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Beijing anzhen road renovation completed this month, blocking two-way six lanes and wrong parking congestion effectively

2018-11-07 14:44 beijing evening news TF019

The spacious two-way six lanes, and re delimit the roadside parking...... Anzhen road reconstruction project has been in Chaoyang District too close, and this month will be officially completed the opening. When the once crowded road is expected to no longer blocking the road blocking the heart. It is reported that this road is sparse block transformation of Chaoyang District actively promote the leading Party building "Jie Xiang whistle, Department report" mechanism, use first "whistle report" seven step method to promote the implementation of the livelihood projects.

Map anzhen road reconstruction. Chenggong.

Reporters learned that Chaoyang District is not only in the beginning of this year issued a special implementation plan on "Jie Xiang whistle, Department report, specific measure of up to 5 a total of 16, the flow chart design, also made the work of the exploration, sort out the" whistle source formation analysis street, whistle, platform acceptance, Department report, supervision, evaluation and feedback "and" seven step method ", break the grass-roots governance" last mile "problem.

Problem: mixed traffic chaos everywhere

Management of the anzhen Road, but also from the beginning of this year, during the NPC and CPPCC advice Chaoyang delegation Liu Feng speaking. "When people NPC and CPPCC before the investigation received the masses to anzhen road congestion on the clues, in the relevant responsible person and anzhen An Zhen Hospital streets and understand the situation, find the road they are, in the circumstances, it is difficult to solve by means of a unit or department single handedly but the masses to alleviate the road congestion and desire is very urgent, so I put on the status quo of anzhen and their suggestions on NPC and CPPCC, municipal people's Congress for Liu Feng at the scene with me" visible before the eyes, a group attended the meeting of the Municipal People's Congress, Chaoyang District Secretary Wang Hao to listen to this suggested that I attach great importance not only on the spot to convene the relevant departments to conduct research on the road, after NPC and CPPCC nonstop at anzhen still held a spot on the security problem, Zhen Lu to listen to and collect all information. Later, the district will be the pilot project of reconstruction of Jiangtai Road is determined as the "report" Street Department mechanism whistle."

In an interview with reporters learned that anzhen South North Third Ring Road, North Road, Jian an Beitucheng Road, a total length of 700 meters, was built in the last century in 80s, and the completion of the middle of the road green belt in 90s. After 2000, due to increased demand for parking, green belt of the northern and central has been converted into a parking lot, can provide 240 parking spaces. "Although anzhen road length less than a kilometer, but the main road is leading to the An Zhen Hospital and Hualian, Zhejiang building, Gome comprehensive business circle, the traffic load is very large, roadside parking, mixed traffic chaos everywhere, anzhen Street Committee Secretary Chen Weihang," in recent years, in order to solve the anzhen the way this' headache 'problem, we through the streets to reflect the traffic, traffic detachment and other departments have repeatedly adjust the traffic organization, create a slow system, but still can not solve the fundamental problem. Along with the city to promote the leading Party building "Jie Xiang whistle, Department report" mechanism, the area we anzhen road reconstruction for the pilot project, really let us see the territorial street to solve the problem from the root of hope."

An Zhen Hospital and the surrounding parking resources gap

According to reports, in accordance with the Chaoyang District exploration founded party lead whistle report seven step method ", including the government hotline, media exposure, grid platform, sent two representatives of a committee proposal, political interaction, Party members and other people visiting the 10 types of channels can be used as" Jie Xiang whistle, whistle source Department report the street law enforcement platform and input. At the same time for the collected whistle source, according to the schedule, the director of the street office will conduct analysis.

In order to anzhen road congestion problem as an example, the street belongs to "promote the regional development of quality assessment", the root cause of the problem lies in the An Zhen Hospital within and around the parking resources gap is bigger, the middle of the road green belt diverted traffic space, but the road is belonged to anzhen Road, street to a comprehensive transformation and anzhen problems involving Management Committee (traffic), a number of departments of planning and Land Bureau, bureau of landscaping, traffic detachment, to form a joint force to solve. In March this year, anzhen street work will apply to the district level platform, please whistle "relevant departments" report ", to discuss measures for anzhen.

Move: anzhen road reconstruction for two-way six lane

Since the anzhen Street "whistle", the 8 departments of the Chaoyang District Management Committee, the Bureau of land planning, Landscaping Bureau, traffic detachment and so many times "report", the residents gathered together on behalf of chamber of Commerce will be held on how to reform, how to reform and renovation process needs to coordinate and solve problems, to fully explore. In the consultation process, each department listened carefully to the views of residents, after the formation of road benefit by mutual discussion preliminary design, and after the chamber of Commerce will be in after several optimization and modification, in April 18th to finalize the reconstruction scheme of anzhen road.

Served as a community volunteer representatives to participate in the project consultation dredging anzhen residents Liu Liankun excitedly told reporters, "the streets before and after anzhen road reconstruction project opened the six chamber of commerce. To tell you the truth usually do not complain less difficult to walk this road, but at the meeting learned for the first time, the original congestion behind so many complex problems. Take the road to start the transformation of how to solve the parking problem to An Zhen Hospital for treatment of patients, we are seeing these residents on behalf of streets and the bureaus departments trying to think of ways. At that time, as residents volunteer representatives, we also form the state, must actively cooperate with relevant departments, on the road during the renovation, help guide area traffic order, we heartily hope the project can be implemented as soon as possible, as soon as possible, the future is not only convenient to the An Zhen Hospital for treatment of patients, we nearby residents travel can be more smoothly and more safety."

