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The old district of Beijing wall turned net Redwall: old gracefully, old have flavor, live comfortable

2018-11-07 11:37 beijing evening news TF003

Once the bare old wall has become the community residents and passers-by a net, people had their noses Redwall hurried by garbage floor wall corners not only "change", but also became a good place for nearby residents leisure liuwan...... Accompanied by "to ease the remediation action, enhance and promote" street community environment in a more orderly and are quietly changing to city and community more warm and comfortable.

Punch: "red net anzhen"

Before the "walk" now "to walk"

Waste tires into baskets, empty bottles of mineral water stitching style tree, citizens to participate in hand-painted color background picture...... This "red wall" is located in the Chaoyang District anzhen Street Yumin Road on the eastern side of Building 5 now has a reputation, not only the community residents are willing to walk in here and there are many passers-by walk, and also love this colorful wall painted a shadow.

"This wall was not like this before, because the year is too long, even inside the old brick wall is exposed, often someone threw rubbish here, we usually walk", who lives in Yumin Road community aunt Huang Shukun talked about "Redwall" past life this "special feeling," then street community office to carry out the beautiful buildings, walls near the environment to be cleaned up, then held when the Council of the residents, the residents consensus proposal, hope to be able to make the wall also beautify landscaping. The thought is to re brush metope, did not expect to find the streets of professional organizations, young designers first show us the design renderings, is really a big surprise."

From the Chaoyang District Youth Service Center for the promotion of Hui art dream "90" guy Zhang Hao, is Aunt Huang mouth the renderings let residents "amazing" designer. "The entire project from planning to completion of only 1 months, and our residents will open several times, I hear the decorating with waste tire and water bottles, we are very supportive," Zhang Hao told reporters, "although it is summer, but the residents to participate in the enthusiasm of our special drive son, but those uncles and aunts proposed also makes the design more practical. For example, we began to design is to plant directly on the tyres to hang on the wall painting, an uncle should be recommended tire holes, so that it is not only the growth of plants is good, and the rain will not be in the tyre water, we follow the suggestions made after the effect is particularly good."

In August this year, it is 26 meters long, 2.8 meters high wall painting basically completed in the designer's landscaping, in order to increase the participation of residents and interaction designer left margins for graffiti on the wall, "you see the color I was painted, there are many community residents with children to participate in the activities of the scene, particularly lively, you feel yourself out of a force to the wall, yellow aunt excitedly told reporters," that just finished a lot of people to fall over each other photo and the wall, but also made a lot of photos to my circle of friends, now the other residents through here mobile phone will come up with a few pictures, in the area near the old district, this "Red Net 'very novel, creative, very seductive, good days when the children often play badminton residents here, we are willing to walk here."

Anzhen street community office director Chen Jingchao told reporters that one of the results of hospital building construction of the panoramic face painted wall is the implementation of the street, the old residential projects for the "old old flavor, elegant, comfortable living". In addition, the streets in the process of building all elements of the area, in addition to the "open hole wall", "green invasion" and "Sidaluanjian" and "ground booth", "pile up" and other special treatment project, but also to building homes, residential, community for the progressive unit, through innovative service area management service, enhance the cultural connotation, promoting community will also enhance the overall wall conditions in anzhen area next to continue to beautify, allow more community residents to participate in the.

Punch: Tuanjiehu "painted wall"

The living room wall turned city garbage station

In the Chaoyang District Tuanjiehu area, not only the street walls and building "once monotonous change" has become the painted walls, the walls of a waste transfer station or because of the creative design and beautiful wall painting and residents in the vicinity of the "city living room", as well as network Hongsheng passers-by were frequently "punch".

"Before the wall is bare, gray, plus is next to the garbage transfer station, the usual residents passing will took a few steps, did not expect the finished can be so nice", as the streets of Tuanjiehu residents, the old man Xia Laifu for several "new red net" painted wall "familiar: Station the most popular painted wall shueiduei sub waste transfer especially the green wall, looked full of vigour and those of the utilization of waste tires, the wall of the basket, especially creative, since after the completion of each time after all can see many young people take pictures here, we compared the old district of Tuanjiehu area, many residential buildings have was built in 70s and 80s of the last century, is black and grey color areas, like the painted walls so beautiful, who looked at all feel happy."

In an interview with reporters learned that in September this year, Tuanjiehu Street Committee, office blocks on both sides of the wall from the monotony of beginning to Beijiexiaoxiang environmental fine promotion, finally selects the Tuanjiehu Road station, north wall, Tuanjiehu 6 Street Primary School on the north side of the wall wall paint shueiduei sub garbage transfer from landscaping, site selection pattern making, style positioning, each link has the community residents to participate in the comments, and on the basis of the introduction of "brain", by professional social organizations to carry out the operation painted walls.

In addition to many residents as "city hall", "red" shueiduei sub scenery in Tuanjiehu primary school on the north side of the wall has been painted cartoon the way parents called on school "". "You see this wall rendering small animal cartoon image is particularly lovely, but also in accordance with the height are arranged, my child each time through this wall are said to like these small animal as carefully lined up, also be entertaining", waiting to pick up the kids from school Yang Xian students at the painted wall thumbs up: "this summer when the wall landscaping, the community also organized the children to participate in the painting, it was felt that this creative street is really good, before the wall position had some small stores, the environment is not particularly good, did not expect to go after the Qing Street small stores, originally bare the wall can become so vivid, each school children are willing to follow the path of a painted wall, I feel very happy."

Chaoyang District Tuanjiehu Street official told reporters that the painted walls renovation will be combined with the surrounding environment characteristics are to be designed, with local features and patterns, "like the wall in front of the primary school is also the primary school queuing location, order pattern and cartoon image just to meet its functional attributes, but the queue neat cartoon the image is a kind of order to the children's Guide", the responsible person told reporters that the East sanhuan East Tuanjiehu Road North, Chaoyang sanitation wall, wall renovation work of Party school education in several eastern side walls of the wall is also in progress, is expected to be completed before the end of the transformation, the painted walls of these distinctive will become a vivid the scenic district.

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Chaoyang this year will also create a 68 panoramic floor hospital

For the recent emergence of these communities in "Redwall, Chaoyang District social work relevant responsible person in an interview with reporters, said, Chaoyang District by creating panorama building, all elements of community, community governance innovation, in order to make the living environment of the community more and more clean and warm, harmonious and livable, the future will be more qualified the block wall becomes more vivid and creative.

It is understood that the Chaoyang began to explore the construction of total factor area in the East Lake, Asian Sports Village, heading, etc. since 2017 Liulitun street. In May this year, the District issued a "Chaoyang District district factor design guidelines", from the 10 aspects of the 57 items of residential construction guidance system reformation to the "point" upgrade. Which part of the street, according to the characteristics of their own community, in the process of building a community and create panoramic all elements of building homes, for the transformation of the wall painting and landscaping, and achieved good social effect, not only make the street environment improved, community residents in the process of transformation in the wall to see participate in community affairs a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

It is reported that this year Chaoyang District will build 68 panoramic buildings, combined with the actual community, to create a livable community from the hospital building safety, environment, cultural connotation and other dimensions, will be more humane atmosphere into the community environment and landscape layout, construction of harmonious community atmosphere, let people have more to gain a sense of "livable".

Reporter Intern Lu Jiaqi Ying left

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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