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Beijing Nanhaizi park will be built in Italy public space venues experience the most advanced technology in this field

2018-11-07 13:52 beijing evening news TF019

Stroll around the park Nanhaizi people in the future will be able to experience the most cutting-edge technology in the field of space in the park. Yesterday afternoon, the South China Sea sub space science and technology in Italy City venues formally signed, Yizhuang holding group, the Ministry of Education Research Center, deep space exploration of Italy ALTEC company will cooperate in building the space museum, the space museum and other wonders, astronaut training a batch of science project experience.

Son of the South China Sea wetland park. Photo by Cao Xiaoyu

Yizhuang holdings last year to receive comprehensive Nanhaizi park construction and operation, in order to make the historical culture and the sustainable use of natural ecosystems, and the modernization of each other, set up a special team, set group and various universities and other partners to jointly build the South China Sea resources, sub city of science and technology projects, including space science and Technology City, marine science and technology city. The signing of the Italy space stadium project, the European Space Science and Technology Museum, the space museum, the space museum, agricultural space wonders, including astronaut training experience.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Ying

Editor: TF019

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