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"Double 11" attractive promotion many hidden Maoni some old routines to a maximum fine of two million!

2018-11-07 14:51 beijing evening news TF008

Check sales evaluation was "brush fried letter fudge, cheaper to buy" for the electricity supplier but found the products with low pay deposit, the pre-sale stage is not necessarily more affordable...... "Double 11" in tenth years, more and more "cut the hand" that behind the seemingly attractive promotion, actually many hidden trick. However, with the new revision of the "Anti Unfair Competition Law" and the implementation of "electronic commerce law" by some, once let consumers feel helpless old, will face more strict legal constraints.

Routine 1 brush single fried letter

Money can enhance the sales ranking

Close to the "double 11", Lin Hui has been fully opened "buy buy buy". Compared with previous years, she in the "shop" in the process of sales and evaluation of products are a bit more alert, "in the past to think on the sales ranking, the quality will be better guaranteed to find more praise, should be" pretty close ", found that there are many water."

Last year "double 11", with Lin Hui had a monthly sales of over 10000, rave reviews of the explosion of steam patch, but the arrival that she greatly disappointed, open the package, smell a pungent odor, wearing half almost no fever, gently pull is broken into two parts, I doubt that praise is how come."

For this encounter, online shopping Master Xu Yang does not feel strange, "a start on a when, then carefully read, you will find a lot of words are the same, even with a" buyers show "people with photographs, is obviously a 'brush' out."

In fact, "brush fried letter" has been criticized for a long time, the chain operation of the industry has become quite mature. Reporters in the business log an e-commerce marketing platform, web page lists including the above impressively 5 core services to enhance the conversion rate and increase the shop store traffic, enhance the product search ranking, promotion of popularity, improve store rankings. According to reports, pay 1980 yuan to become senior business VIP, can enjoy the specified evaluation privilege, and pay 2980 to become supreme business VIP, can also enjoy the privilege of additional Slide Show evaluation.

Open the page links, the reporter entered the supporting empty package on behalf of website, publicity bluntly, empty package on behalf of a single brush is currently the most popular way, in this way, shop sales and reputation to a short period of time has been significantly improved, and promised to "logistics tracking, and real - and express as like as two peas. Express shop sign on behalf of, do not worry about the phenomenon of refusal". The price is different, the courier company is slightly different, in general every single 1 yuan to 3 yuan float.

2 for routine business

Seemingly cheap existence quality risk

"Double 11" this year, Deng Jun is going to give the newly renovated home three air conditioners. "I thought you can first look at the online store style, selected after online compare prices, and found a lot of can not find the same model, there are many online selling" is designed for electricity suppliers' version."

Although online shopping cheaper, but Deng Jun still hesitated, "last year" double 11 "colleagues bought online" business for "LCD TV, at first glance, with a line from the exterior to the size and function are the same, results in a period of time before we know, the core of the the screen material is not the same, which directly affects the quality of television."

Even if the same is designed for electricity suppliers, "Deng Jun also found specific models of different launch platform is not the same," it is with a series of the same brand, what also didn't what configuration difference, but each of the name, the so-called "support the whole network parity" becomes a empty talk."

In addition to the electrical appliances, the electricity supplier for "also exists in the field of clothing, daily necessities, etc.. Last year "double 11", Xue Lu once in a brand flagship store bought a cashmere coat, "I had tried online store, but the price is relatively high, just in the online search, find the same paragraph," double 11 "price as long as half, did not think to order."

When received, Xue Lu found the coat feels significantly thinner than the physical store, thread more, check the label to know, only 50% of the content of cashmere, cashmere content store is 70%, "the online product introduction is not clearly marked, if I did not look carefully, but also did not know this the difference." Contact customer service, Xue Lu learned that this coat is divided into line and the next line, material components are not completely the same, "said is to meet the different needs, but the premise is the total should explain clearly."

Routine 3 pre-sale deposit

No see affordable deposit swallowed against terrorism

Half a month ago, Zhao Yun early into the "double 11" for "mode, many businesses began to engage in the sale, from October 20th in accordance with the rules, can pay a deposit of tens to hundreds of dollars," double 11 "1 points on the day after payment, as a result, not only can save time in advance to lock, grab probably, you can also enjoy more preferential."

