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The driver to stop the bus smoking beaten face criminal suspects have been criminal detention

2018-11-07 13:44 beijing evening news TF017

Reporters from the Jilin Provincial Expressway Yanji Public Security Bureau learned that the 11 month 5 days, because of driving in the bus driver beaten, the suspect Jeong by public security organs according to criminal detention.

In October 27th 14, Jilin Provincial Expressway Yanji Public Security Bureau Command Center received a report: a bus driver driving their buses traveling to Changan Hui Wu highway tunnel, a passenger beaten face, causing the vehicle lost control of traffic accidents, the vehicle is parked in the car in the overtaking lane tunnel, 28 passengers, situation is very critical.

Alarm police rushed to the scene, while keeping the telephone contact with the police, to appease the on-site personnel mood, personnel command car to safety, ensure the safety of. 12 minutes after the police arrived, according to the police to identify the man Sohn, Jeong is beating the passengers. Subsequently, Jeong was controlled by the police, was summoned to the public security bureau.

On the day of the investigation, Jeong drunk in the car after the driver to stop smoking, be disgruntled, while the vehicle to enter the tunnel to retaliate for the driver, beating its face, causing the runaway bus collided with the wall of the tunnel, the car was carrying 28 people, in addition to the driver was hit nose bleeding, no casualties.

Subsequently, the police extracted the bus tachograph image, GPS vehicle information, and display the contents of the parties agreed statement. The incident at the speed of 87 km / hour, when the driver was beaten in the sun to keep the whole transfer and restraint, will be the first time after the accident of vehicles and personnel to a safe location, not conflict with Jeong again.

The reporter learned that, due to assault, the public security department shall give Jeong administrative detention for 9 days, and impose a fine of $200 administrative penalty. In accordance with the law recognized in the facts of the crime, Jeong suspicion of the crime of endangering public safety, criminal detention in November 5th. (Xinhua News Agency)

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF017

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