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Beijing Miyun green circular economy industrial park can start processing power and environmental water waste incineration

2018-11-07 15:45 beijing evening news TF019

The reporter learned from the day before the Miyun District, the green circular economy industrial park in Miyun District has been officially put into use. As the city's first set of garbage incineration power generation, waste food waste treatment, sewage treatment, garbage storage area and slag landfill comprehensive circular economy industrial park, the annual processing 200 thousand tons of garbage incineration power generation 56 million degrees, equivalent to the giant Gezhuang town resident population of 30 thousand years of living consumption.

Industrial Park has been put into operation at the end of October, covers an area of 655 acres, a total investment of 1 billion 345 million yuan, take the construction mode of cooperation of government and social capital, Beijing state owned subsidiary of green power environmental protection group Limited by Share Ltd for the park franchise units, maintenance and construction management and operation for the entire park.

The project leader Gu Changhai told reporters, because Beijing Miyun is an important source of drinking water and ecological conservation area, a high standard for the performance of water park construction responsibility, selected the most stringent emission parameters, namely the state "garbage incineration pollution control standards", Beijing local standards and the EU 2000 standard, and take the way of international flue gas treatment the most advanced, namely "denitrification + semi dry spray dust bag + + + + dry activated carbon denitration method. The park will accept the environmental protection department and the public immediately 24 hours monitoring, strict control of air pollution. In addition, since the loop can ensure the zero discharge of sewage treatment sewage outside the park area, temporary garbage landfill of hazardous waste according to the highest standards set double seepage, maximum seepage prevention and control of soil and groundwater contamination of leachate.

A major feature of the park design is in accordance with the "Circular" the concept, formation of social circulation and park of small circulation, finally realize the circular economy industrial closed loop. According to Gu Changhai, the social cycle is between the park and the society's material and energy circulation, the park will be classified collection of life, manure and food waste for professional treatment, the output of clean energy and industrial raw materials, for community use. The garbage generated by incineration after power, not only to meet the park occupied, more than electricity can also meet the electricity giant of the town resident population of 30 thousand years of life. Waste and food waste through solid-liquid separation, each year about 200 tons of oil extraction and the use of the plant, but also after the treatment to residue incineration. The park is different between the small circulation process of material and energy cycle. Plant power for its operation of waste incineration slag as two utilization of building materials, waste heat steam heating for the park to provide heat generated, park centralized sewage into the sewage treatment plant, treatment standards for the park greening irrigation vehicles and incineration equipment cooling water, saving water capacity up to 213 thousand tons.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Li Yi

Editor: TF019

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