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Guo Yuanhu, a pet specimen producer, changes the "dead" pet to a "live" method.

2018-11-07 11:30. beijing evening news TF003

When he saw Lao Guo, he was finishing the finishing work of a specimen of a pet cat. Before making animal specimens, Lao Guo was engaged in decorating work in his old home in Shanxi. 36 years ago, because of rescuing an owl who had eaten a rat killer, Lao Guo contacted the production of animal specimens. From then on, Lao Guo began to study how to make animal specimens. 17 years ago, he came to Beijing. Because of the exquisite workmanship of specimen production, many customers of cats and dogs were invited to the door. Lao Guo said that every specimen that had been produced for so many years was worth awe.

From the decoration industry to animal specimens production

Lao Guo's name is Guo Yuanhu. He is 59 years old. "You see, the cat's eyes need to be adjusted again." While playing with the beard of his cat, Lao Guo looked closely at it. The cat in Lao Guo's hand was just delivered over half a month ago. The cat died when it was less than two years old. "Because of illness, the pet owner took it to the hospital and gave it to the infusion, and finally failed to save it." Along with Lao Guo's hand, the reporter saw that there was a piece of fur in the front paw of the kitten. Lao Guo said it was shaved off when a pet hospital was feeding the cat. The kitten specimen was not large, showing a sitting posture, which was specially adjusted by Lao Guo. "Ordinary pet owners will give me some pictures of pets before they die. I will put them in the right shape according to their appearance, so that their owners feel that the little ones have not left yet."

Lao Guo has been making pet specimens for 14 years, and has been making animal specimens for 36 years. In fact, Lao Guo was a real farmer before he made animal specimens, and he was engaged in decorating work in his hometown, Shanxi.

All this stems from a dead owl. That year, Lao Guo was 23 years old. He studied interior decorations in Taiyuan, and on his way home on holiday, he saw an owl lying on the side of the road. "At that time, I wanted to revive it, and it was also a life." Because it was late when the owl was discovered, there was no animal hospital in the country. Old Guo had to take the dying owl home to take care of him. Second days early in the morning, he took the Owl for more than seven hours and drove to Taiyuan's animal hospital for treatment. But the owl still couldn't save it. "It ate mice that were killed, and it could not be saved." Looking at the owl breaking its breath in its own arms, old Guo's heart is much more uncomfortable.

Is this how to let it die in vain? Lao Guo is not reconciled to it. When someone suggested that owls were so beautiful, wouldn't it be better if they could find someone to make specimens? After listening to the suggestion, Lao Guo felt very reasonable, but where to find someone to make specimens? Lao Guo, who had a dark eye, wandered off in Taiyuan. Later, someone suggested that he go to the Biology Department of Shanxi University, where he might find a teacher who could make specimens. Regrettably, when the school teacher saw the owl, he shook his head repeatedly. "No, you see, all the wool has fallen off and can't make a specimen." After listening to his teacher, Lao Guo was not reconciled to his words: "this is just a death. Why can't we do the specimen?"

The old man, who was unconvinced, found that there was a room in which the animal specimens were specially stored. It was very shocking from the glass and the whole room. Pheasants, monkeys, eagles... All of them are vivid. "They can do it, and so can I." Lao Guo returned to his home carrying an owl that had begun to smell rotten. Remembering the animal specimens in the Herbarium, he began to make specimens on his own. "Without special tools, I use a wallpaper knife to open the belly of an owl and remove the internal organs. Then I use a wire to make a shelf and support it so that it can stand up." Because he was poisons by poison, Lao Guo did not wear protective gloves, and after he had finished his internal organs, he found that his hands were numb. Rushing to rush his hand, Lao Guo continued to be busy. Without artificial eye, Lao Guo had two glass beads, which was "gathering spirit" for owls.

One night, the specimen of the owl was ready. Lao Guo felt a glimmer at the lifelike owls. When he took the owl specimen to the street, it caused many people to watch. Even now, apart from laboratories and museums, there are few places to see animal specimens. People saw novelty, and they all turned around Lao Guo. At this time, two people stopped Lao Guo, leaving a high price and buying an owl specimen.