A collecting, Zhao Yun pleasantly surprised to find that his long-awaited mobile phone is in the pre-sale, will soon pay a 100 yuan deposit. However, with friends she accidentally learned that, with the mobile phone of the shop shortly before a promotion as long as 5188 yuan, than the "double 11" pre-sale price lower than 400 yuan, "thought in advance to pay a deposit can pick up a cheap, but I did not expect even more expensive than usual."

Zhao Yun is not willing to, want to cancel the order, but was unable to apply for a refund, in the pre-sale rules to customer service, she suddenly realized that the "advance payment, because the buyer's own cause not scheduled payment, or buyers apply for a refund and determine non sellers responsibility, the deposit will not be returned."

As a man, Zhang Lin this cautious on the pre-sale deposit. "Last year" double 11 ", the" overwhelming deposit expansion "looks very cost-effective, I made a few good results, true to the" double 11 "on the same day, some things rather than before the pre-sale price is cheaper. Like shampoo suits, pre-sale price to 119.9 yuan, the same day directly to buy only 109.9 yuan, which does not include the use of a variety of Cross shop full cut coupons, that is to say, before the purchase, not only do not get benefits, but at a disadvantage."

What makes Zhang Lin feel depressed, in payment, she found only a single payment in advance, the saved large pile of coupons have set aside, "shetenglebantian, it did not necessarily save much later, if we encounter a" pre-sale ", one must not mind hot orders, after all 'deposit' go back again."


Single brush fried believe the maximum penalty of two million

"The new revision of the" Anti Unfair Competition Law "implemented from January 1st this year," electronic commerce law "also passed in August 31st of this year, so compared with previous years, this year's" double 11 "will be according to the law." Study on the law of electronic commerce of Beijing Law Society president Qiu Baochang said, according to the "brush fried letter", the "Anti Unfair Competition Law" stipulates that the operator shall not make false or misleading information on the business of its commodity function, performance, quality, sales, user evaluation, won honor, to deceive, mislead consumers, not by the organization of false trading, help other operators to carry out false or misleading propaganda business." According to "the supervision and inspection department shall be ordered to stop the illegal behavior, from two hundred thousand yuan to one million yuan fine; if the circumstances are serious, more than one million yuan at two million yuan fine, the business licence may be revoked."

In addition, the introduction of the new "electronic commerce law" also stipulates that "e-commerce operators should be comprehensive, true, accurate and timely disclosure of information goods or services, protect the consumer's right to know and the right to choose. E-commerce business operators shall not be false or misleading propaganda to fictitious transactions, make user evaluation, to deceive, mislead consumers."

"In addition to civil liability, serious may also be suspected of illegal business crime, should bear criminal responsibility." Qiu Baochang said, according to the law at the same time, to ensure the effective implementation of the law, "the market supervision departments should make full use of network technology to carry out strict monitoring, improve the field of electronic commerce credit records, businesses involved will be blacklisted."

Electricity supply marked difference

As for the electricity supplier for "products, Qiu Baochang believes that businesses should be the premise to ensure compliance with the law and the related product quality standard, eye-catching way to identify its specification, configuration, materials, components and other related content, especially with the line of the same paragraph, similar products, should remind consumers to pay attention to the difference. If you do not fulfill the obligation, important information or in any way, the confusion of deliberate deception, alleged violations of the consumer's right to know and the right to choose, or even fraud, need to undertake the corresponding civil liability.

In Qiu Baochang's view, "the pre-sale deposit" may also make some consumers into a passive situation. "Although the pre-sale mode can solve the system congestion and paralysis double 11" day due to the large flow, but also help businesses do inventory preparation, but many consumers do not understand the difference between 'deposit' and 'deposit', businesses need to fulfill the information obligation." In addition, Qiu Baochang also said that if some businesses in the pre-sale stage that deposit enjoy lower prices, it is not the case, the consumer can retain evidence, for merchant's liability for breach of contract, claim.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zong Yuanyuan Wang Chenyu Bai Song illustrations

Editor: tf008

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