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The 82 version of "journey to the west" details exposure: cameraman acrophobia cured by Liuxiaolingtong burns

2018-11-07 09:53 beijing evening news TF011

1982, directed by Yang Jie's "journey to the west" the official shooting test set "Chuyao Kingdom". After 6 years, took a total of 25 sets. It almost every year the replay, become the eyes of the audience fully deserve the classic.

After director Yang Jie died more than a year, she and her husband, the 82 version of "journey to the west" cameraman Wang Chongqiu and co-author of "where is the road: our journey to the west" published. Wang Chongqiu in an interview with reporters, detailed tells the story behind when the film.

Perhaps, these details can say, only a camera finished filming "journey to the west", in the end where.


"Some people think that the three words of" humanity "and" journey to the west "the myth missed. Wrong! No matter what play, if lost "feeling", there is no soul."

Yang Jie: "where is the road"

Everyone thinks that features myth is "fantasy", but in "journey to the west", whether human, demon or immortal, as much a human. This is the pursuit of Yang Jie, she hopes to "journey to the west" "feeling".

So, "fun" by the daughter of the country, in the face of the queen, was to acquire scriptures Tang Seng uttered the phrase "the afterlife, if there is fate......"

The song "daughter love", Xu Jingqing was writing "quietly asked brother, her daughter was beautiful, Yang Jie put the" brother "to" the Holy man". She said that the queen is a queen, although there is love, will be due to the identity, this is called "holy man" only.

"Interest by the daughter of the king's daughter and the monk. Photograph: 82 version of "journey to the west".

A call between "the holy man" a bit more reserved, also on the fate of helpless.

Sun Wukong from the five mountain monk was rescued. Farmers at home to spend the night, the monk was sitting next to the lamp beside the side of the sewing tiger skin skirt, Sun Wukong covered the wind by hand, and the lamp to master the direction to move, let him see more clearly.

When Sun Wukong was to save the yellow robe strange into a tiger master, in the original work, he also took the opportunity to ridicule the monk, but in the TV series, but only one voice trembling "master".

The subtle, in truth. As Lu Xun said, there is a human, refined charm also world.

Details of the two

"Journey to the west" love, also has the scene. There is a lot of China also have well-known mountains and rivers, the deep cultural connotation of Temple Temple, were flying into the ground scene. But, a lot of wonderful and smooth lens, are carefully designed.

"Tianhe Wrangler" section, in order to show the scene of Wang Chongqiu himself Ten thousand steeds gallop., buried in the pit Yang shot, because horsefly bite, he once got vitiligo.

"The Milky Way Wrangler" scene. Photograph: 82 version of "journey to the west".

"Wisdom" in a monkey king shock, the lens is the flowers to shame the princess hunting, chasing rabbits. When the camera is not camcording, the rabbit ran, Wang Chongqiu carry the camera ran, a man carrying video, Yang Jie stared at the monitor with a few people chasing rabbits.

No mobile rail needed to shoot, Wang Chongqiu tree, mountain climbing, the use of bicycles and tricycles...... There, went to the bus on the roof, just to take a top view.

Immortal monster I need a lot of fast moving camera. Every long-distance car ride, Wang Chongqiu pointing to the side of the road without pole modernization, quickly take background plane on the sea, the car at night, the ship on the sea......

She had acrophobia, but after this ordeal, "journey to the west" finished, even rather baffling is good. "Carry a camera, I like what all not afraid."

Details of the three

Of course, the 82 version of "journey to the west" is not perfect, such as special effects, simply soil flavor. In a moment Sun Wukong off, can even see a trampoline. Some of the pictures, "hanging wire" also see clearly.

"When a sequel, fire with fire, water de God drain, can be used to complete the 3D technology. But at that time." Wang Chongqiu memories.

Despite the difficult conditions, but everyone is very attentively.

For example, "journey to the west" war episode, red boy set fire to Sun Wukong, Liuxiaolingtong wrapped in a thick layer of asbestos, it burned. He said, shoot this scene, the greatest feeling is to know what is burning to death......

"Haier war", Sun Wukong is on fire. This scene is also very real shooting. Photograph: 82 version of "journey to the west".

The hanging wire wire is too thin, Liuxiaolingtong and Ma Dehua have fallen from the sky, once, Yan Huaili nearly fell down, while shooting Wang Chongqiu hit dizzy.

There was a lot of already famous artists, put a small supporting role also played vivid. "Wu Guiling," Zhen Yuan Xian "Lao" and "Queen Zheng Rong," Wan fuxiang......

They have no bodyguards and a car, everyone's not much difference between treatment. There are fairy appearance, most of them cause the effect of using dry ice auspicious clouds misty. Dry ice is very cold, standing on the inside leg numb for a while. But Zheng Rong is the basic stand in the "cloud" does not move, afraid is to delay filming time.

"The old artists, all for the sake of others." Wang Chongqiu said, there are many such things, we have no thought of fame, only thinking about how to do this thing before.

Details of the four

To some extent, the 82 version of "journey to the west" was indeed very poor. Director Yang Jie is not good, but almost every shot, will rob to carry on the lighter package, with everyone together to give props to classification, loading.

Eat too simple. Sometimes Rice porridge, sometimes Eggdrop Soup, with large logistics personnel with good bottled carried over, Steamed Buns pickles, occasionally can give a sausage. In Beijing filming, the actors have to cook Yang Jie home, her own money to buy rice to buy food.

In order to save money, but also for convenient shooting, the crew found a batch of cast, responsible for the guest some small but indispensable role. The stars have always ready to save the market, including Yu Hong, were "caught" appeared in the "Tianzhu collection" in the princess's mother rabbit.

Although saving as much as 3 million of the budget or run out soon. Fortunately, as "more strange" Li Hongchang to help the crew found 3 million loans, the "journey to the west" escaped being cut fate.

But due to various reasons, the "journey to the west" was cut by 5 sets, have to say, this left a regret to the crew.

So, in 1998, saw a lot of old actors are gone, your body is not good, Yang Jiecai has continued to shoot the idea of "journey to the West". At that time, she was 70 years old.

Details of the five

A group of dedicated people, make a journey to the west ", also reflects the taste of life.

The actors superb acting, soundtrack, concise just perfect straight line, has been quietly infiltrated into everyone's heart. So many people are in this drama to conquer, is not only because the crew seriously.

"The wisdom of Monkey King, Sun Wukong and exciting" master reunion after the elimination of misunderstanding. Photograph: 82 version of "journey to the west".

Some people think that the reason why this part of the "journey to the west" can become Chinese memories of the classic, is because the entertainment is relatively poor, the station can see so few.

This is not unreasonable. With years of nostalgia filters, in most cases, always give past work points. But it is also a screen, is a classic or a general audience, will eventually give accurate selection.

Over the past thirty years, the "journey to the west" is a remake, was adapted, the final presentation. Each one has its own merits is no one can replace, the 82 version of "journey to the west" status.

That year, Yang Jie in an interview when he explained that the 82 version of "journey to the west" why fire for so long, "because we are engaged in art, we have no money, no name, not for profit".

As Wang Chongqiu said, perhaps this is the "best feelings" comment.


Source: Beijing evening news comprehensive (reporter: Shangguan)

Editor: TF011

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