, fraudsters will return of principal to the victims and pay a small amount of money, to relax their vigilance. With the increasing amount of scalping, fraudsters will end with unfinished tasks, network fault and many other reasons, not in accordance with the prior agreement of the return of principal and payment, and asked the victim to brush and put more of the principal, the deeper, until the realisation that the victim cheated.

It is understood that the victims are mostly college students and other young groups, some even cheated hundreds of thousands of yuan, to the parties and families have caused great harm, serious impact on the academic and physical and mental health, bad social impact.

Since July this year, the Ministry of Public Security: part by network scalping implementation of telecommunications network fraud crime dens located in Philippines Province, according to our people's crazy implementation of fraud. A victim of police, said they participate in online part-time scalping cheated. Shenzhen police investigation found that the fraud gang members mostly from Fujian Anxi, through the network implementation of domestic fraud victims crazy.

The Ministry of public security officers working group composed of Beijing, Tianjin, Jilin, Guangdong and other places the police went to Philippines, to carry out transnational telecommunications network fraud criminal police law enforcement cooperation. The working group on the Chinese Embassy in Philippines to support Philippines, joint law enforcement departments to carry out case investigation and dens Mopai, through tracing the source, deep investigation, mastered the relevant criminal facts and evidence.

I in September 14th and 26th, the joint working group of the Philippine police conduct unified action to close the net to the telecommunication network fraud dens located in Manila, has destroyed 7 fraud dens and arrested 47 suspects, and seized a large number of computer for the implementation of fraud, the voice gateway, then the script and other tools of crime.

Recently, the Philippine authorities decided the 36 suspects handed over our treatment, the other 11 suspects by the Philippines for further examination.

In November 7th, our public security organs organizations in Guangdong, Jilin two police, the 36 suspects escorted home. The plane arrived in Shenzhen, where 22 suspects by the police in Guangdong, the remaining 14 suspects were escorted back to Jilin to accept the deal immediately.

Safety tips

According to the State Council joint office of anti fraud money shield public platform released "2017 China anti communication network fraud report" data show that a single brush fraud in 2017 has become the first and the 88% types of fraud, liar through social communication tools and victims.

The use of technical means to cooperate with police and security Ali reminded everyone that greedy little money into scams. Alibaba security experts told reporters Gu Sheng, crooks usually let people open commercial links, and then add a shopping cart. Different from the normal online shopping process, a liar will inform the victim not online payment, but they provide to sweep the two-dimensional code to pay.

The Ministry of public security official said, the implementation of network scalping of telecommunications network fraud a serious infringement of property rights and interests of the masses, affect the safety of the masses. The national public security organs will always keep to this kind of crime crackdown high pressure situation, continue to strengthen international cooperation in law enforcement, and earnestly safeguard the people's property safety and legitimate rights and interests. (police for map)

Reporter Lin Jing

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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