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Beijing school principal retired: join the private education or the public to continue to shine

2018-11-07 14:36 beijing evening news TF017

In recent years, including the second experiment, 101 middle school, Beijing fourth, Beijing Normal University Affiliated Experimental Middle School, a number of schools have been completed the replacement. Reporter survey found that after the retirement of the elite ministers did not retreated behind the scenes, but retired, or engage in private education, or join the public welfare, to continue education in different areas of light and heat.

Data for photo: Liang Changyi

The establishment of the studio to play a leading role

Last month, "President Guo Han in Haidian District Party School Education Studio" was formally established, this is the first principal studio during 13th Five-Year Haidian District education system formally. Just from the 101 seat long retired school Guo Han as a practice teacher, in the next two years, she will be led by 5 principals consisting of members of the studio to explore new angle of school management, personal growth and help principals.

Haidian District Board of education official said, the establishment of the studio, is to give full play to the guiding role of the demonstration of President Guo Han, the future will be an important platform to make President Guo Hanming become the principal professional development studio, the educationalist groups grow together.

Join the private education reconstruction quality

At the same time, to join the private education run more and more after leaving school principal. Among them, the Beijing experiment for two former president Li Lie settled in the nine year of state-owned private schools Zhengze school, served as president. Li Lieceng said, held this private school, in order to complete their "ideal of education"; she expects to set their own 40 years of teaching and management experience, to create a vision of the world, Chinese has a fine school. At the same time, the role of radiation as president also appears in a new way in the new private schools: the school principals and teachers training base in Xicheng District, is also committed to Xicheng District, Beijing and the country's principals and teachers, providing a variety of learning opportunities and platform.

Just retired from the Donghua kindergarten door position Hao Jianqiu also has a new role: "Financial Street education company general director". It is understood that the Financial Street group's pre-school education sector including 3 under the age of Huize child development center and 3 to 6 year old Huize kindergarten, at the end of this year in Xicheng District in the rich "Financial Street Huize child development center" will usher in the first batch of children, for the baby half years and above, and set up 2 to 3.5 years old the "admission release class" and "the parent class"; the first half of next year, Beijing Huize kindergarten Gulou campus enrollment. In addition, there are two kindergartens and a center is under construction, next year will continue enrollment. As the "principal", the kindergarten and child development center will be led by Hao Jianqiu management team.

For the quality education of radiation surrounding areas

In addition, there are more and more after the president's retirement will take steps in Beijing, play a role for the joint development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei education. For example, the fifth branch of the former president Yang Chunlin after retirement, a director of the new school fifth Beijing Dachang, long. Yang Chunlin said, will gradually promote the quality of school professional resources and opening support around the school teacher training, "we are very willing to the development of the school at the same time, make a difference to promote the development of the whole regional education." Jingshan Hill primary school principal Fan Luyan after retirement, continue to serve as the Jingshan Hill school education group chairman, also served as the Jingshan Hill school campus and Xianghe campus of Caofeidian president, committed to the Jingshan Hill education popularization in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region.

There are also the principal after retirement to join the public: including the Taoranting Park in Beijing, Beijing City, the original primary school principal Liu Jianwen railway second former high school principal Zhang Jingxing, 15 respected retired president, since March 2016 has become the first member of the old headmaster to support education group, respectively to Beijing Miyun and Hebei Fuping 10 village school teaching assistant for rural schools to bring better curriculum and more resources.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Niu Weikun

Editor: TF017

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