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How come the green mountains and rivers in Beijing? See the green development report this heavy

2018-11-07 16:02 beijing evening news TF017

Mentougou District, Pinggu District, Huairou District, Yanqing District, Miyun District, Changping District, and Fangshan District mountain area, land area of 11259.3 square kilometers, the city accounted for 68% of the area; in 2017 the resident population of 2 million 664 thousand people, accounting for the city's resident population of 12.3%...... This group of figures outlining the scope of Ecological Conservation District of Beijing City, but also the potential advantages of sustainable development in Beijing city.

In recent years, the Ecological Conservation District of Beijing City firm "beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan concept, to produce a heavy ecological report. Recently, the reporter visited the ecological conservation area, Pinggu, Miyun, Changping, witnessed the capital in the high level road of green development and ecological protection.

Beijing Xishan National Forest Park information photo: He Jianyong


Baoshan water conservation water protection in action

As of October 17th this year, the Miyun reservoir water level of 148.8 meters, the total storage capacity of 2 billion 562 million cubic meters, were a record high of nearly 20 years.

Compared with other ecological conservation area, the biggest difference lies in Miyun water conservation". In the view of Wang Wanhai, chief of Miyun District Development and Reform Commission of agricultural economics, water conservation is the primary task of Miyun, Miyun District has been like protecting an eye protection of Miyun reservoir". To this end, Miyun Duocuobingju implement water conservation project, the "upstream water conservation, water conservation, water conservation forest area, water conservation, water conservation policy in accordance with the law". Through a series of "landscape forest lake grass" comprehensive management, the Miyun Reservoir and its surrounding reservoir ecological conservation capacityupgrade, reservoir water volume breakthrough in the best level, the history of Wang Wanhai said, "now the water quality of Miyun Reservoir reached more than 2 types of surface drinking water, scoop up can drink."

Not only to Baoshan, water conservation, conservation, more important is to "protect the mountains, water, forest protection". In Miyun reservoir, every morning with the first song, a group of uniformed teams began to patrol in the Miyun Reservoir carefully everywhere. They are the joint law enforcement brigade of Miyun reservoir is the reservoir of loyal players, "protecting water". The 48 year old Weng River town villager Zhao Guihe is one of the reservoir water retaining member, from the beginning of May last year, he very early every day to the post, around the reservoir inspections, a trip down to 3 hours, and every day he had inspected 3 times.

In the protection area of Miyun reservoir, such as Zhao Guihe water protection grid member 2150 people, all the Gang Green Jobs staff of nearly 20 thousand people, all-weather, seamless, full coverage of the reservoir management. 2018, Miyun District actively develop new public service jobs in the 7 Town surrounding the reservoir, reservoir surrounding a 700 application for the establishment of "water ecological protection gang". Zhao Guihe is located in the Weng River town, "our town like me green posts, Miyun reservoir water protection work in the village of more than 120 people."

See this change, Zhao Guihe conceal his joy: "reservoir environment beautiful, blue sky, clear water, rich people, people feel the beautiful scenery is the gold and silver mines. Now the protection of Miyun reservoir is a top priority for me, I have to protect the capital of the 'water for life'."


Ecological forest management and protection of job subsidies more than 200 million yuan

The national traditional village of Changyu city village is located in Changping District west of the village stream mountain area, where the average elevation of 800 meters above. In October, the winds between lush trees everywhere, small wild animal found in the hills. Time back to ten years ago, here is the bare bare mountain, often blowing sand. After ten years of reform, Changyu city village from the hills to the mountains, due to the ecological protection in Beijing city and a series of policy compensation.

In 2004, Beijing took the lead in the introduction of a compensation mechanism, the government funded mountain ecological forest, please see the mountain forest farmers. Changyu city village set up ecological forest management and protection team, city and district according to the collective mountain area size to give financial subsidies, subsidies for the village to pay management.

Villager Zhao Junhu is a beneficiary of this policy. The 60 year old Zhao Junhu forest protection and management workers has more than ten years, every day he went a few turns, the spring and summer autumn and winter to catch fire catch up. At last the bare hillside has been covered with Vitex, apricot, Koelreuteria paniculata, vegetation is a lush, he was also very practical protection: "after returning farmland to forest, two acres of land every year 5000 yuan of government subsidies; Ranger year wage ten thousand yuan, plus I in the village of Forest Rights shares my income, income of about twenty thousand yuan per year." Zhao Junhu calculations to reporters, and before, he every year by two acres of land only a few thousand dollars of income.

Zhao Junhu is the epitome of the compensation mechanism of forest ecological conservation area from Beijing city. In the same ecological forest management and protection in Long Valley Village, with Zhao Junhu's people 66. Data show that Changping District's existing forest management and protection of 4500 workers, job subsidies per capita annual income of 9960 yuan, up to now, the Changping District mountain forest protection and management jobs subsidy funds invested 213 million yuan. In addition, the nearly 720 thousand acres of ecological forest ecological benefit compensation for a total of 119 million yuan.


To create Beijing's first national forest city"

At 3 o'clock in the afternoon just north of the city, Pinggu Wetland Park, has heard bursts of dance sound, 300 acres on the lake, noisy, and the other end is curved, side by side runner surface. An important project to create a "National Forest City" in Pinggu, north of the city wetland park officially opened in 2017, and foreign guests. This year, Pinggu in Beijing City, the first to get the title of "National Forest City".

"Here is a piece of gutter, the water turns out to be a waste pond, garbage everywhere......" About north of the city wetland park in preexistence, deputy director of the Pinggu district development and Reform Commission Wang Yong deep emotion. It covers an area of 1256 acres, invested 120 million of the Wetland Park, has become an important place for the king of Pinggu, and Xiao Xin Xin Zhuang Cun Zhai Cun Da Xin Zhai Cun residents leisure.

A set of data can be explained in Pinggu area around made a few pieces of "big" ecological conservation: as of now, Pinggu District new afforestation area has reached 1745.33 hectares, the forest coverage rate reached 67.9%; urban green coverage rate reached 52.09%, three years, 4 new park rich Pinggu characteristics, and upgrade to 10 the original city park, Pinggu East, South, West and North, and there are large Forest Park, wetland park.

"Pinggu now pay more attention to ecological protection, roads, parks, rivers are green, now more trees, the sky is blue, the enthusiasm of the walk out is also high, every night, my family and I will come to the park for a walk, bend." Ms. Liu Yan said the old local residents in Pinggu. Have the right to speak to the construction of ecological conservation area is Pinggu residents, "Sen" success for local residents to provide a livable industry should travel the city space.

Pinggu's advantage and potential in ecology, and also hope in the ecological way. "As a national agricultural science and technology innovation demonstration zone, Pinggu will provide potential ecological protection for green development. At present, Pinggu is promoting agricultural science and technology innovation and transformation, vigorously develop the wisdom of agriculture, green agriculture, organic agriculture, build agricultural brand, attract more entrepreneurial farmers." Wang Yong said.


Source: Beijing evening news intern reporter Hu Decheng

Editor: TF017

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