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Beijing West alley has dismantled dozens of illegally built first "slow" debut

2018-11-07 14:30 beijing evening news TF019

7 alley built has been cleaned up, flower, flower beds, shed more than ten micro landscape has been completed, two parking lot contact more than 50 vehicles inside the alley also agreed after Xicheng District's first slow system has been build toon street appearance, city street construction department responsible Wang Yan told reporters, "residents do not wait too long, so the rest of the overhead line into the vehicle, a move," slow system "will be officially unveiled."

Hutong。 Feng Chenqing mapping

This year, Anhui to build around the toon street hall as the center of the West Liulichang Cultural Protection Zone, proposes the construction of Xicheng District during the first Hutong slow system. Slow system will pierce the glass plane before the Sun Lane, alley, alley, alley, park Hanison after the sun Park Lane and 7 Lane Wanyuan Road, a total length of about 1 km, for pedestrians and bicycles.

"This was originally a illegally built, storage residents take their own, we have changed here shed." Reporters followed Wang Yan into the alley before the plane. Two meters wide alley on both sides are antique brick tiles, a row of bungalows written on the wall "ironbird" two words. On the alley side, a 15 meters around the car shed, neatly with twenty bike and elderly scooter. "You see, this code neatly put before the toilet at night leaves spread all across in confusion, accidentally stumbled to a somersault." Qi uncle who lives in the alley told reporters.

Want to build a slow system, the most important thing is to dismantle illegal construction, to set aside space made public facilities. Wang Yan said that since last year, by focusing on remediation, demolition of illegally built dozens of 7 in the alley, the narrowest point less than one meter alley now restored to 2 meters, down the space also has a new purpose. "You see, shed on the edge of the shizhuodandeng is to give residents rest, the old people can sit in this chess."

Shed distance less than 20 meters, in a plane at the street corner, there is a wooden frame and composed of small round table by the pavilion, several after lunch Aunt sitting together, chatting while playing sweater. Residents aunt Lee, pointing to his head curved wooden son said, "next spring, help us on the street when the vines, climbed to the top, a lift eye can see green."

From the sand soil by ironbird Park alley alley circle, the reporter saw, small micro landscape toon street slow system along with a dozen. In addition to flower beds and shed, in front of 43 flower shelf, two auspicious headlines and cultural wall, have become a people stop to watch the scenic spots. On the auspicious headlines culture wall, carrying the Toon region and the memories of old photos Liulichang foot dozens, "which is an important part of our slow system, we can not only walk, walk to the can see rongbaozhai before what, see Peking opera performers' residence, have a deeper understanding of the the area to no.."

Demolition of illegally built, built landscape, to make the system slow flowing, but also to occupy the alley car please go out. Wang Yan told reporters that the residents have long plagued alley private car parking problem has been a breakthrough, "we contacted two parking lot, a total of nearly 50 fixed parking spaces, has completed the registration, as long as the residents of the car to the designated parking spaces, the alley where basically all vacated."

"Just put in the position of the individual pavement re laying, then the remaining all overhead lines into the ground, slow system will be unveiled." Wang Yan said, at that time, the street will arrange the security personnel patrol in every alley, ensure foreign vehicles, such as bicycle sharing in the slow system inside the park.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Ao

Editor: TF019

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