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Beijing Tongzhou Performing Arts Park Town welcoming outstanding Taiwan Lake acres strolling theme

2018-11-07 14:01 beijing evening news TF019

"One kilometer long, green eyeful wear Autumn Pavilion", Tongzhou has a new park, Taiwan Lake greenbelt Park opened. The park is located in the town center, Pu Road West, South and north to the green belt, 1150 meters long, the average width of 70 meters, an area of about 4.9 hectares.

The beautiful scenery of the park. Photo by Wang Kexin

An important part of the Taiwan Lake greenbelt Park belongs to the Taiwan lake tour for the construction of two acres, also known as the entertainment town park. The park not only planted Sophora japonica, Koelreuteria paniculata and other native species in particular, ginkgo, white collocation Acer, Acer and other tree species, highlighting Taiwan Lake acres strolling Chunhua million sticks, colorful forest theme.

Taiwan town forestry station director Zhang Haiyun, Taiwan Lake acres for the tour is divided into four period, after the completion of the area will reach nearly 30000 acres. Among them, one for plain afforestation upgrade, a total area of 5005 acres, and strive to build Taiwan Lake Park, forest scenic, scenic spots, entertainment fitness and Entertainment International Farm scenic four major scenic spots, is expected to be completed by the end of two; mainly by the Taiwan lake tour for two acres, Taiwan Lake Government Street road greening, Taiwan town three green belt is composed of three parts, a total construction area of 9666.85 acres, the focus of the construction of forest scenic areas, scenic spots, sports fitness entertainment, children's entertainment scenic art area, camping area and other agricultural car, is expected to be completed in June next year; the three stage will be entering the construction area of 7783 mu.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Nan correspondent Tao Tao Guo Lijun

Editor: TF019

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