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"Little woman" in Zhengyang under the door hit Joe Dawei a-jack-of-all-trades incarnation of the villain

2018-11-07 11:21 beijing evening news TF003

Is Beijing TV hit "Zhengyang door small woman" successfully created a group of small alley characters. The play, Qiao Dawei played a small street cadres Fan Jinyou, love of money, selfish, narrow-minded, not only everywhere with actress Xu Huizhen, also against trouble, embezzlement, abetting the son of misappropriation of company property, can be said to be one of all the shortcomings of the people. This is a small figure, Qiao Dawei has performed a humorous and lovely, he said, "Fan Jinyou, lovely, exasperating poor, but it is not a bad guy."


"Little woman" in Zhengyang under the door, Qiao Dawei's appearance is a fan in the side of the street cadres in smart clothes, frequently to the heroine Xu Huizhen woo, and Chen Xueru on the other side and tangled. The public-private period, as a public manager Fan Jinyou, continue to distort policy "reform" Xu Huizhen, when Xu Huizhen forgives his help, and raising children for Xu Huizhen return kindness with ingratitude evil for good "......

The fan is regarded as the "villain in", in the face of such a role, Qiao Dawei has a lovely, exasperating, poor to describe him. "Annoying, because he do all the irritating thing, play bad idea, mostly due to his bad idea; lovely, I think this person is not a bad man, just thought deviation, love absquatulate, understand the intent of the total is not comprehensive, so do the evil thing; the poor, throughout this character, he is the wave of reform of art, will be the cause of the suffering, the family was Chen Xueru 'bullying', work and disappointments, feeling less initiative, so his life is repressed." The full name of no relative to Cai contained "the half, no wise man", some name Fan Jin is also quite deep, director Liu Jiacheng once said, "gold" represents his attitude, the love of money money ";" represented his personality, publicity. Qiao Dawei just received the script when pondering "homophonic Fan Jin" and "Tiger Balm", seize the smart, the role of small bad Yan to focus on the performance of.

Qiao Dawei knows that actor only love their role, standing on the role of angle and position of thinking and acting, in order to let the audience believe. In the face of the role of the controversy, Qiao Dawei admitted that he will accept all criticism, the role of the role of any opinion, "because only a more comprehensive communication will make the role more plump, there is debate and confrontation, also prove the role got everyone's attention, causing the audience to think. This is the true value of meaningful things."

"Little woman" in Zhengyang under the door and the time span of fifty years, this is Qiao Dawei's first challenge role so long age span. He said he is in the performance in the process of apprehension, in order to solve this problem, Qiao Dawei deliberately to observe the life of old man's speech and deportment, and the crew of the makeup, clothing, other colleagues discussed, spend a lot of time every day, with crinkle pouch, gray white hair old. It is in the process of makeup, makeup of the tedious day in and day out, Qiao Dawei from the heart to feel imperceptibly old taste. Daily makeup, makeup, he would seriously look at yourself in the mirror, to review some Fan Jin life from the sidelines, watching the days constantly shuttling back and forth, understand the role of age step by step growth and years of erosion imprint.

After fixing drama, painting, spray pouch due to long hair, in the face of Qiao Dawei inevitably leave traces, but he said, "these traces also own a memorial to this period of time, for the stay in his own life characters." Actors in shaping the role, the role will shape the actor, when all the heart played together and become the new self, in the eyes of Qiao Dawei, which is also an actor of great happiness.

Reporter Qiu Wei

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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