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Ninety-nine yurts into Beijing this disaster in the park, how to see the surrounding residents?

2018-11-07 08:07 The party to help you do TF015

In the southeast of Haidian District, Shanxi Yuanqiao angle fudanlu south is the endless green belt, green belt is arranged in a Earthquake Disaster Reduction Park, park turf grass, forest luxuriantly, also has a fitness Park, is a good place for the surrounding residents fitness leisure. However, in recent years, a large hotel catering enterprises into the park, not only destroyed the harmonious ecological environment, but also blocked the residents of this fitness leisure pace. Residents to exit the park hotel, restore the park style, but also green in china. Reporter recently went to the scene investigation.

"Here originally have small restaurants, shampoo room, garage and other illegal squatters, then vacate, built a green belt, more and more beautiful. Since the hotel in the garden, also to a lot of security, not into the residents' leisure exercise."...... Recently, Haidian District Shanxi Yuanqiao surrounding community residents to reflect this, located in the southeast corner of the bridge, Fushilu south side of the green belt was ninety-nine yurts to occupy, a large area of lawn is hardened parking lot problem.

Recently, the reporter drove along the west five from south to north to fudanlu eastbound, right side is covered with green, yellow, red and other colorful autumn green forest. The iron gate rainbow looming in the green belt, the vault with "99 yurt" 6 ". The door stood a security guard, to ask what the reporter hailed, reporters earlier in accordance with the guidance of the residents, replied: "the dinner." For a security door shortly after release, turn right, and when the other security asked: "eat? The book which bag?" And come up with the reservation list check, the reporter had to say without reservation, security said: "the individual? Go to the bag."

The reporter found that there are more than security, all dressed in ethnic characteristics of the uniforms, armed with walkie talkie. The huge area within a circle In addition to the guests and vehicles to dine, no other residents.

Hotel rooms located in the Forest Lawn

The park can be seen in the "top ninety-nine" yurt "Mongolia Roasted Whole Lamb" signs and ads. A two-way Road Park will be divided into two regions, north to stop. Road, trees and lawn, is a yurt, there is a combination of a group, two groups, some of it alone. Mongolia packet between wood, brick or cement roads connected to its surrounding lawn with alopecia areata. In the sign "Kazakhstan No. 1-9", "Kazakhstan No. 10-61" etc. wooden The sign beside the Mongolia spire, a package of several different style dome. Reporters saw in the label as "a large package of Mongolia gate 2, several guests after eating leave quickly.

Fit for eating a big Mongolia package top is round, wooden door is decorated with cloud pattern. Mongolia bag with a wooden floor, with wooden tables and chairs, and is equipped with a large screen tv. Although the lunch time, but there are still several package guests dining table. The reporter learned that, with the use of small package Mongolia large menu, use the big Mongolia package is a small menu, also reduced the number of dishes. A waiter told reporters, if you want to order packets, to 34 days in advance booking, especially on weekends, rooms are very nervous, "Roasted Whole Lamb per 1999 yuan, 2 Is a roast sheep, 799 yuan."

In the main road on the north side of the parking area has hardened paved lawn brick and paved road, each row of parking spaces between hedges and trees from Sophora japonica. Parking space, a brick hole drilled from the grass. Reporter rough statistics, a total of more than 10 parking row of more than 200.

The area also has a public toilet, ATM machines and other public facilities, lawn dotted with wood carvings, statues, garden swing tau and leisure facilities.

Fitness Park residents hard

Along the lawn to the East is a leisure square, more than 20 outdoor fitness equipment set. A few women are exercising, the reporter asked a few per capita, response is the hotel staff. A woman said she had come to hotel soon on the hotel specific things do not know, "we just work time to exercise, the environment here is very good, very few people. Go along this road, walk around 12 minutes."

Leisure Square next to the reporter found that many signs and restaurants of different settings, there stands a tall blue and white signs, marked "emergency toilet" emergency power "emergency shelter area" and "emergency water supply" and "monitoring facilities" etc..

The entire park outside a circle around the iron railings. Look over the fence, you can see Shijingshan amusement park high Ferris wheel, and Laoshan Bicycle Museum in the city leisure park silver dome.

In ninety-nine the landlord felt the door, followed by the South fudanlu green belt, rows, rows of trees stretching to the east lay off and leaves under the tree to make the whole piece of the mottled green belt is colorful and quiet.

In an interview, for the discovery of several security persons has been trailing to the green belt, the reporter had to backtrack, drive away from the park. In ninety-nine out of the top of the yurt rainbow door, the reporter found that the right side of the door has a high vertical green sign reads "emergency shelter".

The sign, several strains of Ginkgo in the autumn twilight under out gold, several residents are taking pictures of each other. About the fitness Park, a woman said she lived in a nearby District, "want to and neighbors in exercise, but the park is full of security. Do not eat, is not good in exercise."

Relevant departments said not issuing planning permission

The reporter understands, 99 yurt is a large catering enterprises, characterized by the hotel built in Mongolia package style. According to the shop staff said, the hotel has dozens of rooms in the dining area, which Mongolia can undertake large-scale banquet.

How hotel into the disaster park? Asked this reporter successively to the city and Haidian District greening, regulation of soil, urban management, industry and Commerce and other relevant departments. Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau responded that the green belt under the jurisdiction of Haidian District Landscaping Department, the specific situation to ask Haidian District. Haidian District Landscaping Bureau responsible person responded, can determine whether the green belt is not allowed to build any commercial facilities, but the reporter can understand to the planning department.

Beijing city planning and Land Resources Management Committee of the Haidian branch of a responsible person, if built in the green belt in the hotel, must first meet the national land planning and city planning, ninety-nine yurts on Fushilu South Green Belt opened, the Council had not issued any planning approval procedures, "the division of authority, on the issue planning examination and approval procedures of the project facilities, we will be punished. For not issuing planning approval procedures, to law enforcement departments for investigation."

Haidian District city Sijiqing town law enforcement team responsible person said, it has recorded the reporter to reflect the problems, the law enforcement team will arrange the scene to see.

Haidian District forest police also took residents to report, a responsible person said that the ninety-nine yurts of the region, is actually Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau approved the construction of a park for earthquake prevention and disaster reduction. At present, Haidian District forest public security is according to the approved content, verification of ninety-nine yurts covers an area of and so on, will "forest public security shall check whether the illegal occupation of the green belt, forest destruction etc.."

November 5th afternoon, reporters call the ninety-nine yurts, ask the hotel into the green belt is to obtain the relevant license? The hotel responsible person has avoided these problems, and that is a commercial secret, is not convenient to disclose.

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