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Artist Guo Yuanhu made pet specimens for dead pets for a "living law"

2018-11-07 11:30 beijing evening news TF003

See old Guo, he is doing the final finishing work to a pet cat specimen. Before engaging in animal specimens, old Guo home in Shanxi engaged in the decoration work. 36 years ago, because she ate ratsbane owl, let the old Guo was exposed to animal specimens in this line. Since then, the old Guo began the research of an idea how to make animal specimens. 17 years ago, he came to Beijing, because the production were skilled, many dogs and cats attracted customers door, dead pets will entrust the old Guo specimens made of, in honor of his grief. Old Guo said, made so many specimens, in his eyes, every lost life is fear.

From the decoration industry into animal specimens

Old Guo called Guo Yuanhu, 59 years old this year. "You see, the cat's eyes still need to adjust." While playing with the hands of beard kittens, looked at the side of the old guo. The cat is in the hand of the old Guo just sent more than half a month ago, when the cat died less than two years old. "Because of illness, pet owners took it back to the hospital, infusion, finally could not save." The old Guo's hand, the reporter saw at a cat's paw skin has no hair. Old Guo said, it is the pet hospital to shave off the cat infusion. The cat specimen is small, showing a sitting posture, this is the old Guo specially adjusted. "The general pet owners will give me a few pet photographs during his lifetime, I will according to their former appearance, put proper shape, make it the owner felt the little guy has not gone."

Old Guo make pet specimens have been 14 years, making animal specimens for 36 years. In fact, the old Guo before making animal specimens, is a real peasant engaged in decoration work in his hometown of Shanxi.

The owl everything from a dead. That year, 23 year old Guo, he studied interior decoration in Taiyuan, a holiday home, saw an owl was lying on the side of the road. "At that time wanted to save it, no matter how, this is a life." Because the spotted owl when it was late, the country has no animal hospital. Old Guo had to take home to take care of dying owls, second days early in the morning, he spent more than seven hours by car arrived at the Taiyuan animal hospital to cure it with owls. But the owl could not save over. "It ate dead mice, didn't have a chance." Look at the owl died in his arms, old Guo heart indescribably afflictive.

Don't let it die in vain? Old Guo unwilling. When someone suggested that the owl is so beautiful, if you can find someone to make it were not better? Listen to the advice, old Guo feel very reasonable, but where to go to find someone to make samples? Eyes in the dark one old Guo opened in Taiyuan. Later someone advised him to go to the Shanxi University Department of biology, maybe you can find where the teacher can do specimens. Unfortunately, when the school teacher saw the owl, shook his head: "no, you see this hair fall, do not a specimen." After listening to the teacher, old Guo: "this is just not willing to die, how do the samples?"

Not convinced the old Guo found the biology department has a dedicated storage animal specimen room, through the glass, a room full of specimens made him very shocked: pheasant, monkey, eagle...... The vivid. "They can do, I can." Hold already stinking owl, old Guo returned home. He recalled that the animal specimens specimen room, while the beginning of DIY specimens. No special tools, I have a little owl with a wallpaper knife gash in the stomach, gut, and then use the wire rack in support, so that it can stand up." Because it is the poison poison, old Guo and not wearing protective gloves, cut end offal, he found some hand already numb. To flush the hand, old Guo continue to busy. No artificial eye, old Guo stuffed two pieces of glass beads, as the Owl "poly god".

One evening, the owl specimen is ready. Look at the true to life owl, old Guo feel a glimmer of comfort. When he took the owls walked on the street, attracted a lot of people watching. Even now, in addition to the laboratory and animal specimens museum, can see the place less and less. People look very strange, old Guo turn around. When two people have stopped the old Guo, out of the price, bought the owls.

Their study developed unique anti-corrosion recipe

A dead animal can make money, this opened the old Guo ideas. So, in the family, he tried to delve into the production of animal specimens. Make the key in addition to other animal specimens and antiseptic, these are not taught the old guo. "Started by camphor, but the things for a long time, the failure of the." Later, the old Guo also tried other preservatives. "Like what Faure Marin, I have tried, but that too much damage on the human body." After the failed many times, the old Guo finally out of their secret recipe for deployment. "Even children touch the end do not wash their hands are okay."

As the technology becomes more and more exquisite, find old Guo animal specimens is also more and more people. In 2001, the old Guo came to Beijing Panjiayuan. "The first few years, carving special fire sale, I will do the carving business, but do not long, the market is not good." Then, the old Guo returned to a private business, began to make animal specimens. Then he put the spotlight on the pet specimen.

"I found particularly here in Beijing people who have pets, so pet funeral industry is certainly more fire." Old Guo India around his name card. Not to mention, in the numerous name card selling their craft, really have a customer holding dead pet door.

It is a home of the Qianmen area to the old lady, her is a Pekingese, puppy raised more than 10 years sick died, the old lady very sad. "Take time, smelly dog." Old Guo said, the dog is a tumor, tumor location in the neck, relatively large. The old lady looked at the red eye, old Guo to comfort her: "rest assured, I will let it" live "." According to their own production process in the production of specimens, old Guo, the puppy's neck tumor cut off. "The tumor skin off, I have to cut off after the skin back." After half a month, the old lady to take samples, when she saw the dog was made true to life, and red eyes: "it came alive and still did not get sick the way, thank you very much."

These years, to find the old Guo people make pet specimens in a continuous line, many people are attracted to come. One of Mr Cheng picked up a puppy, raised more than a year, unfortunately died in medicine. He gave the dog a coffin, and later heard that I can give here pet specimens, put the dog out, sent to me." It was summer, when the dog has been sent, the stench. Old Guo Cheng to find the dog alive photos, according to Mr Cheng's love of appearance, let the dead dog stand up again.

Let the dead pet alive in another way

"Now the busy urban life, a pet has become many people's emotional dependence. When they die, many owners are not willing to simply bury, but hope to be able to turn them into specimen, accompany him in another way." Old Guo said, he was very understanding of pet owners mood, therefore, when the production of pet specimens, but also try to restore the pet alive.

Once, an old man holding his Pekingese to find him, want to make samples. The old man dressed very clean, from the door, hand clutching a bag of dog clothing, in the process of communication with the old Guo, he showed not assured: "will it hurt?"

"It's dead, not feeling pain, you can rest assured." Old Guo consoled the old man. Before leaving, the old man again touched the dog's head, a string of tears fall: "do not be afraid, Grandpa soon to meet you." The old man went out soon after came back again, this time he is going back to the bag with the dog. The old man to the old Guo explained that it had puppies temperature, these days can do with a separate. "At that moment I understood the old man why so sad, many pet owners will take their pets as members of their families, they have to stay together morning and night, an integral part of the family."

Let the dead animal get another life, old Guo also has been studying. These years, old Guo made many animal specimens, a small hummingbird, big lion and horse. Do you understand the mechanics of large animal ", support in different parts of welding, in order to maintain the overall balance, the late style landscaping, color mixing technology is the key, in addition to make all kinds of color glass eyes, but also to the hoof and nail color." It seems that in the old Guo, making pet specimens is no longer a simple craft, you need to reserve a multidisciplinary knowledge. Not only have the aesthetic foundation, but also to understand the anatomy, understand the knowledge of chemistry, mechanics in physics, it is more important to understand the psychology of animal owners. Old Guo said that the specimen is more like a "one". In the process of making a pet, he feared every lost life.

Reporter Li Huan Yu.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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