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Hundreds of thousands of interviewees paid hundreds of thousands of candidates for fraud. Beijing police arrested 17 people in one breath.

2018-11-07 12:54. beijing evening news TF001

In recent months, a number of interviews have been published on the major recruitment websites, and interviewed hundreds of applicants. They also defrauded candidates for money by paying room and board fees, confidentiality and management fees, earning hundreds of thousands of yuan. Today, this reporter learned that the Beijing criminal investigation team of the Public Security Bureau, together with the Haidian Criminal Investigation Detachment and the Dazhong Temple police station, visited Haidian, Chaoyang, Fengtai, Changping, Huairou and other areas, and finally knocked out the recruitment fraud Gang, and detained 17 suspects in criminal custody.

Since June this year, a number of subjects have been deceived to the police station of the Haidian Public Security Bureau. The police immediately investigated and collected evidence from these 20 cases.

All the cheated victims put their resumes through the recruitment website. Then a film and television media company contacted them and promised to provide all kinds of post jobs related to film and television. The monthly salary ranged from 6000 yuan to 8000 yuan, and asked the victim to interview the company near the West Third Ring Road in Haidian District. The interview was relatively simple and easy to pass.

After the interview is passed, the labor contract will be signed with the company. At this time, the company will pay the money to the owner on the basis of paying the board and lodging expenses, the management fee and the group confidential money. The victim readily agreed with him in order to get a good job in the future. After that, he found that the company only arranged for them to work as actors and actresses in the movie and television bases around Beijing, which was seriously inconsistent with the work at the time of application. The company also refused to settle wages for various reasons. When I contacted the company again, they found that the phone number was empty and the office space was empty.

The Haidian Criminal Investigation Detachment and the Dazhong Temple police station under the guidance of the Bureau of criminal investigation and other departments of the city council set up a task force to investigate cases. The task force carried out a series of reports on the previous cases, and identified the suspects according to the suspects. At the same time, they visited and investigated industrial and commercial registration records. After more than two months of careful investigation, the organizational structure of the whole fraud Gang gradually emerged. The task force finally decided to have 21 fraudulent Gang fraudulent practices in the city by employing the suspects Wang Mouzhen and Liu Peng.

To escape the blow, the gang has multiple offices. Some locations are responsible for releasing recruitment information, and invite applicants to the company to interview; some offices are only responsible for interviews. The task force combed the points and mastered the temporary residence of the gang members scattered in the six districts of the city. In October 24th, the task force carried out multiple arrests at the same time and arrested all 21 suspects of the gang.

The suspect Wang Mouzhen said he had been cheated in the recruitment process, and decided to defraud in this way. He then invested with Liu Moupeng in several office locations. In this group, a person who posts information for recruitment and phone contact with a candidate has a 15% Commission for every successful candidate, and a 30% Commission for the interviewer. The offices are quite independent, and they use the pseudonyms to communicate on weekdays. In the past few months, nearly 100 candidates have been interviewed, earning hundreds of thousands of yuan, and the proceeds have been squandered.

At present, 17 suspects, Wang Mouzhen and others, have been detained by the Haidian branch according to law according to law on suspicion of fraud, and the case is still under further trial. The police reminded the candidates to enhance their awareness of prevention when they choose to work. They must be vigilant and be deceived if they meet payment requirements for clothing, management and confidentiality expenses. If you find that you are being cheated, please call the police in time.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Lin Jingwen Wu Tong photo

Editor: TF001

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