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"Zhengyang door small woman" ending soon Jiang Wenli by acting to win praise

2018-11-07 11:22 beijing evening news TF003

TV series "little woman" in Zhengyang under the door closing soon, actress Jiang Wenli once again to the strength that, let the actor Heng Jiuyuan is acting, even at the age of 49 to 20 years old in the play through "Zhuangnen", also can let the audience see gusto. In an interview, Jiang Wenli admitted that the young scenes have pressure, but to her surprise and his 58 year old Ni Dahong of the "100 CP" was popular, "I was quite a surprise."

The audience not only to see the value of Yan

The series begins, 49 year old Jiang Wenli and 58 year old Ni Dahong partner play young lovers, every sweet show of affection, by netizens as 100 CP". This over the show actually do not let the audience disgusted, the past few precedents. Young netizens micro-blog said: "I am a 90 to see Jiang Wenli and Ni Dahong how to sprinkle sugar", also have part of the audience for the director to make complaints about the actors play tender, lens obviously playing high light, late microdermabrasion, get the audience even the actors on the face of the nose bone could not see. Now, with the "Polish grinding skin" this technology to the real role of pretending not necessary, because no one is really looking forward to looking at Jiang Wenli, Ni Dahong returned to the youth. Jiang Wenli head with two tails, each section has a pink suit collocation by age; Ni Dahong looked like a guy like honest expression, two people have enough sense of acting account age.

When it comes to show opening "pretending" style, Jiang Wenli admits: "in fact, some in want of perfection when I first read the script is quite the pressure, from the start, so young. But it is not seen behind what pressure, because we have to play at the age of more than 70, and now has been broadcast more than half you can see this movie half in this age stage, this stage was 50, 60, 70. The role of large age span, I also experienced several plays of temper, such as "golden", "mother to marry", my trick is, your mind in different ages in different age, grow up with the age of the character, his attitude is also adjusting." She said, "now Zhengyang" small woman under the door was so many people love, that we want to see the script is solid, actor, team are very professional play, rather than just look at the yen value.

Jiang Wenli and Ni Dahong on the popular "100 CP" accident, Jiang Wenli is so overjoyed. She smiled and said: "red teacher has always been my particularly want to work with actors, knew he was a great actor, so the director told me that the opponent is Ni Dahong when I say:" good! " I have to CP this unexpected popularity, I also feel quite a surprise, when the shot did not think so much, just feel with a special love of good actors is a very happy thing!"

Jiang Wenli on the strength of Ni Dahong acting generously commented: "his character is no Cai charm, the heart is what all understand, no wise man, wake up in half, he summed up the character of his name. Xu Huizhen in front of Cai Quanwu as Zhu Geliang, charge into the enemy ranks, what have to help her to control and master, and her full support."

Is a good example of the child's parents

The audience witnessed Jiang Wenli's Bistro female boss Xu Huizhen in the era of development tide, how to accumulate, the difficulties, the integrity of business success story. In the play, Xu Jingli and Xu Jingping, the two generation of entrepreneurs such as He Lixia emotional entanglements and academic career have also entered the white hot stage, in the face of difficulties and test of growing up, they always have independent style, full of youthful spirit in the development of the times, has turned the version of "Xu Huizhen". Therefore, culture Xu Huizhen treats several daughter and niece behind the enterprise has become the focus of the audience hot. Talking about the education of their children, Jiang Wenli said: "Xu Huizhen agreed to educate their children to the first one good example is better than precept."

Xu Huizhen on children's education, to follow at least three points: one is to teach children to have a heart of tolerance. In the latter part of the story, the potential to her ex husband and Xu Jingli off Xu Huizhen in the subtle transit attitude, the three daughters of business and family a way to support her ex husband, daughter Xu Jingli for life and estrangement "father" to gradually eliminate. Xu Huizhen character quite seriously, full of hate for her ex husband, but eventually chose to forgive in emotion, for this character change, Jiang Wenli explained: "the first of her ex husband. Later, because of her kindness and experienced setbacks, she finally chose to forgive. But her ex husband and daughter had the history, tell the story of a daughter, it is determined not to let her to recognize the father, but later daughter also forgave him. Her mind was changed, her heart tolerance was changed, I think this is a personal growth ".

The two is Xu Huizhen taught the children the importance of knowledge, to sing poetry from the pillow, treat the nephew daughters full of worry is out of the countryside, broaden their horizons, fully embodies the culture of children treat the next generation of vision. The story begins with Xu Huizhen taught the children to learn three words, reading, please teacher, after fifty or sixty years of Xu Huizhen himself to read "self-cultivation". It can be said that a corner of Xu Huizhen completed the self employment and education of their children on the perfect. From his entrepreneurial bustle to self-cultivation, Xu Huizhen in their own words and deeds to witness "the parents of children is the best example".

In third, Xu Huizhen taught the children the hardships and setbacks of the control force, "Xu Huizhen is relying on her own and her faith, tolerance and kindness, made a big thing, marriage and family is put in her background, example is better than precept, she made her own way of doing things is the only child who the best example."

Reporter Jin Liwei

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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