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Beijing Mentougou will be built to protect the ancient Fossil Museum and increase ecological science resources utilization

2018-11-07 14:02 beijing evening news TF019

Mentougou District in the local geological science base construction of the military town of fossil science is rich in resources, through the establishment of rocks and Fossils Exhibition Hall, science hall experience etc., to increase the protection of ecological resources and science popularization and utilization of resources.

Monuments of Mentougou. Photo by Bai Jikai

Many villages in Mentougou district has a mining history of over 100 years, the past around the village there are a lot of limestone, the limestone ore spawned many fossils. Among them, the most famous military town of ash village, there is a well-known "fossil hill village". Due to natural weathering, and before Mentougou had Kaiyou traditional quarry, the rocks below directly exposed, revealing a containing plant fossil strata, fossils also follow the exposure of the light. According to experts, this layer of Carboniferous and Permian sandstone, which contains two hundred million to three hundred million years of terrestrial plant fossils, including lycopsid, fern plants, ferns and conifers. Plant fossils have been found for the present does not have scientific value, but has a certain value of science. Grey village has become the research and the Peking University Department of geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences of ancient human ancient spine teaching practice base. China ancient animal museum Darwin club here also a set of science practice places fossils.

In recent years, in order to increase the protection of fossil science resources, Mentougou district and the Chinese Academy of Sciences China ancient animal museum to strengthen the common practice of the management of general medical area. Take the first reported after practice measures along the way still into the mountain setting risk warning signs, the establishment of specialized personnel of tourists and vehicles for persuasion in every village. In order to further increase the protection and utilization of science resources on the day before, Mentougou district with the Beijing Institute of geology, Chinese ancient animal museum and other units of the field verification, and held a special coordination meeting, will become the geological science base in the town of fossil science such rich resources of the local construction, through the establishment of rock and Fossil Museum and the science hall experience experience in place, the effective protection of fossil resources at the same time, understand the evolution of the earth science practice places for the public.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter correspondent Zhao Yingchun left wing

Editor: TF019

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