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Lu Yang film "the assassination of novelist" exposure cast the five stars together to create a fantasy world

2018-11-07 10:18 beijing evening news TF003

Lu Yang's new work "the assassination" novelist has attracted much attention since the start of the cast is constantly guessing online. Recently, the film side exposed a five actors: Yang Mi, Dong Zijian, ray caroling, Yu Hewei, Guo Jingfei holding a script appearance, although only exposed part of the face, but his eyes filled with stories. Lu Yang revealed that two of the world's mutual vital sense of fantasy, is an important reason for his creative stimulation. Which lasted nearly 3 years, "the assassination" novelist to finish the script incubation and preparation, finally boot.

Lu Yang white Jikai photo

Two "Xiu Chun knife" by director Lu Yang, create a very style of martial arts world, the story of the ups and downs and fierce action, let the audience in a sloppily arena, also won a good reputation. He is not as guessed, to continue filming the series, but to a pattern of more ambitious works. His new work "the assassination" adapted from novelist double Xuetao's novel of the same name, tells the story of the father to find the missing daughter, then kill the novelist's job. At the same time, the fantasy world of revenge novelist young, is also quietly changing the real world. Lu Yang said, the film involves two different time and space, a contemporary, an ancient. Is the era of a surreal overhead in ancient times, the characters and background of fresh interest, will bring the audience feel strange.

"II" is the first Xiu Chun knife cooperation Luyang and ray caroling, two people cooperation sparks constantly, ray caroling acting unanimously by the director and audience favorite. After the shooting, Lu Yang invited ray Joni again. After reading "the assassination of novelist" script, ray caroling is also very excited, praised "is a good script". Yang Mi is also in the "II" Xiu Chun knife and Lu Yang established a tacit understanding, he said that Yang Mi's dedication and loyalty to their very moved. And the two old friends of the trust, also let Yang feel warm.

Get the script, Dong Zijian is close to the role, from the movie starting in 3 months and already into fitness training, starting 1 months ago, is to advance into the action group received special training. At the same time, the strength of the actors were Yu Hewei and Guo Jingfei also joined this surprise, let the director Lu Yang said "good luck".

Reporter Li Li

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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