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Grandpa playing dead dog was a granddaughter of nursing master lost 500 thousand yuan and jailed

2018-11-07 11:17 beijing evening news TF003

Yesterday, a "man dog is not the rope, protective mother ride under assault" the news sparked public concern. Reporters learned today from the Fangshan court, the hospital has heard similar cases. In the case, for the protection of grandfather granddaughter, the dog accidentally kicked to death, the old man was the dog owner pushed to the ground, resulting in the left radial bone comminuted fracture of the distal end. Although the old dog owners paid 500 thousand yuan, but still is the court of intentional assault sentenced.

2016 12 2 April 12 pm, in Beijing City, Fangshan District Gongcheng street in a residential district, uncle Liu accompany granddaughter play. During a dog chasing his granddaughter, uncle Liu for the protection of children is chased by a dog and the dog away, after the death of a dog.

The owner of the dog to a defendant arrived at the scene, an altercation due to the matter with uncle Liu, after a push by uncle Liu fell to the ground, causing uncle Liu left radial bone comminuted fracture of the distal end.

Beijing Fangshan District city public security and judicial identification center, uncle Liu suffered physical injury to a minor level. After the case was the prosecution to the court.

In court proceedings, the judge repeated efforts, uncle Liu and the defendant in a settlement, the defendant in a voluntary Liu to pay 500 thousand yuan as compensation for the defendant, uncle Liu to be understanding. Ultimately, the court sentenced the accused to commit a crime of intentional injury, sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for one year.

The reporter learned from the Fangshan court, involving dog tort cases are not limited to such a "dog bite", "dog dog" caused by civil disputes are more common.

A case:

Carrying out large dogs causing hurt people sentenced to bear responsibility for feeding the frightened

The plaintiff Zhan go out to work, in the area of narrow roads meet the defendant Zhang Alaska to carry out dog dog, Alaska dog head Zhan Zhan a foot in the abdomen, dog shoes, Zhan fear backwards, and trying to push the big dog, Zhan in the process to fall after injury, after the diagnosis the left femoral and tibia fracture.

After the two sides on the issue of compensation by the police mediation failed to reach agreement, Zhan to court, asked Zhang judgment shall be liable for compensation.

The court held that the defendant Zhang reared sled dog in Alaska, is a large dog, "Beijing kennel management regulations" article seventeenth paragraph (four) "the implementation of a raised or captive of dogs, large dogs, not out walking the dog".

But Zhang failed to fulfill strict breeding obligations, in violation of the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, resulting in Zhan a frightened and fell wounded, the Zhan therefore produces reasonable losses, Zhang shall be liable for compensation. Then sentence the defendant to compensate the plaintiff Zhang Zhan medical expenses, nursing expenses, lost income, transportation fees, hospitalization expenses, auxiliary rehabilitation aids expenses, mental solatium total of more than 9 yuan.

Case two:

The big dog dog dog owner lost 2000 yuan

The plaintiff Jiamou in the village on the road for their own poodle, encounter the defendant Lumou riding a bike for three big dogs, Lumou big dog suddenly came to bite the plaintiff home poodle, the original defendant to stop, Jiamou found their poodle belly torn and sent to the pet hospital treatment cost of diagnosis and treatment some fee.

During a visit to Lumou Jia was bitten by a poodle first to Jiamou 300 yuan. After the two sides dispute on the issue of compensation, the plaintiff Jiamou to "animal damage liability disputes taken to court, asked the defendant Lumou for more than 4500 yuan.

The court proceedings in this case, the "dispute" shall be changed to property damages, the defendant Lumou Jiamou claims that the plaintiff poodle treatment costs have exceeded their animal value, and because the double in privately negotiated compensation part, refused to pay the corresponding fees jiamou.

Eventually, under the mediation of the court, the two sides to reach an agreement on compensation. The defendant Lumou on the basis of 300 yuan has been paid on the plaintiff to pay 1700 yuan as compensation for Lumou Jiamou property damage.

Reporter Zhang Yu

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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