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Not the dog also hit a woman to scare children! Hangzhou dog owners jingfangxingju also fracture Ye count

2018-11-06 21:57 North late new visual integrated TF011

Recently, Ms. Xu users in the online posting said, without a rope dog barking at her son, for the protection of children, she uses her feet to drive the dog, the dog owner was beaten...

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Previously reported: This boy dog leash also beat the child care mother Hangzhou police said

Yuhang police informed

The evening of November 3, 2018, the Yuhang police received a public warning: Yuhang District, a residential street warehouse before there was a fight. After the alarm, the public security organ to accept the investigation immediately.

The investigation, 11 19 20 3 April late Xu, Xu (female, 34 years old) with 2 children (6 years old son, daughter of 3 years old) in the District of Yuhang Street warehouse before a small walk, met Kim (male, 31 years old) and his girlfriend Xie Moumou (female, 24 years old the dog) in the district (not dog rope). During the period, due to a dog chasing Xu Jin children, the two sides dispute. Kim will Xu pushed to the hood of the car on the beat. The masses were persuaded to open, Kim has stepped forward. Xu beat on, and ride in Xu who punched the Xu Xu, lead to injury.

At present, Kim suspicion of affray crime, Yuhang police have been under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further investigation.

In public places, disturb the crime, the public security organs will continue to intensify the crackdown, and punished according to law.


How to calculate the fracture caused by fighting?

According to the law, assault or intentional injury caused by others, or metacarpal and phalangeal fractures of carpal bones, belonging to slight injury, shall be punished in accordance with the law. The specific punishment according to the appraisal conclusion of public security organs shall prevail.

Fight the victim injuries, identified up to slightly above, constitute the crime of intentional injury, in accordance with the law is less than three years imprisonment, criminal detention or sentencing regulation. The new criminal procedure law introduced in 2013 the implementation of the criminal reconciliation system. If the criminal suspect and the victim has reached agreement on the issue of compensation, the victim's understanding, the judicial organs shall be given a lighter or mitigated or exempted from criminal punishment.

According to the law:

"Criminal law" article 234Th [] the crime of intentional injury intentionally causing bodily harm, three years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control. Commits the crime, causing serious injury, three years more than ten years of fixed-term imprisonment; causing death or serious injury by especially cruel means to cause serious disability, at ten years imprisonment, life imprisonment or death. The provisions of this act, in accordance with the provisions of.



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