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Details of the 82 edition of journey to the West are exposed: the cameraman's fear of heights was cured, and Liuxiaolingtong was burned by fire.

2018-11-07 09:53 beijing evening news TF011

In 1982, the journey to the West directed by Yang Jie was officially filmed. After six years, 25 episodes were taken. It has been rebroadcast almost every year and has become a well deserved classic in the eyes of viewers.

More than a year after director Yang Jie died, she published the "where to ask the way: her journey to the west", CO authored by her husband, the cameraman of the 82 edition of journey to the west, Wang Chongqiu. In an interview with reporters, Wang Chongqiu gave a detailed account of the story behind the scenes.

Perhaps these details can tell clearly what is good about the journey to the west, which is completed by a single camera.

Details 1

"Some people think that the three words of" human touch "are not related to the myth of journey to the West. Wrong! No matter what drama is lost, there will be no soul.

Yang Jie: where is the way to ask?

Everyone feels that the mythical drama is characterized by "fantasy", but in the journey to the west, no matter people, spirits or immortals, it seems that there is a touch of human touch. This is exactly what Yang Jie pursued. She hoped that journey to the West would have "feelings".

Therefore, in the "daughter of the kingdom of joy", facing the queen, Tang Seng, who asked for the truth, said the "afterlife, if there is a fate..."

In the song "daughter love", Xu Jingqing originally wrote "quietly asked his elder brother and his daughter was not beautiful." Yang Jie changed his elder brother into a "holy monk". She said that the queen is the queen. Although she is in love, she will be in the wrong position.

The king of the daughter country and Tang Seng, who are interested in the daughter country. Photo source: video clip of journey to the West in the 82 Edition

The difference between a name and a "holy monk" is more reserved and more helpless for fate.

Sun Wukong was rescued by Tang Seng from five rows of hills. At the farmer's home, Tang's monk sat beside the oil lamp sewing tiger skin skirt. Sun Wukong on the side covered the wind with his hands and moved the oil lamp to master's direction so that he could see it more clearly.

When Sun Wukong went to save the master who was turned into a tiger by the yellow robe, he also took the opportunity to dig the Tang monk in his original work. But in the TV play, there was only one voice shaking teacher.

The details are in the true feelings. As Lu Xun said, gods and spirits are human, and charm is also sophisticated.

Details two

Journey to the west is full of love and scenery. There are many famous mountains and rivers in China, as well as a deep cultural temple. However, many wonderful and smooth shots are carefully designed.

In the "Tianhe herdsman" section, in order to present the scene of galloping horses, Wang Chongqiu buried himself in the pit and took it up. Because of the biting of a fly, he once had vitiligo.

"Tianhe herd horse" scene. Photo source: video clip of journey to the West in the 82 Edition

In Chi Chi Monkey King, there was a scene in which the princess of flowers was hunting and chasing rabbits. At that time, the camera was not a video recording. When the rabbit ran, Wang Chongqiu carried the camera to run. Someone carried the video recorder, Yang Jie stared at the monitor, and several people ran after the rabbit.

Without the necessary mobile track, Wang Chongqiu would climb trees, climb mountains, use bicycles and tricycles. On the other hand, I ran to the top of the bus to get an overlooking angle.

The fairies go to heaven and need lots of fast moving lenses. Every time we take a long-distance bus, Wang Chongqiu takes a look at the roadside without modern telegraph poles. He quickly takes some background of activities, filming the clouds on the plane, making night scenes on cars, and making photographs of the sea on ships.

She originally had "fear of heights", but after such a toss, the journey to the West was finished. "If I carry a camera, I feel as if I'm not afraid of anything."

Details three

Of course, the 82 edition of "journey to the west" is not perfect, such as stunt, almost earth flavor. At the moment of Sun Wukong's ascension, he could even see a trampoline under his feet. In some of the pictures, "hanging Wei Ya" is also very clear.

During the sequel, Huo De Xing Jun set fire to the water, and the water star prince can release water, which can be completed by three-dimensional technology. But not at that time. " Wang Chongqiu recalls.

Although the conditions are hard, everyone is very attentive.

For example, "red boy" episode, red boy set fire to Sun Wukong, Liuxiaolingtong wrapped in thick stone clothes, really burned. He said, after finishing the play, the biggest feeling is to know what it is like to burn quickly.

Sun Wukong was burned in the War Red boy. This scene is also very real shooting. Photo source: video clip of journey to the West in the 82 Edition

Because the steel wire of HangYa was too thin, Liuxiaolingtong and Ma Dehua fell down from the sky. Once, Yan Hui Li fell down and almost knocked Wang Chongqiu on the side.

And many famous artists at that time played a little supporting role. "Zhen Yuan Da Xian" Wu Guiling, "Tai Shang Laojun" Zheng Rong, and "Queen Mother" Wan Fu Xiang......

They don't have bodyguards and nanny cars. Most immortals will make use of dry ice to create a misty cloud. The dry ice was cold, standing in the middle and legs numbed for a while. But Zheng Rong basically stood in the "cloud", and was afraid to delay the time of filming.

"Old artists are all thinking about others." Wang Chongqiu said, there are many things like this. No one has ever thought of becoming famous, just thinking about how to do well in front of it.

Details four

To some extent, the 82 edition of the journey to the west is really poor. Director Yang Jie is not in good health, but almost every time he completes the shooting, he rushing to pick up a lighter package and bring everyone together to classify and load the props.

It's easy to eat. Sometimes it's porridge, sometimes egg soup. The logistics staff carry it in a big bucket and serve with steamed bread and pickled vegetables, occasionally giving a sausage. When filming in Beijing, the actors went to Yang Jie's house to cook, and she paid for rice by herself.

In order to save money as much as possible, and for the convenience of shooting, a group of actors in the theater group were invited to take part in some small but indispensable roles. The main actors must always prepare for the rescue field, and Yu Hong, who has been linked with the scene, is also "arrested" to play the mother of princess in the Tianzhu jade rabbit.

Although saving as much as possible, 3 million of the budget is running out. Fortunately, Li Hongchang, who played the role of "multi monster", found 3 million loans for the drama crew, which made the journey to the West escape.

But for various reasons, "journey to the west" has been cut down 5 episodes. It has to be said that this left a pity for the drama crew.

So, in 1998, many old actors were gone, and their bodies were not good enough. Yang Jiecai had the idea of continuing the journey to the West. At that time, she was 70 years old.

Details five

A group of dedicated people took a journey to the west, which also reflected the life of a hundred tastes.

The actor's exquisite acting, perfect music and concise lines have been quietly penetrating into everyone's heart. So many people were conquered by this drama, not just because of the seriousness of the play group.

In the wisdom of Monkey King, Sun Wukong and master met again after the misunderstanding was removed. Photo source: video clip of journey to the West in the 82 Edition

Some people feel that this journey to the west can become the classic of Chinese memory, because the entertainment mode was relatively poor at that time, and the audience could see so many.

This is not without reason. Years of reminiscence of filters, in most cases, can always add points to the past works. But it is also a filter screen. It becomes a classic or a general phenomenon. The audience will finally give the right choice.

Over the past thirty years, "journey to the west" has been reproduced and adapted, and has shown its unique appearance. However, no one can replace the 82 edition of journey to the West.

In that interview, Yang Jie explained why the 82 edition of "journey to the west" has been burning for so long. "Because we are making art, we have no money, no name, no profit."

As Wang Chongqiu said, this is probably the best annotation of "feelings".


Source: Beijing evening news comprehensive China News Network (reporter: Shangguan Yun)

Editor: TF011

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