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Yuhang police informed: the dog owner has been detained, will be punished

2018-11-07 08:52 People's daily client TF010

@ Yuhang Public Security Bulletin released: 11 months 2018 years on the evening of 3, Yuhang police received a public warning: Yuhang District, a residential street warehouse before there was a fight. After the alarm, the public security organ to accept the investigation immediately.

After investigation, the evening of November 3rd at 19:20 PM, Xu (female, 34 years old) with two children (6 years old son, daughter 3 years old) in Yuhang District, a residential street warehouse before walking, met Kim (male, 31 years old) and his girlfriend Xie Moumou (female, 24 years old) in the district (the dog not tied to Gou Sheng). During the period, due to a dog chasing Xu Jin children, the two sides dispute. Kim will Xu pushed to the hood of the car on the beat. Are people advised open, Kim has stepped forward to Xu beat, and ride in Xu who punched the Xu Xu, lead to injury.

At present, Kim suspicion of affray crime, Yuhang police have been under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further investigation.

In public places, disturb the crime, the public security organs will continue to intensify the crackdown, and punished according to law.

Hangzhou city Yuhang District Public Security Bureau

November 6, 2018

According to city express previously reported earlier, the evening of November 3rd, Hangzhou Xixi Yongle Town, a dog pet dog in the 6 year old son, Ms. Xu Yap, for the protection of children, with her foot off the dog, the dog owner was beaten.



Source: People's daily client

Editor: TF10


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