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A high salary fraud nearly 100 candidates profit hundreds of thousands of Beijing police detained 17 people in one breath

2018-11-07 12:54 beijing evening news TF001

In recent months, issued television related duties paid recruitment information in the recruitment site, a total of nearly 100 interview candidates, and then to pay the accommodation fees, management fees, secret gold candidates on the grounds of fraud money, hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit. Today, the reporter learned that the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps in conjunction with the Haidian Criminal Investigation Detachment, Dazhongsi police station in Haidian, Chaoyang, Fengtai, Changping, Huairou and other areas of investigation visits, eventually destroyed the recruitment fraud gangs, criminal detention of 17 suspects.

Since June this year, there were more than the cause of job fraud, alarm to the Haidian Public Security Bureau police station dazhongsi. The police immediately to the more than 20 cases of investigation and evidence collection.

The victims were through the recruitment website on the resume, after a media company to contact, commitment can provide and film related jobs, a monthly salary of 6000 yuan to 8000 yuan, and asked the victim to located near the Haidian District West Sanhuan company interview, the interview is relatively simple, easily through.

Through the interview after we signed the labor contract with the company, the company needs to pay accommodation fees, management fees, the crew confidential gold on the grounds, let the victim pay money. The victim in order to be able to have a good job, he readily agreed, but found that the company will arrange them to work just around Beijing film base as extras, seriously inconsistent with the recruitment work, the company also for various reasons refused to wage settlement. To contact the company, they found that the other phone is already empty, the office is also empty.

Haidian Criminal Investigation Detachment and Dazhongsi police station in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps and other departments under the guidance of the ad hoc group investigating the case. The ad hoc group on the preliminary report and, according to the victim identification of the suspect, the investigation Mopai visits, business registration records, after two months of careful investigation, the fraud gang organization gradually, the panel ultimately determine the implementation of recruitment fraud in the fraud Gang to suspect Wang Mouzhen, Liu Peng led a total of 21 people.

In order to avoid combat, there are multiple office locations of the gang. Some sites responsible for the recruitment information, and invite the candidates to interview the company; some office is only responsible for the interview. The ad hoc group will review each point, master of the gang members scattered in the city's six district temporary residence. In October 24th, at the same time the implementation of arrest team Bingfen multiple, the gang of 21 suspects were all arrested.

Wang Mouzhen suspects that he once cheated in the recruitment process, decided in this way of fraud, then invested with Liu Moupeng leasing office. In the gang, specialized recruitment information and telephone contact candidates clerk each successful candidate for a person, there will be 15% of the percentage; the interviewer is responsible for 30% of the commission. Each point on the office quite independent, normally used names exchange. In recent months, a total of nearly 100 interview candidates, hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit, and the resulting money has been squandered.

At present, the suspect Wang Mouzhen 17 who has been arrested for fraud in Haidian branch of criminal detention, the case is still under further investigation. Police remind the majority of candidates, the choice of work to raise awareness of prevention, who have to pay fees, management fees, clothing confidential fee and other names required to pay fees, must be vigilant, beware of deception. If the candidate is cheated, please timely alarm.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Lin Jingwen Wu Tong photo

Editor: TF001

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