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Beijing today for 15 days at room temperature heating ignition test, standard, 12 district heating line into 96069

2018-11-07 09:43 Beijing daily TF010

2018 to 2019 heating season heating test starting today, the city's district heating boiler room uniform ignition test run. In November 15th the official start of heating, residents of the home temperature standards, which is maintained at 18 degrees and above.

Yanqing has begun to test the heating

Because the mountain is located in the northern part of Yanqing, the temperature is generally lower than the city, has begun to test the heating, some residents of the home heating radiator has been heating up.

At present, there are some kindergartens start heating. It is understood that the special places of hospitals, kindergartens, nursing homes and other departments to apply for early heating heating and heating agreement according to their own needs.

Try to pay attention to heating leaking

At the end of October, the city's 28 heating emergency rescue team, more than 800 people have entered the standby state at any time, troubleshooting.

Test during the heating, the heating unit for boiler ignition, hot water circulation system debugging, investigation and resolve system circulation and pipeline leaking problem, solve the problem in the official before heating.

The city management committee will try to focus on supervision during the heating of the heating unit on the ignition trial operation situation, found the problem and urge heating units timely rectification, and good service to users and communication. Don't try to run the heating unit and the ignition time of poor quality of service will be interviewed, to urge the rectification.

During the heating test, residents need to pay attention to heating leaking, had not heat, timely feedback to solve. If the home in case of heating is not hot, running water Water Leakage and other issues, in addition to residents can be the first time to call a cell phone repair service heating units, you can also call 12345 telephone complaints for municipal government. 12345 is the supervision of telephone service in the city municipal heating, complaints during the operation and test of the heating heating season received, will promptly dispatch the heating units, the focus of supervision, city and District City Management Committee heating units for handling complaints situation will be carried out supervision, strict examination.

The 12 district heating hotline into 96069

The heating season, the 12 district heating hotline into 96069 residents, consulting, complaints more convenient.

This year, Beijing heating group in the further refinement of perfecting the existing municipal, Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Shijingshan, Tongzhou, Daxing, Yanqing district heating service platform, to build Changping District, Pinggu District, Miyun District and Mentougou district heat supply professional service platform, increase the non thermal service area of about 76 million 900 thousand square meters. As of now, "96069" non thermal heating service hotline service area exceeded 260 million square meters. This year, Beijing heating group also set up a sub center of the city heating operation service center, to provide convenient and efficient service for the user center.

This winter clean energy heating up to more than 97%

According to city management committee heating office responsible person, this winter, Beijing City area heating area of about 30 million square meters more than last year, will reach 870 million square meters, the city's urban centralized heating basically clean heating. This year, the city completed a total of 266 old district heating pipe network transformation, Pinggu, Miyun, Yanqing 6 coal gas boiler has heating conditions of residents.

According to the Beijing gas group, responsible person, this year the city clean energy heating proportion reached more than 97%, the residents of central heating boiler and heating source city has basically all the use of natural gas. The city has been the implementation of the natural gas resources in the heating season and upstream gas supply enterprises, in 2018 the "coal to gas" new users gas consumption has been incorporated into the heating season the total demand, ensure the safety of the public warm winter.

In addition, Beijing Gas Group established three emergency management agencies, emergency personnel 1560 people, 60 emergency duty, 272 vehicles, according to the related plan of event types, the first time arrived at the scene, emergency; 24 hours real-time monitoring through three levels of command and dispatch system for operating condition of the city gas pipe network; 24 hours on duty for large gas facilities; 96777 hotline with 240 lines, to ensure 24 hours all smooth, go all out to ensure the safe and stable supply of gas.

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The completion of the 100 old district heating renovation

Reporters from the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission was informed that the 100 year old district heating pipe network transformation completed. This winter, the heating network will make these awesome residents feel the warmth.

Previously, some of the old district heating pipeline extended service, serious aging, pipeline leaking and other issues, not only a waste of energy, affect the heating effect, there are security risks. Since 2008 years, Beijing city began on stage, in the old heating pipe network transformation. To 2015, the city's total renovation of the old heating pipe network 4400 kilometers, about 1900 old residential construction completed the transformation before 1990.

