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In the first day of the Expo Beijing Chaoyang Group signed ten projects tailored for the enterprise "service pack"

2018-11-07 11:55 beijing evening news TF017

The first China international import fair on the first day, Chaoyang Trading Group signed ten projects, at the same time, the first tailored for the enterprise "service pack" of talents to meet the conditions, priority with rent of public rental CBD talent, provide quality services to the public.

Data figure Xinhua news feeds photo: Liu Dawei

In the first day of the signing of Bo, Beijing Chaoyang Trading Group ushered in the opener, the district government and the first DDT consulting (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement. Then, the enterprise of science and technology, martial arts, Sino US cooperation, Agilent Leyou Dakang center, Suntech, Huayun also conducted Bei Wen era promotion and project signing. Among them, there are ten projects to complete the signing of the.

The future, DDT will provide professional consultation for management, equity investment in Chaoyang District service industry enterprises, to assist regional service enterprises to improve the quality of development. In addition, martial arts technology and Israel Eyeclick company signed the interactive projection technology import contract software 5000 million. The introduction of the world's leading technology, to help China to establish the interactive projection technology benchmarking, let people simultaneously enjoy the world's most advanced technology achievements.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Long Lu

Editor: TF017

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