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Celebrity cancer death triggered people medical upsurge of Peking University Cancer Hospital experts detailed preventive coup

2018-11-07 11:11 beijing evening news TF019

Last week, CCTV before the famous host Li Yong because of cancer therapy died in the United States, only 50 years old. The five year old singer Zang Tianshuo died because of liver cancer. Many celebrities have superior economic conditions, even at financial foreign doctor, but still can not stop the spread of malignant tumor. Thus, the pessimistic mood from the dispersion of the hearts of some people, "if I pay attention to the health of every day, the tumor is not to come?" "I eat what can prevent cancer?" "What method can better block the tumor?"...... How to prevent cancer, how to treat the tumor is a scientific attitude? With these questions, the reporter interviewed the experts in Cancer Hospital of Peking University.

Cancer treatment. Drawing Wu Wei

The fear of cancer and cancer prognosis is not good

The 78 year old Mr. Lee recently got cancer. Because he is in to the hospital, was eventually diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Old Lee was the first reaction of cancer, family is very sad, filial daughter said, "I want my father to live to the age of 88," eighty-eight "is just a Chinese characters M word, I especially want to celebrate his' yonehisa'." But her father thought, after all 70 year old was cancer, although it is a serious illness, but psychologically acceptable, after all, almost 80 years old, suffering from cancer is normal."

Everyone expects a healthy life, in the eyes of oncologists, Mr. Li Lao at this age for cancer, in fact, is the result of natural selection. Zhang Xiaodong director of the Peking University Cancer Hospital said, if the tumor in elderly suffering, is normal. From the total population, 75 to 80 years of age is the age of high incidence of tumors. "But now, the fear is ahead of the age of onset of tumor." Especially some time ago there are several celebrities at the age of more than 50 for cancer, middle-aged people, it is a small, old, especially easy to cause cancer peers suffering from panic.

Why older people suffering from cancer is "normal"? Zhang Xiaodong said, 70 people over the age of cancer, can be regarded as a chronic disease of normal, this is the result of human evolution. The cells in our body is wrong, when the body can not keep up with the error correction capability, it is possible to slowly form tumors." At present, the WHO has identified cancer belongs to a chronic disease. Unfortunately, people panic for the degree of tumor is far more than the slow diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Zhang Xiaodong said, if a person 40 years of age suffering from hypertension, others will say "hypertension ah, nothing"; if a 40 year old man who had diabetes, also said, "Okay, eat hypoglycemic drugs on the line"; but had cancer, no one will say "nothing", but feel that "the sky is falling down". Why are people so afraid of cancer? I'm afraid of cancer and the prognosis is not good relationship, "because most people are found in advanced cancer, the high cost of treatment, pain, short survival time, once the cancer felt was sentenced to death."

A healthy lifestyle is the best prevention

What can prevent cancer? The answer is yes.

A person will not get cancer, gene is the main factors accounting for. At present, people still can't rewrite the genetic code is not change but can change the congenital factors, acquired factors. The most common malignant tumor, numerous add up to hundreds of species, all of the cancer prevention is not the same, but the most fundamental way is to prevent a healthy lifestyle.

Zhang Xiaodong was an outspoken female doctor. Sometimes, in the clinic she bluntly told the patient, "disease is what you made." Zhang Xiaodong used to say that if a person is not the law of life, Mengchi drank the whip, stay up late every day, "what could not carry the body. Not sick can not fight father and mother, but to change the bad habits, do not put themselves in a more dangerous situation, cancer is preventable."

Yang Yue is the medical director of the Peking University Department of thoracic surgery. In his clinic, the most common is the lung cancer and esophageal cancer patients. In recent years, lung cancer is always the first big cancer. Lung cancer is the highest mortality rate and cancer prevalence of men; women, breast cancer is the highest incidence of cancer, lung cancer incidence from up at number two, but the mortality rate is still ranked first. The relevant international studies indicate that the pressure, bad mood and mental stress, and cancer have a certain relationship. In addition, diet and environmental pollution also occurred and lung cancer have a certain relationship. Therefore, only from the prevention of lung cancer, but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep optimistic attitude, in addition, to avoid the risk factors such as smoking, etc.. Some other cancers, some clearly associated with infection, can reduce cancer by controlling infection. For example, cervical cancer and HPV infection related liver cancer, a considerable portion was hepatitis B or hepatitis C patients, the relevant part of lymphatic tumor and virus infection. But overall, the cancer prevention principle is to maintain a good mood, maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Don't take general physical examination as early screening

Many types of cancer, want an easy way to completely prevent difficult, but for health effects, Chinese more common tumors, may through early cancer screening, early detection of the tumor. Zhang Xiaodong said, in the case of gastric cancer, early gastric cancer five years survival rate can reach above 95%, the doctor can through the gastroscope to early tumor resection, costs 1 to 20 thousand yuan. If the gastric cancer progression to metaphase was found, the five year survival rate was 40% and 50%, patients need surgery, then chemotherapy, the cost of at least 30 to 400 thousand yuan. If the late gastric cancer was found, "that money can not solve the problem." In the five year survival rate is less than 5%, most of the patients survival period of not more than 1 years, how much money can not save lives. "If you allow a person's economic conditions, I suggest that early cancer screening can be found early, more types of more targeted treatment early."

"If any celebrity died because of gastric cancer, we certainly have to do here for gastroscopy." Zhang Xiaodong said, these do gastroscope screening patients in tumor hospital have to wait a long time to row, "because there are many patients in the outpatient service, if you are early cancer patients, that is too good."

For early cancer screening, some people equate to general physical examination, "the most common error is to say, three months before the examination is good, what is that cancer?" In this question, Zhang Xiaodong's answer is that the general physical examination and early cancer screening is not the same thing. Early cancer screening is a good thing, but need to pay, a lot of people reluctant. There was once a young girl died of cancer in the family, want to do early cancer screening; but when she heard that all early cancer screening costs more than 10 thousand yuan, not willing to. Think Zhang Xiaodong can understand, after all the people who just go to work soon, 10 thousand yuan is not a small number. Unexpectedly, after a month, the girl spent 10 thousand yuan to buy a bag. "This is the concept of the problem." Zhang Xiaodong said that the girl must have a bag that is far more important than health, so she put the limited funds to buy a package, rather than buy health.

Some people are willing to spend money, but not willing to do early cancer screening, that do not check what are not, check on the sick". Yang Yue once in the clinic with "ground glass shadow" and "suspected lung cancer patients over 10 years of a lung, gave him a" knife "cut small nodules. "In fact, found small lung nodules and other suspected tumor patients after nervousness is understandable. But a responsible doctor will according to the patient's balance, the most suitable treatment options for him; at this time, patients need to do is to cooperate with the doctor."

Every time a celebrity because it exposed to cancer after the news of the death, there will be a group of people to the hospital for screening. Yang Yue said, is the correct value of malignant tumors, but also do not panic. Early screening, found after treatment; if in the future a tumor, continue treatment. Cancer is a chronic disease, found in the earlier, more methods, and with the development of science and technology, there will be more and more new drugs, so that more patients with identity, cancer is a chronic disease.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jia Xiaohong

Editor: TF019


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