According to reports, the final plan to take "anzhen road reconstruction, a clear open line, open a" rectification of ideas, including: cleaning vacate the central green belt and parking lot, anzhen road transformation is a two-way six lane change for middle parking roadside parking; parking to carry out the wrong use of the surrounding social unit parking resources internal; parking resources vacate the hospital to open patients; study for the construction of parking building and other 3 major categories of 14 measures, involving 8 district level departments. Chaoyang District Urban Management Committee of the relevant responsible person told the reporter, anzhen slow block project, convened by the District anzhen Street Committee, the relevant functional departments through field research, comprehensive analysis, multi round demonstration, solicit the views of stakeholders in a variety of ways, a clear division of responsibilities and the implementation of the project, progress.

An Zhen Hospital parking lot open to the patient

As one of the "Chaoyang District anzhen Street Street Department report whistle," pilot street, by advancing the party lead grassroots governance, deepen the reform of the management system and the community, the community department report, whistle, report and Alliance Party report "and" blow three report "mechanism, coordination of Hualian, Xinhua Finance Building Association well, Ahn Jung Yong Xi, Ahn Jung Xili and five road in the community of more than 400 parking spaces, fully meet the parking needs of patients during anzhen road reconstruction, and through the anzhen road along the intersection set traffic signs, traffic wardens and additional parking administrator and other initiatives, to guide patients vehicles parked in anzhen Hualian the underground parking lot parking area etc.. The road is completed, the An Zhen Hospital parking lot will also open to patients. From the project implementation effect, since August 22nd anzhen dredging project officially started, anzhen road traffic order is good, no obvious phenomenon of traffic jams.

Reporter noted that, according to the plan, the key to solve the problem of congestion is open to An Zhen Hospital parking resources for the patient to use, but how to guarantee the rights of patients with parking, and can meet the demand of hospital staff parking? To solve this problem, Chen Weihang told reporters: "the party lead, we integrate the Hualian, Xinhua Finance building party alliance member units in the" whistle "rally, the commercial branch also actively" report ", has good coordination in anzhen road opening, with the vehicles stopped An Zhen Hospital in the garage, provided by the commercial 400 - 500 parking spaces will fully guarantee the doctors at the hospital parking demand."

Strict supervision and feedback evaluation process

"Report" street whistle department work flow chart

Chaoyang District committee secretary Zhao Niansheng in an interview with reporters on the area to explore the first party lead "Street department for the seven step method call for a detailed interpretation, in short" seven step "is to explore from the post source formation, analysis, assessment of seven street to the final whistle link price feedback, closed construction ring from the discovery of the problem to solve problems.

在哨源形成方面,明确公众反映、网格员发现、街乡发现三大类哨源;在分析研判方面,收到哨源信息后,由街乡综合执法平台分析解决问题所涉及的部门,简单问题直接启动吹哨程序,难点问题由属地工委研究后启动吹哨程序;在街乡吹哨方面,明确吹哨范围、吹哨类别、吹哨渠道等,确保吹准哨、吹响哨,实现一件事“只吹一次哨”;在平台受理方面,街乡吹哨后,区级平台按照职责要求受理,并确定相关责任主体;在部门报到方面,属正常履职范围的自觉主动履职,不被动等哨,遇有吹哨事项,确保“听哨就报到”;在全程监督方面,通过信息化手段,对部门报到后处理问题的全过程进行监督,确保“报到事能了”;在评价反馈方面,按照“群众反映好”的标准,除街乡参与监督评价外,还要注重群众参与评价,切实做到社会治理过程让群众参与、成效让群 The evaluation results, let people share; do a "whistle" has to "report", "report" will have the results, fault to have accountability and assessment must have its reward, forms the chain of responsibility, and constantly improve the management level of the fine city.

Referred to as a pilot project in anzhen road reconstruction, construction project officially revealed Zhao Tiansheng born, after the Management Committee of Chaoyang District (traffic) as the main responsible department led by coordinating the timber shift, road reconstruction and a series of work, as the "initiator whistle source" anzhen street, invite stakeholders to take the field observation, listen to the report, satisfaction and other forms of supervision "whistle" matters in advance, and to keep the district level progress feedback platform. This month formally completed anzhen road traffic, but also by the district level comprehensive command platform for the "whistle" event tracking, evaluation of the completion of tasks, and feedback to related subjects. At the same time, the district comprehensive command platform for comprehensive evaluation will periodically according to the daily report, feedback and evaluation results to the Department of the organization, the organization will be linked to the annual assessment results and evaluation of district level departments, and as an important indicator for the selection and appointment.

In addition, the reporter learned that Chaoyang District will also provide a convenient means for the masses to participate in information, broaden the sources of post discovery channel, improve the reporting time, such as the opening of "Chaoyang City tube masses" WeChat public number, embedded city management AI customer service, to encourage more people to participate in city governance, and ultimately Chaoyang District's "national alley Butler"; at the same time as the social construction path, "Jie Xiang whistle, Department report" from the system within the whole society extension mechanism, rich connotation and discuss the governance of the party and government and the carrier, together to mobilize all social resources and strength of common "report".

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zuo Ying

Editor: TF019

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