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Look at the 83 version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" Jin Yong Memorial Stephen Chow, Carina Lau is a

2018-11-07 10:15 Yi Zhan TF011

A scene, quietly leave. In October 30th, Mr. Jin Yong died at the age of 94. Even Japan, the Chinese martial arts master swept the world, causing hundreds of millions of fans of the memorial.

In the works of Jin Yong adaptation of the film and television works, the 1983 edition of "the legend of the Condor Heroes" is an insurmountable peak, Jing elder brother and energy-saving image rooted in many 70 hearts after 80 or 90.

These days, Zhejiang satellite TV also began in the daytime every four episodes broadcast this classic.

Over time, the 83 edition of the "Legend of the Condor Heroes" is particularly bright, every time when the "tiexuedanxin" theme song sounded, you will find more and more, Mr. Jin Yong never left us.

Vaguely to the dream may have seen, in the heart waves now

The broken melancholy aside

Accompanied by the sky

By vast desert grass Quartet (cold cangcang days)

Which fear of snow blowing (rattan trees linked)

The Benz (a sand shooting with bow wild)

Our life without boredom (Two Vines lingering)

(gray wild boundless) should know love like water

(all cloud) cut constantly tangled

Through hundreds of robbery in the heart broken Enyi dilemma also

"Legend of the Condor Heroes" in the song and Jin, Mongolia Three Kingdoms confrontation as the background, Guo Jing, Huang Rong, Yang Kang, on Mu Nianci's four story, Guo Jing tells the story of a generation of heroes and the love story between him and Huang Rong experienced all kinds of hardships, it is the number one favorite remake of the film works of Jin Yong, more than ten times. The 83 version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" is divided into "tiexuedanxin" "ashes of time" "Huashan mountain" three.

In 1983, the "Legend of the Condor Heroes" broadcast in Hong Kong, high ratings. In 1985, the show was introduced to the mainland as a broadcast, broadcast is a burst out.

In the last century in 80s, the children jumping rubber band side of the mouth on the roadside while talking about this jingle:

Ashes of time Ouyang Feng, Nandi North beggar Master Hongqi, silly Guo Jingqu Huang Rong, the beautiful princess is Hua zheng.

Obviously, the 83 version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" at the time of impact, over the years the "Legend of the Condor Heroes" was repeatedly remake, has reached more than 83 versions, only this version always make the audience forget.

No exaggeration to say that this drama is 1980s people grow an important spiritual food, it has a simple meaning from the martial arts drama, extending into a covered heart, pure, young, lively, romantic and many kinds of combination of memory, and even affect the 70, 80 after two generations the values and the concept of spouse.

In fact, in 1976 Hongkong commercial television had filmed a version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes", from the famous Hongkong actor Catherina Yim and Bai Biao played Guo Jing and Huang Rong. After the show aired, caused a stir in Hongkong at that time, it was to Hongkong TV's boss, wireless television (TVB) has brought shock. In order to consolidate their position, TVB decided to shoot a "Legend of the Condor Heroes", the goal is to defeat the Jiayi version 76. Before the decision of this drama, 1982 7 TVB, "the legend of the Condor Heroes" influence, for the public to do a survey.

More than seventy-one percent of the respondents know the "Legend of the Condor Heroes" such a martial arts novel, and for wireless remake of "Legend of the Condor Heroes", in favor of more than 60%, the results of the survey sample, the firm determination to remake TVB undoubtedly.

After careful consideration, TVB began to look for creative team members. General director and producer Wang Tianlin.

Wang Tianlin TVB is the gold producer, perhaps the name Wang Tianlin listen to a bit strange, but the mere mention of his son's name, you must have heard, he is a well-known Hongkong commercial film director Jing Wong.

Wang Tianlin believes that the 76 version of "legend" is the emphasis on the actor's strength, so the 83 edition to inject youthful vigor in the character based on the 76 edition of Guo Jing's plays are Bai Biao, 83 edition by Felix Wong, the 76 edition of Yang Kang is played by Bruce Leung, 83 edition by Michael Miu handsome appearance, noble gas with an evil.

In addition to Guo Jing, Huang Rong, Yang Kang, Munianci four starring the opening of a new 83 bit version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" who, after the hold up half of the country Hongkong film circle.

Stephen Chow: Song Bingyi, four appearances, four lines.

Ng Man Tat: Peng Changlao, there are two sets of beggars, drama, is a dragon.

Wu Zhenyu: first played in the palace, the two appearances is three times the beggar beggars, as the villagers chased hit Mongolia poison stealing Clay oven rolls Yang Kang.

Eddie Kwan: the son of Gen Gi Khan.

Carina Lau: Hua Zheng maid, a line: Princess, Prince Ye wake up.

Bobby Au-Yeung: the villa of Lu Lu Chengfeng a Ding head, there are several lines; also played a little beggar, Ng Man Tat was beaten; and a man.

Shiu Hung Hui: the expert scholar Zhu Cong. This "never had young" supporting the gold medal, was driving a Mercedes Benz set to walk on. His aunt is Mrs. Lu Xun Xu Guangping, uncle Xu Chongzhi is involved in the creation of the Whampoa Military Academy of Guangdong army commander.

Sean Lau: a big guard.

Oh, yes, you're not wrong, the 83 version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" executive director Johnny To.

Another executive director is Tsui Hark, 1981 has won the Golden Horse Award for best director.

In fact, in May 28, 2011 broadcast "Chinese dream show", "Guo Jing" Felix Wong, "Yang Kang", Michael Miu "Yang Tiexin" Xie Xian, "Munianci" Sharon Yeung, "Ouyang Huang Yuncai," g "Tiemuzhen" Paul Chun, "the actor of Qin Huang Zhou Botong" reunion, which is after the end of the filming of the drama of a number of fit the most successful, then brought back memories of many viewers, also left a precious image and the works of Jin Yong.

In the 83 version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" third "Huashan mountain" theme song "Hello world" always, that is the most touching Yi Jun the first four words:

Ask the world whether the highest mountain

Or otherwise higher than the sky

In the world the mountain higher than its own mountain

But love can not find better than you

Yes, for so many years, we are the most memorable, is our memories in their catch 83 version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" like, isn't it?



Source: Author: Xu Haozhe Zhan Yi

Editor: TF011

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