2016, Beijing to launch a new round of old network transformation plan. In order to accelerate the implementation of the task of transformation, municipal development and Reform Commission issued a series of policy support, and increase financial support. On the one hand, clear municipal government fixed asset investment subsidy policy; on the other hand, under the premise of legal compliance, further streamlining the approval process, to speed up the progress of project approval.

2016 to 2018, the municipal development and Reform Commission has completed the city and district heating group a total of 18 old heating pipe network transformation project approval, the municipal government allocated a total fixed asset investment subsidies 540 million yuan.

Up to now, 2018 years of municipal government practical projects -- one of the 100 old district heating pipe network renovation project completed, will achieve clean heating from the heating season this year, the project will achieve 900 thousand square meters of clean heating, benefiting 108 thousand residents. The project is put into use, can effectively eliminate the network security risks of old city heating, energy saving (energy about 8-15%), improving the heating quality, to enhance the security level of capital supply.

Municipal Development and Reform Commission said, 2000 years ago built to replace all of the new district heating network. For 2000 years after the completion of residential standards may apply for reform, but to meet these requirements:

City heat group city heating area: Heating facilities, unclear ownership or ownership units to investment transformation, can be included in the scope of reform, by the heat of the group to organize the implementation of the transformation, after the transformation by heating group unified management; ownership units for heating facilities, city heat group, by its own organizational transformation, not included in the scope.

Other central heating area: Heating facilities (of boiler, heat exchanger) renovation project ownership clear, can be included in the transformation range; renovation project ownership is not clear, to clarify the ownership or sign a long-term contract (the contract after the heating operation in the remaining period of 10 years), can be included in the transformation range.

In 2000 after the construction of the residential area, which belongs to the heating pipeline corrosion serious, serious impact on the quality of heating, the city and district city management committee agreed to be included in the scope of reform.


From the official heating time is getting closer, at present, Beijing has a lot of heating units continue to work for water pressure test. In order to warm winter, you have to pay more attention to these details......

Try to pay attention to the time

During the boost to keep people

From mid October to early November, the city's heating enterprises will continue to start preparations for the heating of the heating system, water pressure, heating pipe network maintenance in summer water will boost irrigation, the preparatory work will continue to officially heating.

During this period, the general heating units will put up a notice in the building door and other significant position, to remind residents in water during the home stay.

Two easy to drip

Don't let down the process

1, this year has just changed the radiator family

2, the home heating installation use time more than 10 years of family

These two kinds of home heating valve on the heating pipe and home interface, prone to leaking. The water pressure test in previous years, the home did not appear leaking people don't.

How much do you know about the reason Water Leakage

Reservation repair problems

Why would the home radiator appear Water Leakage phenomenon? Professional maintenance staff of the heating department according to the years of work experience, summed up the reasons for some of the Water Leakage:

The bleeder valve 1, heating water pressure test on forget to turn off, or connect the chaos to change the heating equipment and the formation of Water Leakage.

2, a year after the cessation of heating, heating the water will be drained, some cracks sealed sediment exposed, re injection is easy to leak, there are also individual connection fittings due to thermal expansion and contraction will appear drop phenomenon.

3, the radiator by thermal expansion and contraction principle and Water Leakage, heating and hot water injection, some of the low quality of the radiator under pressure under the effect of the fragile part will burst Water Leakage;

4, the radiator used for a long time, serious internal corrosion, the formation of the leak, resulting in Water Leakage radiator;

Between the 5, and the radiator valve seal is insufficient, or because of substandard quality and the formation of Water Leakage pipe.

Find a radiator or home heating pipe leak case Don't screw the radiator valve, in order to prevent "leakage" into "running".

If your home upstairs users using geothermal heating, the need to pay attention to home, Water Leakage ceilings have water seepage phenomenon.

If the home is Water Leakage radiator situation, you should be blocked with a thick towel, cloth and other items immediately, reduce the water flow, reduce the losses caused by water gushing, and timely call" Ninety-six thousand and sixty-nine "Heating service hotline or the area maintenance call, please professional staff on-site maintenance.

Heating equipment Even a slight Water Leakage or seepage, but also the need for timely repair Otherwise, the official after the start of heating equipment, the increase of pressure, causing burst injury loss.



Source: Beijing daily

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