Research and develop a unique recipe for preservation

Dead animals can still make money, which opens up old Guo's train of thought. So, after feeding his family, he was working hard to produce animal specimens. The key to making animal specimens is not only modeling but also preservative. None of them has taught Lao Guo. "At the beginning, camphor was used, but it lasted for a long time, and it failed." Later, Lao Guo tried other preservatives. "I've tried something like Faure Marin, but it's hurting people too much." After many failures, Lao Guo finally deployed his own secret recipe. "It's okay if a child does not wash his hands after touching."

With more and more exquisite skills, there are more and more people looking for Lao Guo to make animal specimens. In 2001, Lao Guo came to Panjiayuan, Beijing. "In the first few years, the special fire that the root carving sells, I do the root carving business, but has not done long, this market situation is not very good." So Lao Guo went back to his old business and began to make animal specimens. At this time, he turned his eyes on pet specimens.

"I find that there are so many pets in Beijing, so the funeral industry of pets is definitely quite popular." Lao Guo printed business cards everywhere. Not to mention, after sending countless cards to sell their skills, a real customer came to the door with his pet.

It was an old lady who lived in the front gate area. She was carrying a Beijing Ba. The puppy had been there for more than 10 years, and she was sick and dead. The old lady was very sad. "When they came, the dogs stink." Lao Guo said that the puppy had tumors, and the tumors were located in the neck. Looking at the old lady's red circles, Lao Guo comforted her: "don't worry, I will let it live." According to his own specimen preparation process, Lao Guo cut off the cut on the neck of his dog when he was making. "The tumor has opened up the skin. After I cut it off, I have to fold it back." More than half a month later, the old lady came to pick up the specimen. When she saw the puppy that was made alive, her eyes were red again: "it is alive again, but it is still not seen when it is ill. Thank you very much."

Over the years, a lot of people have come to find Lao Guo's pet specimen. A gentleman picked up a puppy for over a year. Unfortunately, he took medicine and died. "He buried a coffin in the puppy, and later I heard that I could make specimens for pets, so I dug up the dogs and sent them to me." It was summer, and when the dog came, it smelled of stink. Mr. Guo asked for a picture of the puppy when he was alive. According to Mr. Cheng's favorite look, the dead puppy had been "standing" again.

Let the dead pets live in another way.

"Now that urban life is busy, raising pets has become the emotional dependence of many people. When they die, many owners are unwilling to bury them simply, but hope to make them specimens and accompany themselves in another way. Lao Guo said he understood the feelings of the pet owners. Therefore, when making pet specimens, it is also possible to restore the appearance of pets when they are alive.

Once, an old man came to him with his own Peking dog and wanted to make a specimen. The old man was dressed very clean. From entering the door, his hand clutched the bag with a puppy tightly. During the communication with Lao Guo, he showed his unease: "does it hurt?"

"It's dead. It won't hurt. You can rest assured." Lao Guo comforted the old man. Before leaving, the old man touched the puppy's head again, and the tears fell down: "don't be afraid, Grandpa will come to pick you up soon." The old man came back soon after he left home, and this time he was going to pack the puppy's bag. The old man explained to Lao Guo that the temperature of the puppy was above, and that he could still be a companion for these days. "At that moment, I understood why the elderly are so reluctant to leave. Many pet owners will treat pets as their family members. They have become indispensable members of the family at night."

Let the dead animal get another kind of life, Lao Guo has been studying. Over the years, Lao Guo has made many animal specimens, including small hummingbirds, big lions and horses. "To be a large animal is to understand mechanics and to weld the bracket at different parts, so as to maintain the overall balance. In the later stage, the technology of color matching is very important. In addition to making glass eyes with various colors, it is necessary to color the hooves and nails." In the eyes of Lao Guo, making pet specimens is no longer a simple skill, and requires the storage of multidisciplinary knowledge. Not only must we have an aesthetic foundation, but also understand anatomy, understand chemistry, understand mechanics in physics, and more importantly, understand the psychology of animal owners. Lao Guo said that specimen production is more like a "miscellaneous learning". And in the process of making pets, he revere each passing life.

Reporter Li Huan Yu Wen co photo

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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