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The door to "help the Janus AI to open the folding of the past and the future of any door""

2018-11-07 11:59 beijing evening news TF003

How will the future of the human world? This is perhaps the ultimate concern of our own destiny. Human beings come from history, wisdom and dreams in catalysis, expect to know more of the unknown world. The wormhole, gravitational waves, artificial life, cloning of monkey, th Tencent WE conference, 8 speakers view touch these distant things in the universe and life, the intention from the distant past a glimpse of the future of mankind, in response to this concern for the future of the world.

The WE conference led the audience open star tours.

Compared with previous years, this year the WE conference is still continuous kernel sustainable innovation of science and technology how to prolong human life. The difference is, this year the General Assembly speaker identity more "pure", 8 speakers are pure scientists; gaze is more profound, 8 scientists looked back, the intention of traces from the distant universe and human being found in the past to the future. They focus on the weak side, side force in human mystery. WE this year Rome ancient fable God Janus named "Janus double gate", as if to open a door, a side facing the past, into the future......

The article

Gravitational wave observations will be more found in 400 years

A lot of people should be on the movie "star crossed" in black holes and wormholes classic lens impressive, should also remember that gravitational wave burst brush circle of friends found that this is the first time in human history to directly detect "space-time ripples". The first is the debut speech play an important role in the big event in American theoretical physicist Kip Thorne?. Interestingly, friends with Thorne, won the Nobel Prize Barry Barish and the king of the universe has two years before Hocking, were invited to the WE conference. This year's WE conference, led the audience to Thorne trip.

Time travel can be achieved? Thorne gave his answer in his speech: "wormhole can in a few minutes, let Saturn light crossing, bending, walk and then go back to andromeda. Such a long distance, as long as a few minutes past." The wormhole crossing, which is the film "star crossed" in the scene. But the thorn also suggested that "wormhole tend to self destruct, you can collapse, filled with a special material to avoid, need to have advanced civilization consciously to create and maintain."

"Gravitational waves will bring about a revolution for human understanding of the universe." About the meaning of gravitational wave astronomy, he thinks that he can compare the electromagnetic wave, the past means of observing the universe are electromagnetic waves, which can now be observed with cosmic gravitational waves. "The next 400 years, we will be electromagnetic wave observation and gravitational wave observations together, we would have found more and more." The future, there will be more surprise waiting for us.

In the vastness of the universe, the invisible things do not exist? Then the thorn topic, theoretical physics authority Lisa Randall to share their latest findings in the field of dark matter and extra dimensions. "Dark matter is another we cannot see the world." She explained that the dark matter can also interact with each other, but they are not able to light interaction, involving the expansion of the universe, it is dark energy. She also clarified, we call it the dark matter, but it is not dark, has detected effect of gravitational waves on dark matter.

In addition, Lisa Randall also introduced the method of dark matter can be seen, including the use of galactic rotation curves, galaxies, gravitational lensing, bullet cluster etc.. "Dark matter can be detected, will also affect our solar system and may lead to a comet impact, which may lead to the extinction of the dinosaurs."

The body text

Cloned monkey will unlock the mystery of human cognition

The brain what is going on? Why do we have the ability to understand the outside world? The person's cognitive function is how come? This is all curious question. To this end, the world of artificial intelligence and the wave tide of brain science, trying to uncover the mystery of human cognition.

"The future of artificial intelligence to further development, to get inspiration from brain science, including the process of machine learning, how to design inspiration from the brain a new model of computing devices, chip, the new class of brain neuron structure, and even robots." At the conference, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Neuroscience at Pu Muming's speech by all the attention. Pu Muming think, on the cognitive understanding of language, can be regarded as real human intelligent robot. Therefore, they choose to use the most close to the human animal experiment to experiment macaque. Because it is with humans closest to the understanding of its structure, you can more easily understand the structure of man. The whole brain atlas so do monkeys, a China brain project goal.

Pu Muming explained what popular humor called cloning, "similar to Sun Wukong who pull a hair, blow out a lot of monkeys." He also said that these cloned monkey do it, can study the neurobiological problems, can also study the disease detection problem, also can do the pre clinical efficacy or therapeutic effect for.

In 2017, he guided the team to complete the world's first cloned monkey, this problem has plagued scientists all over the world for more than 20 years. The results will help scientists to further explore the brain cognition function, solve human cognitive riddle. At present, he is going around, to promote the China brain project. The implementation of the plan will be gradually opened, the mystery of the brain in the "inner universe", and laid the foundation for artificial intelligence breakthroughs.

Biological nature, can be divided into prokaryotes and eukaryotes. These two kinds of biological contrast can be found, the former is only one chromosome, the latter has many chromosomes. In the configuration, the former is circular, the latter is linear. In the opinion of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of plant physiology and ecology studies Zhongjun this is Qin, limit their microbial, and he wants to break the boundaries of the artificial life.

Can you make a eukaryote, only one chromosome, but the growth, reproduction, and all of the genetic information in all of this a chromosome. The life is alive, and live well." 5 years of struggle, the yeast cells only one chromosome synthesis of Qin Zhongjun, which is the eukaryotic cells in the world for the first time by the creation of single chromosome. "Is the meaning of this finding can be to explore a new way of solving aging and cancer disease."

The future

Create "help AI"

Big data can save lives? Digital medical expert Joel Dudley gave a positive answer. Dudley is a professor of medicine, but is not the traditional sense of the doctor, he claimed to be "just a play data". This year 6 month, Dudeli team using the method of big data found in Alzheimer's disease may cause new Alzheimer's disease -- perhaps associated with virus infection. If Joel Dudley's research are confirmed, will provide a new direction for drug research, the global health claimed hundreds of millions of people, will also usher in the dawn of the cure. "I love the most is data driven, I think it can only help us to pay attention to the bright place, also is the place that we know about."

"I want to find a new drug for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, but I only found these stupid virus." Joel Dudley humorously explained. In disease treatment, Joel Dudley will be the big data applied to medical system, network information flow between cells and tissues, found by patients, environment and population, and ultimately establish a learning system of intelligent medical, realize the predictive precision of medical. Now my dream is to all the clinics, patients were able to join together, we can carry out information sharing."

The use of accurate diagnosis and precise treatment technology to become the future trend of medical. Tencent chief official website to explore in his speech, introduced the Tencent's progress in "artificial intelligence + medical field," create "help AI". "We developed artificial intelligence in many fields, but our passion is to promote the development of medical artificial intelligence. We are very concerned about the health of the people, we have great passion to optimize all the way of life."

"If people want to continue the next one million years, we must boldly forward, in no previous place!" This is Hocking at the WE conference last year said the end of speech. In the past 5 years, nearly 60 of leading scientists from around the world in a speech at the WE conference, covering space exploration, deep-sea exploration, life science, artificial intelligence and other almost all are changing the future of humanity science. Once a year the WE conference has ended, but the collapse of the past and the future any door has been opened.

Intern reporter Hu Decheng

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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