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The latest Beijing weather forecast: today for the first time since the autumn winter temperatures below the freezing point

2018-11-07 11:17 beijing evening news TF019

Today is the twenty-four solar term of the winter, the temperature in Beijing continue to decline. This morning the Southern Observatory the lowest temperature is minus 1.4 degrees, which is for the first time since the autumn of this year to below freezing temperatures. In the suburbs, 5:29 this morning, Pinggu meteorological station and the minimum temperature dropped to minus 3.7 degrees, local vegetables have been hanging on a thin layer of frost.

Lidongben dead Chenggong photo

Tomorrow, many clouds weather, the temperature rose slightly, the maximum temperature of 12 DEG to 14 deg. Weak ground pressure field, diffusion conditions a deteriorating trend.

Cold air tomorrow night, the day Friday with about four northerly winds, the sky cleared, visibility up to 30 km, people can breathe fresh air.


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Winter regimen: go to bed early evening to eat more vegetables

The beginning of winter, yinshengyangshuai, cold hit, will damage the body's Yang, so after the beginning of winter that support Tibet "living", to get up late, to ensure adequate sleep, is conducive to the accumulation of Qi hidden, Yin Jing; winter sports should pay attention to "winter", do some gentle exercise, avoid excessive sweating. To prevent excessive sweat yin. The spirit of caring, to convalesce, emotional control, keep the spirit of peace, including but not exposed, to avoid trouble, cause the body yang to hide.

After the beginning of winter, the diet should be appropriate to use some Yin and Yang, high calorie diet, such as beef and mutton, chicken, fish, drink milk, Soybean Milk, can promote the decomposition of sugar, fat and protein; should eat less cold, but not too hot, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, green vegetables tofu, fungus, etc., to avoid the lack of vitamins.


Xintian Lidong dumplings taste

Today is the beginning of winter, time-honored West Fourth Huifeng dumpling house "end" of the festival for the special limited edition - "garlic cabbage stuffing" Boiled dumplings, and an ample supply of goods than in the past has doubled, the shop also prepared in advance to the Laba garlic for diners to enjoy. At the same time, today tongchunyuan Hotel added pork pickpurse and minced pork and fennel Boiled dumplings; Shandong Dean "tongheju Hotel Yuetan shops for pork and onion stuffing Boiled dumplings, Shichahai store launched a special Boiled dumplings stuffing Nuanwei Boiled dumplings.

West Fourth Huifeng Dumpling House kitchen is very busy. Gannan photo

The reporter visited the learned, West Fourth Huifeng dumpling house, old Beijing Huifeng ShabuShabu Museum time-honored today dinner time between Blair, as early as the end of October has already been booked. Today, Huifeng ShabuShabu museum also increased the amount of all kinds of special to rinse meat ingredients, to ensure every customer can sinseong hoe.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang hang Sun Wenwen correspondent Fu Zhilong Dongcheng Xue meritorious Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine

Editor: TF019

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