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Private enterprises developed rocket engine hot test success: space resources into life not far away

2018-11-07 11:36 beijing evening news TF019

"10 seconds countdown, 10, 9, 8, 7...... 1, ignition!" In November 3rd 15 pm, Inner Mongolia city of Hohhot experimental station, Galaxy Power (Beijing) InterSpace Technology Ltd independent research and development of "light years" series of solid rocket motor test a success.

After the success of the test run researchers excited flags around the engine running. Photo by An Xudong

The hot test of the success of the engine, about 8 meters long, 1.4 meters in diameter, consisting of a shell, ignition, combustion chamber and nozzle etc.. The maximum working pressure of the engine is 8.5 MPa, the maximum thrust of 65 tons, the working time of 73.9 seconds, the ground impulse is 249.5 seconds, is currently the independent development of domestic private commercial Aerospace Corp in the largest solid rocket engine.

The level of the engine test success is only a small rocket, the staff began to return to Beijing the following design tension. Photo by An Xudong

If the rocket is like mountain climbing, sub orbital entrance into the front steps, then the independent research and development of solid rocket engine is in front of the past are not around the threshold, but also realize the lifeline of commercial space value.

The rocket model has been placed in the company's door, always see the ultimate goal for researchers with confidence. Photo by An Xudong

Galaxy Power with 60 tons of solid rocket engine thrust level development as the starting point, independent research and development business with low cost and high reliability of rocket products. In addition to the hot commissioning of large thrust solid rocket successfully, Galaxy power has mastered liquid attitude control power system design technology, and in the two weeks before the completion of the 200N attitude control of ground heat engine test, laid the foundation for the "Ceres one solid rocket launch.

Although the big screen to watch the test of tens of seconds, everyone is nervous excitement and wait for the final results. Photo by An Xudong

According to Galaxy Power (Beijing) InterSpace Technology Ltd CEO Liu Baiqi introduced the recent development planning of the company is focusing on research and development of a small solid rocket 30 tons of takeoff mass -- "Ceres 1", in 2020 years 3 months the first flight.

The new material throat to save 1/3 of the funds, after commissioning intact. Photo by An Xudong

Galaxy Power (Beijing) is a InterSpace Technology Ltd headquartered in Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone, set up by the space system of senior engineers, engaged in low cost commercial space launch business of private Aerospace Corp, mainly for domestic and foreign small satellite launch market into space system with low cost, high reliability and fast response solutions, is committed to "let the space resources into life".

The test site invited many ordinary visitors, engineers for people to explain in detail the usual feel mysterious knowledge of space. Photo by An Xudong

"Space" 2016 China white paper released. The white paper pointed out, encourage and guide private capital and social forces in order to participate in the aerospace research and production, space infrastructure, spatial information products and services, satellite operators and other space activities, the development of commercial space. China aerospace industry over the past 60 years the journey so far, the vigorous development of private space flight may be China Aerospace wings, bring new development opportunities.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Yingwen

Editor: TF019

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