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Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau push "marriage Zhitong available online, all-weather Advisory marriage registration problem

2018-11-07 14:29 Beijing daily TF010

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of civil affairs Internet plus marriage registered online intelligent service system. Now, for marriage registration business on the website, WeChat (including the parties in the field WeChat scan code) ", will be married Z-Tone service information consultation and get the corresponding 24 hours.

 Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau push
 Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau push

According to reports, in October 8th this year, the "marriage Zhitong has settled WeChat, Alipay Beijing city service area, Beijing marriage registration party for marriage registration business consulting services through WeChat, Alipay city.

In WeChat, people can chat as well as daily interactive consulting, whenever and wherever possible marriage registration problems.

The response scope includes marriage Zhitong "for marriage registration in the business of marriage, divorce, marriage registration, registration for replacement of divorce registration certificate, marriage registration, registration time and place for business consulting services and premarital examination, pregnancy testing and other related consulting services.

The Civil Affairs Bureau of the relevant person in charge of the "marriage Zhitong" --

"No work" of professional consultants.

"Marriage Zhitong" 7*24 hours all-weather service, voice and text in a variety of ways of intelligence. In the "marriage Z-Tone can do in question and answer, professional authority, convenient record. Greatly reduce the public work of reciprocating rate, the effect of consultation can be achieved to help clients accurately carry all kinds of required materials, in the right place at the right time for complete service.

"No line" approach.

In the past, to the hall often need to queue up, occasionally encountered problems not timely answer consultation. Now, with the marriage "Z-Tone interactive consulting process, can be more accurate, comprehensive, rapid response, or to operate on their own mobile phone, equivalent to around a professional service commissioner, greatly improving the business efficiency of the marriage registration, make people more time-saving, labor-saving.

At present, small program has been in Beijing Zhitong marriage marriage registration number, Beijing WeChat WeChat public affairs public number, Daxing marriage registration center WeChat public number binding, the public can do business consulting by focusing on the corresponding public number.



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