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Beijing will host the 2020 world sports meeting

2018-11-07 14:27 beijing evening news TF019

Lausanne news: local time on the evening of 5, in the 2018 international sports federations forum opening ceremony, the association of international sports federations announced Beijing as the 2020 18 world sports conference host city. International Olympic Committee chairman Bach, the world sports meeting summer Olympic Project Executive Committee, the association of international sports federations President Francesco Rich Beattie and chairman of the international sports organizations and more than 100 delegates witnessed this moment.

Executive mayor of Beijing, the 2022 Winter Olympics and the winter Paralympic Games Organizing Committee Chairman Chen Jining in Beijing city in the world sports conference official website said that hosting the 2020 world sports meeting, will actively promote the China and Beijing sports development, to further deepen cooperation with international sports exchanges, to help the Beijing Winter Olympics and the winter Paralympic Games preparations for world sports sports development and make due contributions.

Chen Jining said, Beijing won the 2020 World Conference of sports games, fully embodies the world sports meeting of Beijing trust. Beijing will give full play to the advantages, and strengthen the world sports meeting, international sports federations and other aspects of cooperation, to ensure that the 2020 world sports conference fruitful.

The association of international sports federations and the Executive Committee said that with the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the winter Paralympic Games and many other well-known upcoming activities, Beijing is the perfect world sports meeting host city.

Francesco Rich Beattie believes that the 2007 Beijing hosted the fifth world sports meeting. The world sports meeting the return of Beijing, the international sports federations is a very exciting prospect for the Federation and international sports federation. Since 2007, the global sports field has experienced changes in turn the world upside down. Technology and social media have helped to change the sports business, and they can make billions of fans more accessible in a few seconds; consumer interest in China sports continue to grow rapidly. There is no doubt that the sports meeting held in Beijing, the world would be a better time.

The sports meeting is the GAISF Summer Olympic project, the association of international sports federations, the Winter Olympic project association of international sports federations and International Olympic Committee recognized international sports event jointly organized by the Federation of International Sports Federation and World Sports Federation of independent member of union of 5 international sports organization. Including the important international sports organizations, conferences, seminars and the 3 days of exhibition, brought together nearly 2000 delegates from more than 100 international sports federations and international sports organizations, more than 100 city and regions, is the world recognized sports communication integration platform.

The eighteenth world sports meeting will be held on April 19, 2020 to 24.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Wu Dong

Editor: TF019

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