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Yan Xi faces writing "Hao La biography" two minutes short story would tempt the appetite of the audience?

2018-11-07 10:35 beijing evening news TF003

Due to being served as executive producer, Wu Jinyan, Nie Yuan, Mao Zijun starring "Hao La biography" will be held on November 15th at the Iqiyi on-line broadcast, many "Yan Xi" familiar faces, let the fans are quite looking forward to play.

"Hao La biography" tells the story of the late period of the Warring States Qin Zhao ", the heroine Li Haolan (Wu Jinyan) and Lv Buwei (Nie Yuanshi), an Ying (Mao Zijun) for the purpose of the alliance, after a close call, the highest peak power of pre Qin forces boarded the story. Notice, Hao La and LV Buwei seems to have reached a consensus, a short two minute story not only tempt the appetite of the audience, also let you change the fate of the characters fall into a reverie.

Since the "Yan Xi Raiders", Wu Jinyan and Nie Yuan is popular, the "biography" in two la Hao again met the Warring States times. In the face of the environment, Professor Li Hao threatened by growing crises, LA Times to survive, disaster and test helped her through a desperate counterattack, realize.

Except for Wu and Nie Yuan, "Hao La biography" appeared in many "Yan Xi Raiders" familiar faces, but the identity, the character has a great surprise and reversal: Hong actor Hong Yao starred in the drama Jiao son, have extraordinary relationship with Hao La; Ming Yu small lovely Jiang Zixin as Dr. Yin Xiaochun, and Hao LA has a lot of scenes; the actor Yuan Chunwang Mao Lei as the father of the king won an ANN monarch, become a real prince; gaoguifei who tan Zhuo is starred in the drama win different people mother Huayang lady, Queen dream round. So the role of anti transfer "Yan Xi Raiders" fans of the new story more attention and curiosity.

Reporter Qiu Wei

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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